MagOne -­ Responsive Magazine & News WordPress Theme

MagOne is a responsive WordPress theme for magazine, news and portfolio style websites with 1-click installer, powerful page builder and 6 months of support included.

One-time payment = free lifetime updates

With MagOne, you buy once and get a beautiful modern website with multiple layouts, and you also get lifetime updates for free, making it a great value WordPress theme for magazine, lifestyle, newspaper or portfolio style websites.

MagOne is also designed with your content first. With so many pre-built layouts and our easy-to-use one-click installation, designing your website couldn't be easier.Flexibility and affordability combined in one easy-to-use web design package.

Every website demo shown is free and can be quickly imported and set up with one click through the admin tool.


Coded using HTML5 and CSS3, all of MagOne's features, like animations and effects, are elegant and purposeful, not cluttered and overbearing, focusing on your content first.Choose a design layoutChoose the one that suits you from one of our pre-built pages, or use theSnowit-Framework.

Check out some stunning pre-built ready-made demos waiting for you!

  • Science and Technology Magazine
  • fashion website
  • hot news
  • graphic design
  • Affiliate Marketer Blog
  • e-commerce store
  • music site
  • lifestyle website
  • writer site
  • Creative Portfolio Website

Innerhalb des Snowit-Frameworks

MagOne is designed and developed using the latest W3C-validated coding practices, leveraging powerfulSnowit-Framework.

This provides designers and developers with a plethora of powerful backend design tools that save time and more money, including page builders, theme customizers, shortcodes, menu location tools, and more.

What makes MagOne the most powerful, flexible and unique theme for magazine websites? See what our customers are saying and why they love us!

MagOne is a feature-rich, fully responsive WordPress theme that will help you take your content to the next level without stressing you out with complex unnecessary code.

Build any layout you like by simply dragging and dropping blocks anywhere on the page. MagOne's page builder is casual, simple and easy to use, it's also very light and fast.You must consider this feature as it will help them meet all your needs.

You can choose a one-click header layout from the customizer or theme options. MagOne supports many header styles that will help you make the best design for your website.

MagOne supports one-click installation, which is very fast. The installer is also small and light, so it will save your hosting resources and of course your money.

MagOne has considered everything to help you create the most modern design magazine or news style themes available today.Has features including an automatic social counter to help you grow your social following into a functional and scalable mega menu, enabling you to create the structure that best suits your needs.

Customize your website to your needs with the powerful customizer tool. You can load your own custom fonts, set up elements however you want, and includes support for unlimited colors and backgrounds.

If you are not familiar with WordPress Customizer, you can also use Theme Options to customize the style of your website as you like.MagOne supports very elegant and lightweight theme options with many cool features.

Everything is ready to be monetized. Just paste your ad code into any ad slot and start making money online. All ad slots are designed for high click-through rate (CTR) and maximize your revenue.

You'll want to build your email list quickly, so MagOne has a simple but functional email subscription box that can be placed where you want with a simple widget tool.You might want to create a beautiful blog site that helps generate passive income through affiliate marketing - MagOne has you covered too.

Use the standard size ad blocks built into the package, seeAffiliate Marketer Blog DemoCheck out an example to see how simple, elegant, optimized and effective the MagOne theme for WordPress is.

Other features include a comprehensive commenting system that allows your users to provide meaningful feedback through a points and star rating system, which is a great way to help boost your content and make it go viral.

MagOne also supports RTL, which means that it includes an important translation file right next to WordPress.The org standard allows your content to automatically adapt and update to suit your audience's native language.

Want to sell something with your magazine? Yes, easy to handle with out-of-the-box store functionality.MagOne is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugins, no coding required and you will have a modern design for your store in no time.Just upload your products and let MagOne and WooCommerce do the work for you, including cart functionality, filters and a full-blown checkout system.

You need more than WordPress comments these days, you should provideFacebook CommentsOptions and Industry StandardsDisqusA commenting system to encourage more open discussions with your visitors and provide a way to embed media content into the comments themselves.

