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  • multiple public lecturers
  • Google Analytics добавить опцию
  • PWA ready
  • Drop content
  • Student Login Device Control
  • Buy Referral Systems Both will get a discount
  • Certificate Designer
  • Dynamic Header Menu
  • Drag and drop for chapter and course locations
  • Quality Assurance Section
  • Practical features
  • Student profile
  • Admins and instructors watch their own courses
  • Lecturer profile
  • Cart of items stored in the database (buyer's cart is lost without risk)
  • Live preview video
  • Login/Registration System
  • real-time statistics
  • Administrators can refuse any registration for clear reasons
  • Admin Assign Permissions Students and Teachers
  • Manage all courses (publish, unpublish and active-inactive)
  • Support YouTube, Vimeo to MP4 (self-hosted)
  • Video continues to play
  • Become an Instructor Option
  • Course download - PDF, zip
  • Course search
  • Course rating
  • Course Inquiry Questions and Answers
  • Course overview system
  • Curriculum Quiz
  • Unique Instructor Username
  • Admin pays teacher bank fee
  • Instant item search
  • description of each item
  • Change Password/Edit Profile
  • currency converter
  • Transaction Record
  • Statement
  • Earnings
  • Project Approval System
  • Coupon options for the app
  • Super Admin Refund Status
  • Email template
  • Course purchase history
  • Invoice PDF download
  • Featured Items
  • language translation
  • language translation
  • Notification
  • Course progress
  • Course filter
  • flat commission system
  • Mentor Wise Commission System
  • Tutor wise and course wise commission system
  • entrenador de pago
  • Dashboard Instructor
  • Student Dashboard
  • Zoom Integration for Live Course Meetings
  • Scaling multiple Instructor API options
  • SEO対応のプレーンURL
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
  • W3C valid mark
  • Font awesome icons
  • Documentation includes
  • Clean code and clean design
  • Testimonial
  • Front-end CMS
  • About the details page
  • Contact us page
  • blog's
  • Right click to disable video
  • Geographical location of registered students
  • IP blocking options on site
  • dynamic preloader
  • RTL
  • auto update

New features

  • Auto logout after x duration of inactivity
  • Error log in general settings
  • Admins register students directly for courses
  • Admins create courses and assign them to instructors
  • Live Class, Public/Private options need to be added when creating
  • Added virtual class status
  • Unlimited levels of categories
  • Student Dashboard for Rough Filtering and Searching

Lecturer Features

  • Add product
  • Generate coupon code
  • Manage products
  • View course reviews and reply to students
  • Get new registration notifications and course reviews and replies
  • Upload course chapters and lessons and upload assignment files
  • Set default language and currency only for him
  • Sales history
  • Purse statement
  • Sales Verification via API
  • Looking back on history
  • Product History
  • Check monthly income
  • Check annual income
  • Check all time earnings
  • Faculty Profile Page
  • Instructor Payment Request
  • Balanced Display in Instructor Panel
  • bank payment

Student Features

  • Register Email Verification On/Off Option
  • Register for courses after purchase
  • Package purchase
  • Bookmark any course or video
  • Students can comment on any course
  • Set the default language and currency only for yourself
  • Get email notifications
  • Course Certificates and Download Options

Include payment gateway

  • Offline payments
  • bank payment
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • PayStack (Afrika)
  • PayTM (India)
  • RazorPay (India)
  • Instramojo (Hindio)
  • Transit (Indonesia)
  • Payer (Russia)

Email Template Editor

  • Email Verification for Student Registration
  • Offline payments
  • bank payment
  • Course registration payment
  • Course published successfully
  • Added course chapters
  • Course Course Addition
  • Added course quiz
  • Course exercise files have been added
  • Course not published
  • New Registration Notice
  • Salario mensual del profesor
  • Lecturer paid successfully
  • Coach pay drops
  • New Course Comments
  • New reply to comment
  • New Course Review
  • Password update
  • Course registration denied by administrator
  • Admin enables course registration

menu manager

  • Create a new page
  • Use static pages
  • Use custom links
  • Nested popup menus
  • open new tab
  • Popup menu left or right

Dynamic certificate generator

  • Create a new certificate
  • Upload a design of any size
  • Customize your font, color, size and position
  • Preview
  • Download
  • Download after completing any course

security function

  • JWT Certification
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection
  • SQL injection protection
  • CSRF protection
  • Secure Encrypted Password Hashing

InfixLMS Online documentation

avis important:

  • We provide support (time support up to 2 days)
  • We do not offer refunds (if the item is downloaded or wrong)
  • We do not support free installation and custom scripts
  • Read all product information before deciding to buy
  • A maximum of one domain/server can be used with one purchase
  • We have demo check all the points, no refunds accepted after purchase This feature is not available. something like that.


v4.0.0 (Dec 14, 2021)
    Bug Fixed       : Others System issue fixed.

