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NewsTube is a clean and well organized theme雑誌、ブログ and VIDEOwebsite. It's fully responsive, retina ready, and has many great features.Video Magazine Theme comes with flexible theme layouts and extensive theme options, making it easy to customize your website the way you like.
NewsTube supports videos from many popular sites, including Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion.With this video theme, you can submit videos from the front end, create great video channels and playlists, or import YouTube videos and channels to your website.

Newstube is also a professional magazine theme for WordPress. Its header navigation, slider, blog and post options allow you to showcase your featured content and/or images to engage readers.

NewsTube theme comes with unlimited theme layout variations, dozens of shortcodes, theme options, live posts, multi-page posts...

NewsTube includes video features, video channels, video playlists, video ads, front-end submissions, user subscriptions...

Consists of advertising solutions (predefined ad placements, ad management and shortcodes, responsive google adsense), user engagement widgets (trending posts, related posts, live posts, featured posts, post suggestions...) , social network connections are supported.

Responsive Design & Retina Ready, Drag & Drop Page Builder, Ajax Navigation, SEO Optimized, Translation Ready, Auto Update, Sample Data.

Update NewsTube at the click of a button with the Envato Toolkit.

The support team is trusted by 10,000 customers.

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Why our themes are loved

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  • Account: demo
  • Password: demo

Full Function

  • Mobile ready- With the proliferation of mobile readers, we designed NewsTube with a mobile-first approach, so your content is available to millions of mobile users.
  • Responsive and retina ready
  • The latest UI/UX practices
  • Flexible theme layouts (unlimited theme layout variations)
  • 9 sliders
  • 4 Navigation styles
  • 7 Blogging Styles
  • 5 article styles
  • 3 video styles
  • Extensive theme options (over 100 options)
  • Page builder – Drag & Drop Page Builder (Visual Composer Included) – You save $33
  • video channel- Create a video channel like YOUTUBE (eg music channel, sports channel...) -View Channel Demo
  • Channel Follow and Subscribe- Registered users can subscribe to the channel to receive the latest updates/news/videos in their profile homepage. For testing, useAccount: demo, Password: demo- or you can seeビデオチャンネルのデモ
  • Video Clips -see demo
  • Front-end video submission- Users can submit videos (and other content: articles/photos) from the frontend. Editors only need to review the post before publishing -see demo
  • WooCommerce Supported - Sell Anything with NewsTube
  • Support Youtube import plugin. NEWSTUBE supports 3 great video import plugins:
    • Complemento de WordPress de YouTube - Importación de video
    • Wordpress Auto Plugin
    • Videography - WordPress Video Plugin
  • Exclusive features for videos:
    • Autoplay video when user visits video page
    • Automatically load next video page after video finishes playing
  • Contains a video ad plugin developed by CactusThemes - VIDEO ADS -ビデオADが
  • Super menu: 3 styles
    • List style menu
    • Column style menu
    • Preview mode menu
  • Smart Sticky Menu - This sticky menu is only displayed when the user starts scrolling up
  • Pagination
    • Ajax loading
    • Standard pagination
    • page pagination
  • Autoload next article- The next article will load after the user has finished reading one, so readers don't need to click to go to the next article.For publishers, this feature can help increase page views and revenue through advertising
  • Post suggestion widget- When the title scrolls down in an article, related posts will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the page -see demo
  • Auto scroll next article- When the user finishes reading and scrolls to the end of the page, this function loads the next article -see demo
  • special post feature
    • List - This smart function displays content in a list style -DEMO
    • Live Post - Articles will automatically refresh at specific times, so your readers will get the latest updates from LIVE EVENT -DEMO
    • Commentez les publications en temps réel -DEMO
    • Poll Publishing - Let readers vote on topics -DEMO
  • SEO Ready - We made this theme with search engine friendly practices in mind. Also, this theme can be used with SEO plugin: SEO by Yoast
  • Google Adsense - all you need to do is enter your advertising ID
  • Smart Ads Feature - Responsive Ads and Responsive Google Adsense - This feature helps you to display different ad banners to different screen sizes.
  • Google Fonts and Custom Fonts - Choose from over 700 Google web fonts or use your own custom fonts
  • Smart content box- There are 6 content block layouts to showcase your content in magazine style
  • Smart Sticky Sidebar - The main sidebar floats when the user scrolls down the page
  • Translation ready - WPML plug-in support
  • RTL support - this theme supports right-to-left languages
  • 6 custom widgets
    • Top posts, authors, recent comments, social accounts, suggestions and titles
  • Powerful Popular Placement Page Template
  • Featured Posts - Highlight popular/stylish posts/articles/videos
  • Membership Features - To test, log in withAccount:demo, Password:demo
  • Social Locker Plugin Compatible- With this feature, readers have to share the article before reading it. This feature is very useful especially when you provide free information/resources to the community.
    • デモ-ビデオソーシャルロッカー
    • Demo - Content Social Locker
  • Social features: social sharing and social accounts
  • 17 Useful Shortcodes: Smart Content Box, Post Grid, Post ThumbSlider, Post Classic Slider, Post Parallax, Post Slider, Live Content, Post Carousel, Testimonials, Comparison Table, Download Box, Icon Box, Theme Box , Buttons, Tooltips, Dropcap and Dividers
  • Topic Box Shortcode - Displays articles of the same topic in style
    • Style 1 -DEMO
    • Style 2 -DEMO
  • Cactus Rating plugin integration
    • Score by point
    • star rating
  • Integrated plugins - these plugins are included in NewsTube
    • Cactus Video Plugin Integration
    • Cactus-Channel plugin integration
    • Integrated Cactus-Poll plugin
    • Cactus-advertentieplug-in
    • NewsTube Shortcode Plugin
  • Create beautiful app-like icons on your mobile home screen
  • Automatic update function
  • One-click sample data
  • Online documentation-オンラインドキュメントにアクセスする(Offline version is also available in the download package)
  • Free Support: Visitsupport. Cactus theme. com

