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Version 4.5 Updated on 24 April 2020

- Bug Fixed
- Paystack payment for Africa 
- Category page bug
- Demo bug
- Guest checkout

Version 4.4 Updated on 13 February 2020

- Bug Fixed
- Iframe issue solved.
- Paid product show issue solved.
- Solved Installation process issue.

Version 4.3 Updated on 15 April 2018

- We have added new front-end theme
- Product image resolution issue fixed 

Version 4.2 Updated on 25 January 2018

Version 4.2 (Minor update ) 
- Installation issue solved with local host. 
- Front end single testimonials image issue solved.
- Local host file upload issue solved.
- Now admin can see how many time single user purchases the plan.
- Now admin can disable the plans.
- Plan flag of product on homepage. 
- Different-different title for pages like contact, about, terms-conditions, privacy policy.
- Admin can delete email from email list.

Version 4.1 Updated on 23 September 2017

Version 4.1 
- Installtion issue solved in Php 7. 
- Fixed bug in vendor commision management.
- Fixed bug in blog management.
- Fixed bug in gallery of products.
- Fixed bug in subscription portal download management.
- New theme is comming soon in Version 4.2.

Version 4.0 Updated on 5 April 2017

Version 4.0 
- Smtp intigration for email send.
- Added Blog management.
- Admin can add custom css from backend.

Version 3.9 Updated on 25 Feb 2017

- Backend comment mangement
- Backend rating view
- Admin can make vendor product auto active
- Fix bug in add product
- Fix bug in update product
- Fix bug in Language translate to french

Version 3.8 Updated on 18 February 2016

- RTL added for Right-To-Left Language
- Vendor new design depending on theme
- Text editor for product description
- Option to make product description mandatory
- Comments section added to product 
- Ratings section added to product 
- Fixed bug in file upload in add product section
- Fixed bug on contact form email error
Version 3.7
Updated on 15 November 2016
- Admin can create user
- Password for External download link
- Grab by image url in Preview image upload
- Social logins on Checkout page
- Delete Language section
- Control visibility of Signup and Login links
- Discount coupons added for plan based model
- Option to control 404, banner, success & sorry images on site
- Option to control overlay section of homepage
- Redirect issue on Payment section - Fixed
- Language switch issue - Fixed
- Coupon issue - Fixed
Version 3.6
Updated on 24 October 2016
- Discount Coupons Added
- Front End language switcher added
- White image added for default product image
- Product thumbnail added in cart page
Version 3.5
Updated on 11 October 2016
- Vendor board translation added
- Active Campaign auto responder added
- Changed the upload product process
- Removed restriction codes for Name and Dimension
- Added 404 images in empty product search
- Added image thumbnail in the user download area
- Added Bitcoin payment option for Vendor
- Updated product upload codes to handle <script> tags
- Fixed bug on vendor social login
- Fixed bug in the related product price
- Fixed bug on search product issue
Version 3.4
Updated on 22 September 2016
- Pagseguro payment gateway added
- Updated the Product Upload process
- Video, Audio, Text and Other digital products can be uploaded
- Fixed bugs on User count, Export feature
Version 3.3
Updated on 07 Sep 2016
- Tpay payment gateway added
- Facebook and Google + login is added
- Notification to Admin and Vendor on product status change
- Fixed bugs on vendor subcategory section
Version 3.2
Updated on 26 August 2016
- FreshMail email autoresponder added
- Sub Categories added
- Plan Name with product information
- Option to control Header Menu
- Currency Conversion from USD to INR ( PayU Money gateway)
Version 3.1
Updated on 12 August 2016
- WebMoney and Yandex payment gateway added
- Option to control Live Demo button visibility
- Fixed Search Bugs
- Fixed CSS issues
- Updated CSS for Lower Version of Firefox Browser
Version 3.0
Updated on 8 August 2016
- Solo details for each vendor
- Commission or Plan base Vendor system
- Multi-Vendor system added
- Adding and managing products for vendors.
- Wallet Statement
- Transaction History
- Bitcoin Payment Gateway
Version 2.2
Updated on 21 July 2016
- Added Manual Bank Transfer option
- Added Notification Emails on purchase to Admin and to User.
- Added gallery option for products
- Fixed installer bugs.
Version 2.1
Updated on 19 July 2016
- Integration of 2CheckOut Payment Gateway.
- Added option to customize the Product and Category Name in any language.
- Updated the Folder structure to support THEMES in the future.
Version 2.0
Updated on 14 July 2016
- Integration of Stripe Payment Gateway 
- Added purchase code section in Transaction History

Version 1.0
Updated on 5 july 2016
- Added settings to control Sales count
- Added Add to Cart button on Single page
- Added option to add Download Product Link
- Minor JS issue fixed
Version 1.0
Updated on 4 july 2016
- Integration of PayU Money 
- Added Transaction History section
- Resolved some minor issues

main feature

  • A key installation
  • No need to export SQL separately
  • Multilingual Frontend Switcher
  • Powerful analytics showcase
  • Product section:
  • Gerenciamento de classificação
  • Gerenciamento de subcategoria
  • Add product
  • Add product image gallery
  • Manage products
  • Individual analysis of products
  • User management section:
  • user list section
  • User Solo Details
  • Supplier Manager:
  • Terms and Conditions page.
  • List full details.
  • Email section:
  • 6 autoresponders integrated
  • Export emails in CSV or EXCEL format
  • Email header settings
  • Email Template Text Settings
  • Send test email option
  • Page section:
  • Manage content on compliance pages
  • Transaction Record:
  • Authenticate user purchases with a unique purchase code
  • View full transaction details
  • Plan Settings:
  • single cost store
  • Affiliate Program
  • Add and customize plans
  • Transaction Record:
  • Notification email of successful transaction.
  • Complete Product Sourcing Report
  • Facebook and Google+ Sign up Sign in
  • set up:
  • Payment settings?Paypal , PayU Money , Stripe , 2CheckOut , Yandex ,WebMoney ,Pagseguro ,Tpay,Manual bank transfer & BitCoin Integrations
  • Texteinstellungen?multilingual Support
  • Website settings?coloring scheme , Search engine optimization settings ,Partial settings & Footer settings
  • menu de réglage ?Control menu appearance Settings
  • Themes
  • 3 Header menu layout

Supplier characteristics are:-

  • Supplier Committee
  • Add product
  • Add product image gallery
  • Manage products
  • Individual analysis of products
  • Sales history
  • Payment received
  • Purse statement

Theme Portal Marketplace, is a script through which you can easily set up your own digital store

If you want to sell your WordPress themes, plugins, scripts or any other digital content, you can use this script and set up your store in minutes

You can set up your store in two modes, price per product or membership club or program. That is, stores can be set up according to different subscriptions.

Multilingual and supports Paypal and Payu Money and many others above

Multi-vendor so you can setup your shop e.g. Envato Market Script, Elegant Theme Script, Mojo Market Script, Creative Market Script, webdigitalshop (site name used here for reference only)

Built on MVC Architecture - CodeIgniter

Theme portal multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace - sell digital products, themes, plugins, php script [Free Download]
Theme portal multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace - sell digital products, themes, plugins, php script [Nulled]
PHP Scripts » Project Management Tools

  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x