    Features        : Upgrade Laravel version 7 to 8
                    : System performance improve
                    : Asset compile
                    : Improve File structures
                    : System caching improved
                    : Frontend Language Switch manage
                    : Video player Seekbar show/hide manage
                    : Placeholder enable/disable option
                    : Student dashboard card view added.
                    : Homepage New section added
                    : Popup module added
                    : Course Offer Module compatible
                    : TeachOffline Module compatible
                    : Org Module compatible
                    : Group Module compatible
                    : Catalogue Module compatible
                    : Forum Module compatible
                    : OrgInstructorPolicy Module compatible
                    : Homework Module compatible
                    : Communicate Module compatible
                    : OrgSubscription Module compatible
                    : Calendar Module compatible
                    : CourseInvitation Module compatible
                    : Bkash (Bangladeshi Payment gateway) Module compatible
                    : Notification Setup Module added.
                    : Instructors can withdraw selected amount
                    : Instructor profile banner manage
NB: Update from min version 3.2.1/3.2.2  to 4.0.0. Otherwise, the system will damage

v3.2.1 (November 28, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Blog Details HTML tag issue fixed
                : Share Image preview issue fixed
v3.2.0 (27 Sep 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Email template currency symbol issue
                : User login statistic chart
                : Already add to cart issue
                : Chapter edit on vdocipher issue
                : summernote image upload image issue
                : Discount price show in frontend
                : Course/Lesson duration in minute
                : Course enroll student count issue
                : virtual class update issue
                : Admin can add lesson anyone course
                : After removed enroll list, all transaction balance become zero
                : Course & quiz certificate issue
                : Instructor Payment info update issue
                : Others bugs

Features        : Facebook Pixel added
                : Social Login ( google , Facebook)
                : Instructors Course Approval Setting, admin can see pending list for approval
                : Student panel sidebar menu option setting. General setting-> Student role
                : Public registration field setting
                : Vimeo Direct Upload From Instructors Panel
                : Vimeo Setting update
                : Bundle subscription module Compatible
                : TeachOffline module Compatible
                : Assignment module Compatible
                : Instructor Certificate module Compatible
                : Quiz Module design & functionality update
                : Question bank bulk delete & pagination option
                : Bulk Question import option
                : Auto complete lesson and go next lesson
                : Course Lesson/Quiz design update
                : Certificate QR option
                : Certificate verify option
                : TAX Set Country wish in TAX Module
                : Minute formatting
                : & more features

NB: Update from min version 3.1.0 to 3.2.0. Otherwise, the system will damage.
v3.1.0 (22 de agosto de 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Optimize Frontend theme
                : Quiz report filtering

NB: Update from min version 3.0.7 to 3.1.0. otherwise, the system can break.
v3.0.7 (10 Aug 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Checkout course price in cart when course update

Update          : Set quiz-> Add quiz (sidebar)
                : Self-> Self Host

New Feature     : BBB - Record class list

NB: Update from min version 2.2.3 to 3.0.6 otherwise System can break.
v3.0.6 (August 9, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Module update auto migration
                : SCORM Support improve
                : Free Class details page issue
                : Course price 8 digit limit issue
                : Frontend  Key Features is disabled if category section disable
                : SendGrid double email send and throw an error
                : Course status change instructor role permission issue
                : Checkout address edit option added
                : Price discount not working
                : Blog date problem, after saving date not change
                : Inactive course can view  by link
                : Become instructor icon issue
                : Lesson update issue
                : After update course /quiz conflict with discount price
                : Checkout validation error language issue

Features        : Automatic logout after x duration time inactive
                : Error Log in General setting
                : Admin enroll a student directly to a course
                : Admin to create courses & assign them to instructors
                : Live Class, Public/Private option need to add when creating
                : Virtual class status added