Post log

full release log

  • NewsTube – 2021/01/13
    includes CVisual Composer 6.5.0; Newstube Shortcode 1.5.2
    • #Fix: Newstube Shortcode
    • #Fix: Description of theme options
  • NewsTube – 2020/08/28
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Channel; Cactus-Rating; Newstube Shortcode 1.5.1
    • #Fix: Hierarchy Category Breadcrumbs
    • #Fix: Unable to upload hosted video in submission form after updating Contact Form 7
    • #Correct: Wordpress 5.5 warning
  • NewsTube – 2020/08/10
    • #Fix: Improve breadcrumbs to be compatible with patterns. organization
    • #Fix: Video Layout 2 Error
    • #Fix: Add featured images to channel/playlist post types
    • #Fix: Post grid showing missing items in mobile
  • NewsTube – 2020/05/20
    including Visual Composer 6.0.5;
    • #Fijar: esquema de actualización. organización
  • – 2019/10/01
    including Visual Composer 6.0.5;
    • #Fix: color option
    • #Fix: Include video thumbnail plugin
  • – 2019/06/05
    Includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Channel Visual Composer 6.0.3; Newstube Shortcode 1.5.0;
    • #Reparación: Compatible con PHP 7.3
    • #Fix: Multiple links to local files
    • #Fix: CMB conflicts with WC and ACF
  • NewsTube – 2018/12/13
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Channel Visual Composer 5.6
    • #अपडेट करें: WC टेम्प्लेट संस्करण
    • #Update: Compatible with Wordpress 5.0
  • NewsTube – 2018/11/12
    including Visual Composer 5.5.5;
    • #अपडेट करें: WC टेम्प्लेट संस्करण
  • NewsTube – 2018/08/10
    includes Cactus-Video; Cactus-Ads
    • #अपडेट करें: WC टेम्प्लेट संस्करण
    • #Repair: vimeo player
    • #Fix: Single vimeo
    • #Fix: cactus-ads vimeo autoplay on Chrome
    • #Fix: vimeo ad link click
  • NewsTube – 2018/07/19
    includes Cactus-Video
    • #Update: Visual Composer 5.5.2
    • #Fix: YouTube short link automatically follows
    • #Fix: mixed content vimeo js
    • #Fix: Individual gallery slider height
  • NewsTube – 2018/03/07
    includes Cactus-Video
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 3.3.3
    • #Update: Child theme supports automatic update of Visual Composer
    • #Fix: Errors in calculating Post Likes via WTI Like Post plugin
    • #Fix: https issues with Google Fonts
  • NewsTube – 2017/11/27
    includes Visual Composer 5.4.5; Cactus-Rating; Cactus-Ads; Easy Tab 2.0.1
    • #Update: Support WooCommerce 3.2.5 and fix some WooCommerce related issues
    • #Fix: some warning and support WP 3.9
  • NewsTube – 2017/10/24
    includes Visual Composer 5.4; Cactus-Video; NewsTube-Shortcode 1.4.12; Cactus-Channel; Cactus-Poll; Cactus-Rating
    • #Update: Support WooCommerce 3.2.1 and fix some WooCommerce related issues
    • #Update: support PHP 7
    • #Fix: YouTube Short URL Videos are Broken
    • #Fix: Post thumb slider not working
  • NewsTube 1.5.2 – 2017/07/25
    includes Visual Composer 5.2; Cactus Video 1.4.10; NewsTube Shortcodes 1.4.11; Cactus Channel 1.3.1
    • #Update: Support WooCommerce 3.1.1
    • #Update: Swipe Slider 3.4.2
    • #Fix: YouTube Player Layouts 2 and 3 with "Force Embed Code" Off
  • NewsTube – 2017/04/24
    includes Visual Composer 5.1.1; Cactus-Ads
    • #Fix: YouTube videos are not full width in header style 2
    • #Fix: "Auto Next" video option cannot be turned off due to video ads
  • NewsTube – 2016/12/06
    includes Visual Composer 5.0.1
    • #Fix: Clicking like/dislike doesn't immediately change value on mobile
  • NewsTube – 2016/11/01
    includes NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.10; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Poll
    • #Fix: Sidebar settings for author pages
    • #Fix: Update the translation of the Cactus Poll
    • #Update: Remove JS color library, use default WordPress color picker
