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new! The GOD mode can delete all content from the user's machine and the invisible server response for more difficult reverse engineering.


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Try out the demo script-a real application protected by Auto PHP Licenser. We created this script to show you how easy it is to protect any PHP-based project with Auto PHP Licenser.


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## Version: 2.6.3 ##
## Release Date: 2020-10-05 ##
## Changelog: ##
Updated: DataTables plugin to version 1.10.22;
Updated: FontAwesome plugin to version 5.15.0;
Updated: Inputmask plugin to version 5.0.6-beta.15;
Updated: Moment plugin to version 2.29.0;
Updated: select2 plugin to version 4.0.13;


Auto PHP Licensing is a PowerfulPHP license manager scriptThis solves the problem of the #1 developer-pirated and invalid copies of their software.The PHP licensing system applies to all types of PHP scripts (applications, plugins, templates) developed in any PHP framework.

Automatic PHP licensor

the best? The basic protection only needs to call the license verification class once. At the same time, more experienced developers can freely customize every aspectPHP License Management SoftwareAnd get the benefits of ultimate protection.

MainPHP licensing systemFeatures include but are not limited to:

  • Really invisible and continuous code protection;
  • Real-time remote license management;
  • One installation, unlimited products, customers and licenses;
  • Lifetime, expired, and function-restricted licenses;
  • Restrictions based on IP addresses and (sub)domains;
  • The number of concurrent installations for each license is different;
  • Prevent users who do not have a valid license from installing;
  • It is not necessary to enter any serial number or key during installation;
  • Automatic license generator for instant activation;
  • Automatically verify the license every X days/weeks/months/years;
  • Compulsory license checks between automatic verifications;
  • Notification of expired licenses, renewals and support contracts;
  • License server blocking and empty route protection;
  • User data is stored in MySQL database or files with any extension;
  • Delete data and databases remotely from the user's machine;
  • Detailed report of each installation and license verification;
  • Fully automated full API access;
  • Guaranteed to prevent software piracy since 2006;
  • Real-time monitoring and defense of the licensor itself;
  • Super easy to integrate into any PHP-based application;
  • Bundled demo scripts and real code examples;
  • Support all 3rd party PHP obfuscator (encoder);
  • Fully customizable notifications in any language;
  • Unparalleled performance and background updates;

Not sure if Auto PHP Licenser meets all your needs? For more features and practical examples, please refer to the FAQ!

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