NB: Update from min version 2.2.3 to 3.0.6 otherwise System can break.
v3.0.5 (2 August 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Subscription checkout
                : Class Date Time
                : jisti Unlimited Duration
                : Class Design's Course Schedule changed
                : Class Overview End time auto calculate
                : Comment option
                : drip content Issue
                : Course categories toggle button does not working
                : Ajax not working on profile settings

Features        : Translation for calendar and date
                : Student dashboard Category Wish show Class/Quiz/Class & Added Search Option

NB: Update from Min version 2.2.3 to 3.0.5. Otherwise, System can break.

v3.0.4 (July 25, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Iframe Lesson update issue fixed
                : Blog Responsive Issue fixed
                : Blog Publish Date Added
                : Footer title disable when no link
                : subscription module design fixed
                : Student signup on/off from general setting
                : Scorm module issue fixed
                : Class time issue fixed
                : Live class on edit price update issue fixed
                : Quiz Setup issue fixed

Features        : Google Captcha Added in Login, Register, Contact page

NB: Update from Min version 2.2.3 to 3.0.4. Otherwise, System can break.
v3.0.3 (July 19, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Student Profile modification issue fixed
                : Quiz Inside lesson issue fixed
                : Mark as complete issue fixed
                : Certificate font issue fixed
                : Dynamic font upload for certificate
                : Login banner update issue fixed
                : Instructor action issue fixed
                : Language update cache issue fixed

NB: Update from Min version 2.2.3 to 3.0.3. Otherwise, System can break.

v3.0.2 (July 15, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : PWA Logo Dynamic From Header Logo & Favicon
                : Footer Background & text color Dynamic
                : Homepage Block dynamically change position
                : Category & Language showing issue after update in Courses/Quizzes/Classes Page
                : Upload file design updated
                : Lesson order after change fix serial no.
                : Report Issue fix for instructor
                : Dashboard statistic issue fixed
                : Instructor Payout issue fixed
                : Footer Section Cache Issue fixed
                : Map, Cart, searchbar dynamic control
                : Logo responsive issue fixed
                : Instructor Dashbaord updated
                : Instructor commission issue fixed

NB: Update from 2.2.3 to 3.0.2. Otherwise, System can break.

v3.0.1 (July 10, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Homepage category image not showing issue fixed
                : Copyright change issue fixed
                : Category SVG add issue fixed 
NB: Update from 2.2.3 to 3.0.1. Otherwise, System can break.  

v3.0.0 (July 8, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Improve System Performance (Optimize Full System)
                : Apply Caching System
                : Server Table Data rendering
                : Add Lazy Loading
                : Multiple Cache driver option added (File, Array, Redis, Memcached)
                : Design issue fixed  & improved
                : Others Bug fixed
                : Some New Feature Added
                : Big video file upload issue fixed (Green sign to finish)

NB: Update from 2.2.3 to 3.0.0. otherwise, the system will break.
v2.2.3 (June 28, 2021)
Bug Fixed       :  Responsive Design Issue fixed
                :  Sponsor add issue fixed
                :  Live classes page issue fixed
                :  Certificate issue fixed

v2.2.2 (June 12, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Frontend Inactive instructor showing issue fixed
                : who we are, how its work change option
                : Vimeo video list load issue fixed
                : If the instructor has no social icon then don't show it on the frontend
                : Some missing Translation added
                : CSRF token mismatch issue fixed
                : course special character issue fixed
                : All course Speedup

v2.2.0 (June 10, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Zoom class issue fixed if API key changed
                : Frontend categories wish search issue Fixed
                : Category wish topic price issue fixed
                : Last update info added
                : Login, Register, forget password page content dynamic
                : Full-screen Mobile screen design changed
                : Responsive issue fixed on fullscreen
                : set quiz issue in instructor panel fixed
                : Form Validation improve
                : Performance Improve (Less Query Execute)
v2.1.10 (June 2, 2021)
Bug Fixed       :  Some Minor Issue fixed