    • #Update: Option to hide "More Posts" section in individual posts (Theme Options > Individual Posts)
    • #Update: Support short YouTube URL youtu. Yes
    • #Update: Add URL parameter to icon box shortcode
    • #Add: [newstube_playlist] Shortcode
  • NewsTube – 2016/09/23
    includes Visual Composer 4.12.1; NewsTube-Shortcode 1.4.9
    • #Fix: Can't click on post title for parallax slider
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12.1
    • #Update: Support Top 10 plugins (replace BAW plugin)
    • #Update: Pause on title hover
    • #Add: BAW Addon Optimizer to delete old data from BAW plugin and convert data into Top 10
  • NewsTube – 2016/08/02
    • #Update: Visual Composer 4.12
    • #Update: Add Twitter meta tags to posts
  • NewsTube – 2016/07/23
    includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Poll; Cactus-Video; Cactus-Channel
    • #Fix: Unable to install OptimizePress
    • #Update: Open full width image in lightbox if media is set to link to media file
  • NewsTube 1.5.1 – 2016/05/16
    Includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus Poll; Cactus Video; NewsTube-Shortcode; NewsTube-SampleData 1.0 (New)
    • #Fix: Facebok Video doesn’t work in Post Layout 3
    • #Fix: Order an item with the ID passed in the shortcode
    • #Update: support WooCommerce 2.5.5
    • #Update: Custom MetaBox Libraries in Cactus Poll and Cactus Ads Plugin
    • #Add: a new (and better) example data plugin
    • #Add: Shortcode [c_cats] List all categories and tags
  • NewsTube – 2016/05/04
    includes Cactus-Ads; Cactus-Polls; Cactus-Video
    • #Update: Fix CSS issue when using Ads Pro with Cactus-Ads (728×90 size only)
    • #Update: Custom Meta Box Libraries in Cactus Poll and Cactus Ads Plugin
    • #Fix: Error adding new image ad in admin
    • #Fix: DailyMotion Video Issues in Theater Layouts
    • #Fix: Item order in XGrid shortcodes when using IDs parameter
  • NewsTube – 2016/04/22
    including Visual Composer;
    • #Fix: Thumbnails are missing on mobile
  • NewsTube 1.5 – 2016/04/14
    includes Visual Composer 4.11.2; Cactus-Video 1.4.9; NewsTube-Shortcodes; Cactus-Ads 2.5.1
    • #Fix: Incorrect rating points in video playlists
    • #Fix: Bug in autoload next post feature
    • #Fix: Some RTL issues
    • #Fix: Ads in Trash are still being used
    • #Update: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility
    • #Update: Allow shortcodes in ads
    • #Update: Support Nelio External Featured Image plugin
    • #Update: Using Native WordPress Responsive Images
    • #Update: Turn off wide layout options for featured posts
  • NewsTube 1.4.10 – 2016/03/21
    includes Visual Composer 4.11.1; Cactus-Polls-; Cactus-Video 1.4.8; NewsTube-Shortcodes
    • #Fix: Incorrect author email
    • #Fix: Unable to use polls in widgets
    • #Fix: Support Google Adsense https
    • #Fix : erreurs RTL
    • # ಅಪ್‌ಡೇಟ್: ಸ್ಕಬ್ ಶಾರ್ಟ್‌ಕೋಡ್‌ಗೆ ಆಫ್‌ಸೆಟ್ ಪ್ಯಾರಾಮೀಟರ್ ಸೇರಿಸಿ
    • #Update: Support for JW Player 7 (
  • NewsTube 1.4.9 – 2016/02/17
    includes Visual Composer 4.10; Cactus-Ads 2.5; Cactus-Video 1.4.7; NewsTube-Shortcodes 1.4.8
    • #Fix: Unable to enqueue shortcodes. css
    • #Fix: Ads appear in search results
    • #Update: Option to show share popup when video playback ends
    • #Update: Improve live comment functionality (faster, don't use PHP Session)
    • #Update: Option to list more videos in the same playlist
    • #Update: Option to sort items by tags provided in grid shortcode
  • NewsTube 1.4.8 – 2016/02/02
    includes Cactus-Video 1.4.6; Cactus-Ads 2.4.2; Visual Composer 4.9.2
    • #Fix: Cactus Ad Messages Hide Other WordPress Admin Messages
    • #Fix: Conflict with FV WordPress FlowPlayer plugin
    • #Update: Support FlowPlayer 6 -
  • Complete release log

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