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verschlüsselter Text

PHP encryption script

This is a text hiding tool. It allows to hide (and get back) the text in the image. The output PNG can be used normally. The text is encrypted with a password.

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Check out the roadmap at the end of this page!
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What can I do about this?

Hide your personal data from prying eyes.

Here are some highlights:
  • Hide and retrieve files in PNG, JPG or GIF images!
  • Enhance the security of hidden files with password-enabled encryption
  • Include extractor function
  • Easy coding/retrieval via two intuitive and easy-to-use online interfaces


Does it work in my browser?
- Yes, it does. All you need is a local web server or simply install it in your hosting space.

What does it do?
- You can store text files that you want to hide inside a normal PNG, JPG, or GIF image file. The created output image (always a PNG) works fine, but contains the secret text.

How to retrieve hidden data from output file?
- This script can be used to hide and retrieve data.However, if you want to send the file to a friend who doesn't have a script, just send him/her the included standalone extractor script (or a link to your installed extractor script).

How safe are hidden files?
- The script uses a simple algorithm to encode your hidden data (using your password, if provided), so the hidden files cannot be easily retrieved without decoding first.So it's safer than just concatenating the two files using the native copy command. Especially since no one knew the pictures contained hidden text.

I want to see how this software works before buying.
- Of course. Check out the demo.

I want to check how the output file works before buying.
- Download the sample files on the demo page.

I have to think about something.
- When sending an image with hidden text, make sure the image is not compressed (as in the case of WhatsApp) or the text is lost.So always send uncompressed images, e.g. via email! .


  • Comes with some handy PHP files
  • Manual files are included in the download
  • ... There are a lot more! Just try our demo to see all features
  • And check out the full release notes at the end of this page

Ideas from my amazing clients

Configuración fácil

  • Unzip the download
  • Copy all files to your htdocs
  • Put write permissions into a temporary directory
  • That's it...you're ready to start!


PHP 4.3 or> and GD Lib is all you need!


The script does not use any special functions, so it will work in almost all server environments. If there are any issues with a specific hosting, please notify me immediately!


If you're having trouble, give me a nice speed, check out the script's documentation. If you need more help, feel free to contact me via the support tab.I will do everything I can to get my product a 5 star rating! All updates are included. Remember that the script will be updated regularly.

thank you very much.
Best regards, Adilbo


Do you want to customize my script to your needs? Just buy an extension license and let me know how you use it by sending me a message from my profile page. Thanks!


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Roadmap 2 (1.2021)
    ADD - Dark mode
    ADD - Toggle password function
    ADD - Show readme.htm only in demo mode
    ADD - Set language tag inHTML template
    ADD - set charset also from i18n file
    ADD - Favicon now a base64 image in template
    ADD - Display image after process
    ADD - Restart button
    IMP - Extractor now uploads image first
    IMP - Show password in textbox only in demo mode
    IMP - Translation in de and en language file
    IMP - No text found or password wrong error
    IMP - Some small CSS improvements
Version 1.1 (2019)
    IMP -  Frontend can now better be used from Mobile
Version 1.0 (2018)
    NEW -  Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

Text Crypto - Hide Text inside Image [Free Download]
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