New Features    :  Utility Feature added(Cache Clear, Log Clear, Debug mode On, Force HTTPS)
                :  Whatsapp support Module Compatible
                :  Tax Module Compatible

v2.1.9 (May 31, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Coupon negative value issue, if coupon price more then price
                : Static page preview button on top
                : Zoom class delete if API key not correct
                : Category, Subcategory, Search courses/quiz/class price issue
                : Course Lesson Edit issue
                : Self Video player in the courses section does not show controls issue fixed
                : The certificate shows an image even though the “No” option is selected in the certificate.
                : Mention Homepage image sizes
                : Enroll date issue
                : Auto database backup when updating
                : Module update issue

New Features    : Google Analytic add option
v2.1.8 (27 May 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Social media icon design issue fixed
                : if discounted price selected issue fixed
                : Hide course exercise file section if empty
                : Course preview youtube full-screen issue fixed
                : Phone number min 11 digits fixed

New Features        : Price Currency position dynamic
v2.1.7 (26 May 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Full-screen dynamic color issue
                : Sponsor image issue fixed
                : Subcategory issue fixed
                : Blog pagination issue fixed
                : Quiz Bank delete issue fixed
                : All course rendering issue fixed
                : Scrom complete issue
                : Virtual class edit issue
                : Quiz assign issue in pagination next page fixed

New Features    : PWA integrate
                : Maintenance Mode
v2.1.6 (May 20, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : BLog Custom Slug
                : Course Subscription list hide if not active
                : category/subcategory wish course/quiz/class in same page
                : Hide user email from referrel list
                : Vimeo Video Limit Issue fixed
                : Privacy policy design & backend changed
                : Blog custom banner
                : Search issue fixed
                : About page backend design changed

New Features    : Database backup system
                : Frontend Custom Theme option (Change Primary & secondary color)
                : Pesapal payment getaway integration
v2.1.5 (May 16, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Course Quiz auto looping fixed
                : Quiz Report Total marks & obtained marks calculation issue fixed
                : Live class description show on class details page
                : Country wish city append on profile setting 
Features        : Missing City & Timezone Add option Added
v2.1.4 (May 13, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Translate issue fixed
                : Full screen lesson scroll issue
                : Course quiz start issue fixed
                : Instructor can see only own quiz questions 
                : Live Class Auto next class selected
v2.1.3 (May 12, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Subcategory link issue fixed
                : Recommended class don't show in student dashboard Issue fixed
                : Student who already enroll any course change - already enrolled to Continue Watch, which will start from the last lesson
                : Show which Lesson done already
                : Course Filter problem Fixed
                : when 0 don't show breathing, only breathing when having any notification
                : virtual class -> automatic create a class
                : Bug same day multiple class
                : virtual class order issue
                : virtual class design issue
v2.1.2 (May 6, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Add course self/AWS s3 video issue fixed
                : BBB issue fixed
                : Jitsi issue fixed
                : Zoom Recurring class issue fixed

Design Change   : Class Details Design Change

New Feature     : Newsletter module (Mailchimp, GetResponse)
                : Chat Module Compatible
v2.1.1 (May 2, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Course Number Issue Fixed
                : Student view course, cant show lesson wise
                : Delete Item from cart if course/quiz/class delete
                : Live class sub category required remove
                : Question bank issue fixed
                : Sendgrid mail send issue fixed
                : Select country, cant load cities instantly  fixed
                : referral admin/instructor revenue fixed
                : QA comments remove, admin can remove any comment, instructor can remove only his course comments
                : Course edit host issue fixed
                : Module update option
                : Zoom single class direct start fixed

v2.1.0 (28 April 2021)

Bug Fixed       : SMTP Issue fixed
                : After Successfully login redirect issue fixed
                : Quiz Start Issue fixed
                : Checkout Default Data from user info
                : Zoom meeting Issue fixed
                : Class Data Format Issue fixed
                : Course/quiz/Class Search issue fixed
                : Others Minor Issue fixed
v2.0.3 (April 21, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Vimeo client ID must be needed to prevent
                : Enroll delete issue
v2.0.2 (April 20, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Virtual class delete Issues fixed
                : Bank payment Delete issue fixed
                : Student Default Country issue fixed
                : Others Minor Issue fixed

New Feature     : Changeable Course level
                : Instramojo Payment Gateway Added
                : Midtrans Payment Gateway Added
                : Payeer Payment Gateway Added
                : Course Delete option if not enrolled
                : Admin can remove test enroll
v2.0.1 (April 14, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : SCORM Compatible
                : Video URL, Iframe embedded, Image, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF with View Zip Add into lesson
                : Improve Design in Full-screen lesson play.
                : Others Minor Issue fixed

