Avatar Maker


With avatarMaker, you can let your users create their own unique avatars directly on your website.It is based on a powerful PHP class and can be easily included in any existing script. By using the included REST API, you can even generate an avatar without a UI.The included images are enough to render countless different avatars, but you can easily add new avatars or change them completely.

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  • Plug and Play - no configuration required
  • Client preview
  • Customize the color selection with the color picker
  • Fully responsive and touch-friendly interface
  • Multi-language support, including 9 languages
  • New avatar style, increased output size
  • Super easy to customize and expand
  • Compatible with PHP GD and Imagick
  • REST API to generate avatars using GET and POST requests
  • Generate an avatar based on MD5 hash, such as identicons
  • Includes SCSS and AI source files
  • Full records and comments

Server requirements

-PHP 5.x or PHP 7.x
-PHP GD or Imagick installed and properly configured
-Writing permissions for at least the cache folder


Version 3.3.0 "Alison" [06/09/2020]
-Fixed bug V3234C: UI crash if head layer has no colors palette
-Fixed bug V3233C: UI crash if there was no head layer defined
-Fixed bug V3232C: Progress bar goes beyond 100% if the number of layers is more than the default ones
-Fixed broken links in the documentation
-Fixed wrong email in readme
-Updated jQuery to 3.5.1
-Updated Grunt and Grunt Uglify
-Replaced Ruby Sass with Node Sass
-Improved offline documentation browsing experience
-Updated documentation to reflect Sass compiler change
Version 3.2.2 "Elsie" [20/04/2020]
-Fixed Bug V3231C: Black previews on startup
Version 3.2.2 "Elsie" [09/01/2019]
-Added the ability to edit saved avatars in the UI
Version 3.2.1 "Elsie" [17/10/2018]
-Improved performances for not colored layers
Version 3.2 "Elsie" [04/09/2018]
-Added custom color selection in the UI
-Documentation updated with minimum system requirements
-Removed external CDNs to avoid GDPR issues
-Fixed Bug V3201C: Missing words in some translations
Versione 3.1 "Maeve" [04/06/2018]
-Added support for non-square avatars
-Added 5 new faces
-Added 2 new background
-Added 1 new eyebrow
-All Objects have been redrawn from scratch
-Optimized and upscaled avatar source file
-Optimized color selection in the UI
-Optimized debugging
-The Cache is now regenerated after changes to the configuration file
-Added Gruntfile and package.json
-Reformatted SCSS code
Version 3.0.2 "Zoe" [26/03/2018]
-Added the possibility to disable the background options the UI to output transparent images
-Added FAQ in the documentation to help with folder and file perssions
-Added a 'Code Reference' section in the documentation to help including the AM into an existing code
Improved interoperability with existing code when saving the avatar
Version 3.0.1 "Zoe" [22/02/2018]
-Added 7 new hairstyles (Requested by a user)
-Added 2 new mouths (Requested by a user)
Version 3.0 "Zoe" [16/01/2018]
-Backend and frontend rewritten from scratch
-New Client-side preview
-New languages Arab (AR), Hebrew (HE), French (FR)
-New assets
-New loader with progress bar
-Backgrounds are now a category like the others
-Avatar dimensions increased to 1024x1024px
-Added support for ImageMagick
Version 2.2 of "Merlin" [14/12/2017]
-Fixed Bug V2101C: Empty items previews when the UI and the cache folder where not in the same directory
Version 2.1 "Galahad" [February 11, 2017]
-Fixed Bug V2001C: The random function didn't work as intended
Version 2.0 "Eva" [21/07/2016]
-New responsive interface customizable through scss
-Assets dimensions increased to 250x250 additionally they are now all square
-New caching system for configuration files and assets previews
-Interface updated to jquery 3.0.0 (It still works with outdated version)
-New language Russian (RU)
-HTTP request to load the interface reduced from 57 to 11
-Interface weight reduced from 439.6 kB to 148.3 kB
-We now support this item via email at [email protected](If you like comments you can still get assistance there)
Version 1.0 "Voice Pack" [15/11/2014]
-First release

Avatar Maker [Free Download]
Avatar Maker [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, Layered PNG
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.x