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PHP encoder and obfuscator

With this encoder script, you can make your PHP source code unreadable by ordinary people, but the script will still run on your web server.This is useful when you give a script to someone but you don't want them to see your php source code.

  • Protect your PHP scripts
  • Restrict your PHP code to only run on defined domains
  • Add an expiration date to your resource
  • Easy-to-use coding interface
  • Well documented
  • And more...

This script is a PHP source code encoder and obfuscator.It provides theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode, obfuscate, compress, scramble, set expiration dates, domain lock and encrypt your php source code.This online tool also uses PHP to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification.

Example of use

  • Normal (unprotected) PHP
    <?PHP echo "Hello World"; ?>

  • Secure PHP with adilbo PHP Encoder & Obfuscator
    <?PHP /* Reverse engineering of this file is strictly prohibited. File protected by copyright law and provided under license. Checksum: 32c19a9f6b0397b128adfb72ead8f110 */ $OO0O000OO0=file(__FILE__);eval(base64_decode("ZnVuY3Rpb24gSUlJSWxJSWxsMSgkYSwkYi…EXAMPLE…YSwkY1swXSskY1sxXSskY1syXSkpO31yZXR1cm4kZDt9"));eval(base64_decode(IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],200)));eval(IIll1l11ll(IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],149),IIIIlIIll1($OO0O000OO0[0],3),$OO0O000OO0));__halt_compiler();sTyTRUbzn6vyqUxjQVaYqxvzfkucmw6xRr9…EXAMPLE…Tc7IV1DySM3JyVcIzy/KSVGy5uUCAA==

main feature

  • Dynamic PHP script protection
    Encrypt your PHP source code so any software pirates won't understand

  • Confusion entre nom de variable et nom de fonction
    Substitution of variable and function names makes code difficult to understand and modify

  • current domain lock
    The code doesn't work on other domains

  • Random PHP source generation
    So a thief will have a hard time trying to deobfuscate the result

  • Expiration Date Settings
    Apply a time limit to a code function

  • Shrink to optimize size
    Remove spaces, line feeds, carriage returns, tabs and comments to minify code

  • source code repository
    Easier access to files and hides the real paths of PHP files so no one will know where they are (security reasons)


If your php source code doesn't work after obfuscation, please give us a nice rating, check out the documentation.If this doesn't help, please contact our support staff and we will do everything we can to get our product a 5 star rating!

thank you very much.


Do you want to customize my script to your needs? Just buy an extension license and let me know how you use it by sending me a message from my profile page. thanks



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Version 1.5 (09.2019)
  IMP - System Error Fix (encoder.php, lib.php & default.php)
Version 1.4 (07.2019)
    ADD - Use of https, IP and/or Port in Submit-Form (index.php)
    ADD - Expert Mode in Submit-Form (encoder.php & default.php)
    ADD - Lock IP need PHP >= 5.3.0 (encoder.php, lib.php & default.php)
    ADD - Security Addon: more protection for your code (encoder.php & lib.php)
Version 1.3 (11.2018)
    ADD - More than one Line in Copyright Tag (encoder.php & default.php)
Version 1.2 (10.2017)
    IMP - Improving the documentation
Version 1.1 (10.2016)
    IMP - Improving our hash function
Version 1.0 (09.2015)
    NEW - Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

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