New Feature     : Allow Cookies
v2.0.0 (April 8, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Instructor revenue issue fixed
                : Others issues
                : Multiple levels when searching
                : Sub Categories do not show in the drop-down menu when editing courses
                : Mail driver issue fixed

New Feature     : Crone job Functionality Add
                : Subscription Compatible

v1.9.3 (March 28, 2021)
HOT FIX       : v1.9.2 error issue fixed.

v1.9.2 (March 29, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Design issue
                : Editor icon issue
                : Email template update
                : Sub category not mandatory

Update          : Footer Page issue fixed
                : Become instructor Page Banner & title update

New Feature     : Make Chapters & Lesson Position Drag & Drop
                : Custom email template for Verify & Password Reset 

v1.9.1 (March 26, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Dynamic menu remove from the menu item

v1.9 (March 26, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : URL load by slug for instructor profile
                : console error
                : Remember me may not working
                : Add instructor modal reopen when of validation failed
                : Change Demo image
                : Registration Page Responsive issue
                : validation not showing issue fixed
                : Admin can comment / reply
                : Video autoplay with unmute
                : Dynamic menu link issue fixed
                : Payment Request issue fixed
                : Old data store issue
                : Comments Date issue

v1.8 (March 23, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : RTL action Issue fixed
                : Phone number nullable issue fixed in Signup
                : Unicode slug supported
                : Drip content issue fixed
                : etc..

Update          : Drip content ON/OFF
                : Instructor profile update

New Feature     : Header menu dynamic
                : QA section added
                : Bank Payout from Admin

v1.7 (March 16, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Translate Issue fixed
                : Some Designs fixed
                : Home page Blog image ratio  fixed
                : Virtual class bug fixed
                : Course quiz add  issue fixed
                : instructor page course details issue Fixed
                : Live Class Course
                : Amazon S3 Video Play issue

Update          : Home Page Banner Image dynamic
                : New Page slug dynamic

New Feature     : Spanish Language Add 
v1.6 (March 11, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Some Bug fixed
                : Some Design fixed

New Feature     : Module add functionality
                : Pre Loader add
                : Account type add in bank payment method
v1.5 (March 9, 2021)
Bug Fixed       : Empty category issue fixed

New Feature     : Instructor payment request
                : Balance show in Instructor panel
                : Frontend dynamic image & content
                : Admin & Instructor watch own course

v1.4 (March 3, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Payment Setting PayTM Fixed
                : Lesson complete Mark Issue Fixed

Update          : Page Title Dynamic
                : Design Improve
                : Browser compatibility Improve
                : Login Page Content Update from Admin

New Feature     : Login page now dynamic
                : Right click disable for video
                : IP Block option on Site
                : Geo Location Add for register student

v1.3 (March 1, 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Code format support
                : Hide discount if course free
                : Browser Issue Fixed
                : Exercise File in Frontend
                : Description not required
                : Lesson Status Show
                : Video Play Issue
                : Installation issue fixed
                : Student & Instructor Registration Issue
                : Email Configure Issue fixed
                : Phone Number RegExp filter
                : Quiz Search issue fixed
                : Frontend active page highlight
                : Privacy Policy Scroll Issue fixed
                : Version Flag Added

Update          : Design Improved
                : Svg Logo Supported
                : Course Player Control
                : Php 7.4.0 Support
                : Hide Subcategory Section if Empty

v1.2 (26 Feb 2021)

Bug Fixed       : Installation issue fixed
                : Student & Instructor Registration Issue
                : Email Configure Issue fixed
                : Phone Number RegExp filter
                : Quiz Search issue fixed
                : Frontend active page highlight
                : Privacy Policy Scroll Issue fixed
                : Version Flag Added

v1.1 (24 Feb 2021)

Bug fixed       : Already enroll check
                : Virtual Class
                : Module manager
                : Mobile design issue fixed

Design Update   : Star color change
                : Course lesson design issue

Language fixed  : Dashboard Language
                : personalized coupon
                : Online payment received
                : Offline Payment
                : general settings
                : payment method setting
                : role permission
                : footer setting
                : Full System table language

New Features    : Auto Update


Initial Release

Infix LMS - Learning Management System [Free Download]
Infix LMS - Learning Management System [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x