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NEOFLEX is a subscription-based video content management system. Create your own movie and TV website with NEOFLEX.Sell ​​them to your customers on a monthly subscription model and build your video content business.
it's aNETFLIXclone!

Technical Specifications

  • Built using the php codeigniter framework
  • Requires database Mysql 5.6+
  • Requires php version 7.0+
  • Need to enable php mail feature
  • Requires PHP Curl to be enabled
  • One purchase code is valid for one domain.

Webmaster Quick Start Guide

  • Please read all manuals and documentation carefully before using the script.
  • Install the script in your server by following the instructions we provided.
  • Log in as a site administrator to organize your system.
  • Create some genres and actors at first. Genres must show movies/tv series under them.
  • Create a movie from the Movies page via the navigation menu.
  • You can use any YouTube video url or hosted video file URL as your movie source.
  • Genres are required to present movies to your clients.
  • Actors can be selected with multiple values.
  • Movie icon and banner display requires thumb image and poster image.
  • Featured movies will be displayed in a large banner on the homepage
  • You can also create TV series in the same way.
  • To organize a series, you need to create a season, and then create episodes under a season.
  • There are 3 packages by default. Basic, Standard, Advanced. Customers need to purchase any package before watching any video or TV series. Each package is valid for 30 days.
  • Basic has 1, Standard has 2, and Premium has 4 user access. After subscribed customers log in, they need to select a user from the list according to the plan they purchased.
  • Simultaneous access to the same user from multiple devices will log out the earlier user. We have implemented the necessary strong security measures to maintain user access restrictions.
  • You can rename these packages, change the price of packages, deactivate/activate packages. Deactivated plans do not appear on the home page and during the customer's plan purchase.
  • Unable to delete or create packages. If you have plans for more packages, please contact support for customization.
  • Customers will buy your package through PayPal. You need to setup your PayPal business/merchant email from the settings page.For your local payment gateway setup, please contact support for customization.
  • You can view sales reports from the Reports page. The monthly package purchase report shows total revenue.
  • Your website settings can be edited from the settings menu. Website name, logo, email, invoice address can be edited.
  • You can post your FAQs publicly by creating them in the Customer FAQs page.
  • Your website's privacy policy and refund policy can also be set from the settings.

Update log

version 2.4 – 8 July, 2021

- Fixed 404 issues after sending forgot password mail.
- Stripe payment issue has been fixed
- Installation problem in some few hosting servers has been fixed

version 2.3 – 11 January, 2021

- Email verification after signup
- Google recaptcha added for security
- Country filter option in movie listing
- Country adding option in admin panel
- Paypal settings updated
- Stripe settings updated
- SMTP settings updated

version 2.2 – 2 September, 2020

- Movie and series can be filtered by Director
- Movie and series can be filtered by Year
- Compatibility with addon updated
- Performance upgrade and minor bug fix.

version 2.1 – 26 April, 2020

- Sub user account can upload their own profile picture
- Actor filter added during movie browsing
- Actor filter added during tv series browsing
- In single movie page, clicking on an actor shows his filtered movie list
- Pagination added for movie listing
- Pagination added for tv series listing
- Checkout page updated for subscription package purchase

version 2.0 – 18 November, 2019

- Eu cookie note added
- Responsive issue fixed in some pages
- Google drive video settings added for movies

version 1.5 – 16 September, 2019

- User interface updated

version 1.4 – 18 July, 2019

- Movie subtitle option added
- Movie watch progress saving added.

version 1.3 – 3 June, 2019

- director module added
- director showed in movie and tv series
- invoice print function for premium customer's package purchase
- currency settings for admin
- payment time, currency set for invoice
- payment settings for paypal
- payment settings for stipe
- multi-language translation made faster
- movie editing description fixed
- admin login page updated

version 1.2 – January, 2019

- Trailer video for movies and series
- Actor page: actor wise movie and series listing

version 1.1 – November, 2018

- installer updated for some old configured servers

version 1.0 – November, 2018

- first version released


Contact us for technical support:

  • Product pre-sale questions
  • Video file security for paid services
  • Migrating from legacy sites to powerful Neoflex scripts
  • Live Video Streaming Settings
  • Customize NEOFLEX from movies to other categories of business such as tutorial/recipe video portal
  • Customize NEOFLEX with the themeforest top-level chart theme.choose here
  • After Sales Developer Support
  • Product customization or development of new modules

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Neoflex Movie Subscription Portal Cms [Free Download]
Neoflex Movie Subscription Portal Cms [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x