You can choose your desired main system or disable/enable your preferred system. Your readers can also insert images, animations, videos and emojis.Just use MagOne to give your audience the best possible interaction.

As your numbers grow, your taxonomy becomes an important part of managing the vast amount of content on a news site, and careful consideration has always been an important part of MagOne's design.

Easily display tabs for your content below or above each post, embed social sharing elements where you want, display author profile information in each post, easily create popular post widgets, and access from a variety of ways to display your content, from "Currently Trending" to "Posted" with the most viewed or commented

Project support includes:

  • The author is free to answer questions
  • Answer technical questions about project functions
  • Assist in reporting errors and problems
  • Help handle the included 3rd party assets

We have full documentation support included in this topic and a comprehensive support ticketing system to help you resolve issues quickly.

Also included is our Remote Desktop Client product, which means we can reach you remotely over the web to see exactly where your problem is and resolve it quickly.

MagOne Key Features

  • Many item boxes: Sliders, tickers, carousels, grids, columns, blog rolls, ....
  • Responsive: 100% works perfectly with all mobile and tablet devices
  • Variable header layout: Just click customizer
  • Page builder: Easy to use and casual. Just build any layout you want
  • One-click demo installation: Has many built-in layouts and demo blocks
  • Super menuo: Supports linked groups, simple and complex categorized content
  • ad slot ready: There are specific ad placements to optimize your revenue
  • Customizer: Easily change colors, backgrounds, fonts and more with a single click. You can also upload your custom font
  • Widget is ready: Many sidebars are supported and you can also add custom sidebars. All required widgets are attached
  • Shortcode ready: All content shortcodes are built in, including accordions/toggles, tabs, ...
  • Ready for translation: Build translation files after WordPress. Organizational Standards. Also automatically switches to RTL layout if your language is in RTL format
  • Multiple comment system: Not only WordPress, but also Facebook and Disqus commenting system. MagOne also allows automatic conversion of each media link (image/video) into a real embedded object/player
  • Outstanding support service: The documentation is very detailed and will walk you through. However, if you have any issues, we are always by your side to fix any bugs for you.

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Release notes

VERSION - June 25, 2021 
- Fixed: facebook page widget not show properly

VERSION - June 12, 2021 
- Fixed: page builder shortcode box not show properly

VERSION - Apr 28, 2021
- Fixed: page builder icon not show Classic Block Editor

VERSION - Apr 25, 2021
- Fixed: page builder icon not show in Gutenberg classic builder block

VERSION - May 22, 2021
- Fixed: page builder icon not show in Theme Options

VERSION - Apr 20, 2021
- New: support page builder on Gutenberg editor, no longer need Classic Editor to use page builder
- New: add setting to allow input AddThis publisher ID

VERSION - Aug 21, 2020
- Fixed: whole header sticky instead of only main menu in some Header Layouts

VERSION - Aug 18, 2020
- Fixed: adsense ads not show properly on Header Ads Slot

VERSION - Aug 15, 2020
- Fixed: page builder not work properly

VERSION - July 22, 2020
- Fixed: can not upload TTF font files

VERSION - Feb 24, 2020
- Fixed: meta errors for Reviews and Rating

VERSION - FEB 05, 2020
- Fixed: deprecated for BreadCrumbs

VERSION - NOV 27, 2019
- Fixed: sticky menu not show on mobile devices.

VERSION - OCT 07, 2019
- Fixed: Review Object Error in Google Rich Snippet Struture .

VERSION - SEP 12, 2019
- Fixed: Instagram count not work properly.

VERSION - JUL 09, 2019
- New: require Classic Editor plugin to work with Page Builder.

