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Complete point-of-sale solution including CRM, customer, human resource management and inventory manager

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Geo POS is a beautifully crafted point of sale app. The app contains tons of features such as
Point of Sale, Invoices, Quotations, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Supplier Management, Project Management, Accounts, Data and Reports, REST API, CRON JOBS, Staff Management with Different User Roles.It has all types of tax options such as exclusive, all-inclusive and GST.

We develop products that last a long time, not just fancy features to show off temporarily. Our authors have research ability, and some research papers are published in internationally renowned journals.In future updates we will try* to include some AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules, research is in progress.

  • Are future updates free?

    Yes! Future updates are completely free, and we will release a large number of updates based on your feature suggestions.We've released over 100 updates! ! ! !

New update released

--- Changelog ---
Change Log v 7.0 build 150 -
- Update : Major PHP 8 Upgrade
- Update : Core Files Updated
- Update : Edit Section Improved
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
- Update : System Security updated

Available in 21 languages, see the bottom of the page.

  • Taxes - Inclusive, Exclusive and GST
  • Multiple product units
  • Subscription/Service Module

Support/assistance is provided by the help desk only. Please send an email or message viaHelpDesk .

Watch the installation video

The application is ready to use REST API driver, so you can link it to different applications with limited coding according to your requirements. Some example methods are included.

point of sale
  • Beautifully designed point of sale
  • Support online payment
  • POS registration for each employee
  • POS registration log
  • QR code due invoice
  • Well-designed subscription management module
  • Support online payment
multiple stores
  • Create multiple stores under one brand
  • Assign stores to employees
  • Custom tax rates per product
  • Select the tax type for the invoice
  • delivery note
  • proforma invoice
  • Custom discount rate for each product
  • Integrated Inventory Manager
  • Get paid online with a unique invoice link
  • Decent Invoice Printing Template
  • Email a quote with a proposal
  • Convert Quote to Invoice
  • Send purchase receipts with inventory requirements to suppliers
  • Integrated into Inventory Manager
Inventory management
  • Track stock value categories wisely
  • Product Series
  • Manage product warehouses
  • Manage products with real-time inventory status
  • Automatic email alerts for low inventory
  • Product variation - such as color size
User Management
  • Customer wallet and online top-up
  • Get invoice records for a specific customer
  • Client Revenue and Expenses
  • Client Revenue and Expenses
Supplier Management
  • Get record purchase order
  • Payment records to suppliers
  • Invoice payment will reflect
  • Sales and purchasing are integrated into the account
  • All payment activity records
  • Make a custom transaction
Data and Reports
  • Company Statistics
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Sales and Purchase Tax Report
Ticket-based support system
  • Client can create a ticket in his login
  • Employees can reply and resolve issues
  • employee payroll
  • Employee attendance, holidays
  • employee salary
  • Employee salary history and increments
project Manager
  • Useful and easy-to-use project management module with options for customer viewing and comments
task manager
  • Business owners/managers can assign tasks to employees
  • Twilio and SMS service integration
  • reCaptcha
  • small amount. Short Invoice URL in ly SMS
  • Notes
  • Documents
  • REST API: Connect with other applications
  • corn work
  • Staff management
  • Pre-installed with multiple payment gateways
  • tax report
  • Editable Email Templates
  • Export and data backup
Ready to use payment gateway
  • Stripe
  • Authorization Network
  • PayUMoney
  • 2Checkout
  • PayPal
  • RazorPay
  • payment password
  • SecurePay

Pretty printable invoices - two templates included

The app provides a nicely organized invoice template to print, take a look, you can preview the template in the configre>templates section.

Demo details

Employee login section


Business owner/admin

Email: superadministrador @ exemple. com

Password: 123456

business manager

Email: [email protected]

Password: 123456

sales Manager

Email: Sales Manager @ Example. com

Password: 123456


Email: Salesperson@Example. com

Password: 123456

(The salesperson role in the app is limited to own invoices)
Customer login section


Email: client@example. com

Password: 123456


Watch the installation video
No programming knowledge is required to install and use those built with CodeIgniter. Flexible and easy to modify.There are no special requirements for this application, it can run on a very basic configuration and low power system. It only requires MySQL with PHP 7.3 or higher, which is common in the current market.
Supported thermal printers

Available languages ​​are: Arabic, Bengali, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Tagalog, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, High Cotton, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Urdu.
The application is translated into the above languages ​​and included files. Since translation is the subject of improvement, you may find some inappropriate words in the translation.It would be great if you could help us improve the translation. You can contribute improvements to the language files, and appropriate credits will be given in the application documentation.If your language is not listed above, you can translate it into your language.

Provides RTL (right-to-left) support.

Ready to use payment gateway is: Stripes, empowered. Net, PayUMoney, 2Checkout, RazorPay, Pin Payments, PayPal and SecurePay. You can order custom services for other payment gateways such as Payfort, etc.

Changelog ( bXX where b is the build number)

--- Changelog ---
Change Log v 6.5 build 145 -
- Merged : Build 139 to 145
- Update : Message Interface Improved
- Update : Invoice Print Interface 
- Update : Dev Panel Improved
- Update : Purchase Order Average Price Removed
- Update : Edit Invoice Improved
- Update : New  Quote  Improved
- Update : