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A powerful affiliate program makes every website better! Use one of the most powerful and powerful affiliate programs to increase sales, traffic, potential customers and more!

Affiliate Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP membership management system suitable for your new or existing website.Let affiliates sell your products, bring you traffic and even potential customers, and reward them with commissions.More importantly, use Affiliate Pro to track it intelligently, keep your members happy and keep your bottom line! So how does it work?It’s simple, when a user visits your website via an affiliate URL (e.g.http://mydomain.com?ref=1234)The affiliates responsible for sending (or recommending) traffic to you will receive commissions based on your settings.If you need more information, please contact us, otherwise please check the following features and how easy it is to integrate into your system!

Commission options in various situations!

  • Set commissions by product/single transaction
  • Set commissions based on sales volume
  • Create recurring commission
  • Create commissions for potential customer referrals
  • Unique traffic referral commission
  • Establish a multi-layer network (affiliated companies refer to other affiliated companies)

Simple integration into new or existing websites!

  • step 1. Include a php tracking file on any page you want to track
  • Step 2. After the sale is completed (such as the thank you page), include the file used to record the sale in Affiliate Pro
    $sale_amount = '21.98';
    $product = 'My Product Description';
  • It also includes an optional PayPal IPN example.
  • See how it works in the demonstration shop:click here

Quality coding-excellent service!


Version 1.7-automatic installer, detailed statistics, speed improvements

The biggest and best update to date! You don't want to miss this!
  • A new installer has been added, just upload the file and run the installer!
  • Product page added (optional if not using shopping cart)
  • Brand new dashboard! More statistics/charts/views
  • Add country, operating system, and device type to recommended traffic
  • Add country/region to sales data
  • Best Country/Region Sales/Traffic-View the best performing countries/regions!
  • Update marketing materials to support links, videos, and other file types
  • Use a large database to improve the loading speed of the recommended traffic page
  • Improved navigation page routing/configuration
  • UI appearance updated

Version 1.6-updated user interface, password reset

  • Add advanced password forget/reset
  • Added additional single sign-in page
  • Updated login and dashboard UI
  • Active menu items are highlighted to better show the page you are on
  • Update date filter start date to show longer transaction history
  • Updated PayPal IPN sample files and documentation for easier/faster integration

Version 1.5-Multi-currency support

  • Added multi-currency support! -The default includes USD, GBP, INR, EUR, JPY, RUR, if you want, you can easily add other currency types! *Need to enable php intl extension
  • Fixed a minor error in the redirection of the default commission settings page

Version 1.4-clues and more!

  • Added lead tracking-pay members to send you quality leads! (Optional)
  • Email notification of new users (including their quick start tracking code)
  • Improved the UI of the login/register page
  • UI update in the account area
  • Fixed payment errors (data/mark payment.php)
  • Clean up the report of decimal values ​​(from $0.00000 to $0.00)
  • Added AbanteCart integration instructions

Version 1.3-Commission!

  • Add recurring commission (optional)
  • The added multi-level commission/affiliated company can recommend other affiliated companies and earn! (Optional)
  • Add CPC/unique visitor commission-let members send you traffic through (optional)
  • Other commission related updates
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.2.1-Opencart (facultatif)

  • Added Opencart integration instructions (optional) for the quick settings of the Opencart website

Version 1.2-Woocommerce (optional)

  • Added Woocommerce integration files/instructions (optional) for quick setup of Woocommerce website

Version 1.1-Payment methods and text ads

  • Stripe, Skrill, wire transfer and check are added as payment options
  • Affiliates can now cancel pending payment requests
  • The payment request form has been updated-will check the balance plus whether the pending payment exceeds the new request
  • Add a text ad (link) generator for affiliates to generate referral links
  • Added size options (desktop/mobile) for banners/ads uploaded by affiliates

Version 1.0-initial version

  • Unlimited affiliates
    Promote sales by letting affiliates sell your products for you!
  • Subsidiary and management panel
    Affiliated companies can easily view their own statistics/control it from your own management panel
  • Traffic recommendation statistics
    Track affiliate referral traffic (login page, ISP...)
  • Banner / logo part
    Upload your banner and logo to give your members quick access to your marketing materials
  • Commission level
    Set the commission income percentage based on the total sales level of the affiliate
  • Track sales/profit
    Simply manage the products and income sold by all members
  • Manage payments
    Ask your affiliate to request payment. Easily manage these requests from your admin panel
  • Date filter
    Filter any data based on the period you want (e.g. the past 30 days)
  • Quick view dashboard
    View the best alliance performers, recent sales, and traffic on one page
  • View by member
    Divide and view sales and traffic recommendation data by individual members
  • Void transaction
    If you think it is appropriate, cancel any transaction (i.e. refund to the buyer)
  • Balance management
    Track the balance of affiliates (arrears) and update their balance if the transaction is invalid
  • Multilingual
    The built-in system can modify the language of Affiliate Pro (including 4 languages-create your own language in minutes!)
  • Many other great features!
    View the best alliance performers, recent sales, and traffic on one page


Admin: demo / pass
Affiliate: affiliate / pass

Script requirements

PHP 5.3 or higher (may be applicable to older versions)
Apache Mod_Rewrite
Enable PHP international extension (multi-currency format)

(Nulled) Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Management System [Free Download]
(Nulled) Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Management System [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Version: PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x