VERSION - NOV 07, 2018
- New: allow enabling FOLD effect for mobile menu sub items

VERSION - SEP 27, 2018
- New: integrated Envato Market plugin to allow updating theme with new API

VERSION - JUL 17, 2018
- New: add filter to allow modifying hellip for magone article item

VERSION - FEB 15, 2018
- Fixed: comment text not hide when disabled discussion on static pages

VERSION - FEB 09, 2018
- Fixed: comment form conflict with some plugins
- Fixed: review percent type not work
- Fixed: shortcode builder conflict with some plugins

VERSION - FEB 06, 2018
* Fixed: sticky column not work properly in some cases
* Fixed: taxonomy fields sometime not load in shortcode options
* Fixed: not enough memory when decode JSON for demo installation
* Fixed: can not get right number of Facebook and Instagram counter

VERSION - JAN 07, 2018
- Fixed: Comment date time not display properly

VERSION - DEC 08, 2017
- Fixed: video display not properly.
- Fixed: can not get facebook counter.

VERSION - OCT 30, 2017
- Fixed: tabs and accordions not work properly with some plugins.

VERSION - AUG 15, 2017
- Fixed: drop down format not work in MCE WP Editors.

VERSION - AUG 10, 2017
- New: allow showing view count

VERSION - APR 19, 2017
- Fixed: WooCommerce lightbox not work

VERSION - APR 17, 2017
- New: add style for BbPress plugin

VERSION - APR 15, 2017
- Fixed: not secure for ssl because some protocol was fixed as http://

VERSION - APR 03, 2017
- Fixed: Can not input title icon for sidebar widgets

VERSION - MAR 17, 2017
- New: support shortcodes for all ads spaces (include header ads)
- New: support exclude categories for block options
- Fixed: Google Fonts not work properly
- Fixed: Header Ads showing desktop when in mobile mode
- Fixed: show wrong number of posts if no ignored sticky posts

VERSION - MAR 04, 2017
- New: Top-Left ads support shortcode
- New: Compatible with JetPack gallery shortcode

VERSION - FEB 12, 2017
- Fixed: Can not active Sneeit Framework

VERSION - FEB 05, 2017
- Fixed: Contact Form not work properly

VERSION - JAN 02, 2017
- Fixed: Forever loop when have article shortcode in article content
- Fixed: Social counter loaded to long

VERSION - AUG 30, 2016
- Fixed: content fields of page builder not show properly (it has no auto P tags)
- Fixed: WooCommerce Shop not show item reviews comments
- Fixed: logo in mobile not display properly
- Fixed: Ticker article box cut head of titles

VERSION - AUG 12, 2016
- Fixed: Missing author in Google Snippet Struture
- Fixed: Shortcode not work with some user roles

VERSION - JULY 05, 2016
- Fixed: Rating Box not work properly.

VERSION - JULY 04, 2016
- New: support retina logo
- New: allow customize the subtitle font and color
- New: display author avatar on author page
- New: display title of shortcode box in page builder
- New: allow to select Date range for article boxes
- Fixed: Not show category in thumbnail when post has only 1 category
- Fixed: Static Page show errors on Google Rich Snippet Tool

VERSION - JUNE 23, 2016
- Fixed: can not customize feedburner texts
- Fixed: long main menu not display drop down and mega content properly
- Fixed: Facebook comment count not update

VERSION - JUNE 13, 2016
- New: Support Top Menu
- New: Columnize Footer
- Fixed: Instagram Counter not work

VERSION - MAY 31, 2016
- Fix: Home URLs not target to the current site, but to the network site
- New: header ads split into 2 versions: desktop and mobile

VERSION - MAY 22, 2016
- New: Allow disable author box
- New: Support options for Site Performance
- Fixed: theme option not work properly

VERSION - MAY 04, 2016
- New: allow to select order of meta items
- New: allow open multiple panels in accordions shortcode
- New: allow to change font family for widget article item title
- Fixed: not found h1 on home page
- Fixed: Before & After Content Side-bar not work
- Fixed: adapt-container-width attribute of Facebook page widget not work
- Fixed: search widget missing search icon and placeholder text in responsive

VERSION - APRIL 26, 2016
- New: support retina
- Fixed: share button of locked content keep sharing developer URL
- Fixed: the logo image not center in all layouts
- Fixed: can not exclude author from article blocks

VERSION - APRIL 25, 2016
- New: support shortcode for sharing button code
- New: support delay time for sticky sidebars. Can be set to ZERO for instant sticky.
- New: support Instagram social counter
- Fixed: demo installer demo export code is not right
- Fixed: demo installer not work with large number of files
- Fixed: demo installer logout user in some cases

VERSION 2.4 - APRIL 17, 2016
- New: support displaying ads and break-links after post content
- New: support sticky for content of column shortcode when mouse scrolling
- New: allow adding custom class to column shortcode
- Fixed: wrong printer CSS enqueue
- Fixed: Firefox render image not properly

VERSION 2.3.0 - APRIL 13, 2016
- New: add style for MailChimp and Contact Form 7 form elements
- Fixed: Slider loaded not properly on mobile when start
- Fixed: Raise error if server did not enable allow_url_fopen
- Fixed: Raise error when slider has only 1 item
- Fixed: DateModified and hatom dateUpdated not correct on Google Rich Snippet (SEO)
- Fixed: FireFox not respect max-width

VERSION 2.2.0 - APRIL 10, 2016
- New: Allow input Youtube API Keys for faster fetching subscriber number
- New: Support Rating System
- Fixed: Structured Data Testing Tool
- Fixed: short Youtube URL not work in feature box
- Fixed: can not pick category or tag for article box with page builder

VERSION 2.0.0 - APRIL 01, 2016
- New: included WooCommerce plugin
- New: can select custom sidebar for header wide and footer wide section
- New: can display item title of out thumbnail in article boxes
- Fixed: can not get social counter of Facebook
- Fixed: input HTML into title cause error
- Fixed: dashboard show warning when change comment system to other than WordPress

VERSION 1.9.1 - MARCH 23, 2016
- Fixed: Direct Youtube URL not work with feature box
- Fixed: RTL not work properly with Youtube thumbnail and menu
- Fixed: can not modify column attribute if has nested columns inside
- Fixed: page builder not keep adding text when switch to Text mode.
- Fixed: tutorial image for Envato API key can not be found
- Fixed: update FontAwesome to version 4.5.0
- Fixed: log out after install demo
- Fixed: can not active theme for auto update

VERSION 1.9.0 - MARCH 21, 2016
- New: support theme auto update
- New: add Mixcloud to social icon list
- New: allow add caption for post feature box (regardless video / image / audio in feature post)
- Fixed: subscription box not work with Firefox
- Fixed: sticky menu logo not display properly on mobile devices
- Fixed: Image resizer not work on RTL languages and FireFox
- Fixed: Some text cannot be translated
- Fixed: related post not display properly
- Fixed: child theme not work properly
- Fixed: list box titles not display properly
- Fixed: can not get item thumbnail in some cases
- Fixed: dropped letter is missing in short description that comes under title
- Fixed: slider item order is not right in RTL languages

VERSION 1.8.1 - MARCH 11, 2016
- Fixed: image resizer not work properly
- Fixed: exclude loaded post option not work properly

VERSION 1.8.0 - MARCH 09, 2016
- Fixed: custom code not work
- Fixed: sidebar left not display properly
- Fixed: can not select custom sidebar for archive page
- Fixed: there columns style not display properly
- Fixed: sticky menu not display properly
- New: can use video as feature media in blog post
- New: have option to disable / enable tag list in article pages
- New: have option to add custom sharing button codes
- New: support sticky menu logo

VERSION 1.7.1 - MARCH 05, 2015
- Fixed: Not Compatible with PHP 5.2

VERSION 1.6.2 - MARCH 02, 2016
- Initial Release

MagOne -­ Responsive Magazine & News WordPress Theme [Free Download]
MagOne -­ Responsive Magazine & News WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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