Point of Sales - Multi Outlets POS

Point of Sale - Multi-point POS system is a PHP, JQuery, AJAX web based application. Owners are able to control multiple outlets from one place.
This applies to small, medium and large organizational businesses.

Easy-to-use point-of-sale system and able toProcess multiple bills, search open billing options, search products from POS, be able to place orders with suppliers, and provide sample inventory control and gift cards and return items, and be able to export reports in Excel format and profit and loss statement, etc..
Easy to set up app.
Multi Outlets POS can be used online, mobile, iPad, Android tablet or laptop. Respond to any device.
Multilingual (English and Spanish) point of sale system

  1. Simple and user-friendly interface
  2. Three user roles (Owner (Admin), Outlet Manager, Outlet Salesperson)
  3. Owner handles multiple outlets
  4. Customer details and customer sales history
  5. Debit note report
  6. Add customers without leaving the POS screen
  7. Search products from POS
  8. Tax-included sales
  9. Keep bill option to save it in open bill at POS
  10. Easy to search for holding notes from POS
  11. Scan product barcodes at the POS
  12. POS discount option (can add discount by amount/percentage at POS)
  13. Return form after purchase from POS
  14. Gift card (you can use the gift card to buy items from the POS)
  15. Print product labels
  16. Set up different receipts for different outlets
  17. Print/email receipts to customers
  18. Ability to add suppliers
  19. Ability to place orders with suppliers
  20. Print purchase order form to suppliers
  21. Receive the ordered quantity from the supplier and update the received quantity. and cost
  22. Deduct inventory quantities. Inventory when selling items from POS
  23. Today's Sales Report (Export Sales Report in Excel Format)
  24. Report
    1. Search by Outlet
    2. Search by payment method
    3. Search by date
    4. Export reports in Excel format
  25. Sales report by product
  26. Fees per outlet
  27. Cost Category
  28. Profit and loss of outlets
  29. Detailed profit and loss for each sale
  30. Settings
    1. Enable/disable numeric keypad
    2. Date format (choose any date format from 9 available date formats)
    3. Set up product display for POS (by name, by photo, or both)
    4. Set up currency (POS) for the application
    5. Set the time zone for the application (POS)
    6. Set tax percentage for POS
    7. Impostazioni del limite di paging
  31. payment method
    1. Ability to add, enable/disable payment methods for POS
  32. Outlets
    1. Can add sites
    2. Ability to assign users to each outlet by manager/salesperson role
  33. Easy to install project
  34. More futures updates

Live demo details

owner (admin)

  1. username :Owner @gmail. computer
  2. password password

Outlet Manager (Bugis Outlet)

  1. username :[email protected]
  2. password password
Outlet Salesperson (Bugis Outlet)
  1. username :[email protected]
  2. password password

Outlet Manager (Changi Outlets)

  1. username :[email protected]
  2. password password
Outlet Salesperson (Changi Outlet)
  1. username :Change sales @gmail. com
  2. password password

Need support?

Version 4.0 [May 9, 2019]

  • Update to CodeIgniter Framework: Version 3.1.10 (supports PHP 7.xxx)
  • Debit cards can make multiple payments. Each payment is shown on a slip with date and amount.
  • Sales report by product

Version 3.1 [November 30, 2016]

  • add spanish
  • The system is available in two languages ​​(Spanish and English)
  • POS
    1. Just click on the top navigation to see today's promotions
    2. Ability to add product quantities by typing manually on the POS screen
    3. Responsive mobile view for POS
    4. If the employee chooses the payment method, the card number can be entered: VISA / Master
  • Expenses
    1. Add expense category
  • Product
    1. Ability to print product barcodes with product name, product code and product price
  • Setting
    1. decimal point for tax
    2. Ability to allocate tax per supplier
  • purchase order
    1. Ability to view vendor taxes when a purchase order is received, and also be able to apply discounts
  • venta de devolución
    1. Able to make tax-refundable sales
  • loss of profit
    1. Profit and loss per sale
    2. All sales P&Ls can be viewed by search date or by individual outlets
    3. Ability to export profit and loss reports
Version 3.0 [Oct 20, 2016]
  • gift card
    1. Ability to generate gift cards with amount and expiration date
    2. Use gift cards to buy items at POS
  • return items
    1. Ability to create return orders to perform return items
    2. Inventory will be updated if returned items are in good condition
    3. Return order report
  • Customer
    1. Customer purchase item detailed history
  • Inventory
    1. Ability to update inventory
    2. Outlet Inventory Report
  • Customer
    1. Add customers
    2. delete customer
    3. Search customers by name, email, mobile phone
    4. Export Customer Sales History
  • Debit
    1. Ability to use debit card at POS to buy items and pay later
    2. Ability to export debit reports
    3. Ability to search debit notes by name, date
    4. Ability to pay for debit slips
  • POS
    1. Can search for customers during POS payment
    2. Ability to search for customers during adding items to POS hold bill
    3. Ability to give discounts by amount or percentage
    4. Ability to search for products by name and code on the POS screen
    5. Ability to make debit payments at POS (partial payments)
    6. Small receipts and A4 size receipts can be printed
  • Inventory
    1. Ability to view all outlet stock for a product
    2. Ability to export inventory for outlets
  • Product
    1. Ability to search for products by product code and name
    2. Products can be deleted
    3. Product categories can be deleted
  • purchase order
    1. Ability to delete purchase orders before and after sending to suppliers
  • Setting
    1. Sockets can be removed
    2. Payment can be deleted
    3. Can delete users
    4. Ability to delete suppliers
  • Version 2.5 [October 3, 2016]

Version 2.0 [September 13, 2016]

  • Add vendor module
  • Add purchase order module
  • Sample Inventory Counting Products
  • Deduct amount. When the item is sold from the POS
Version 1.5 [September 5, 2016]
  • Increase the item quantity when the same item is clicked at the POS
  • Add customers from the POS without leaving the POS screen and selected items
  • Assign customers to open bills
  • Search products from the POS screen
Version 1.0
  • Initial release

* Note: We do not provide refunds (if the item has been downloaded)

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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x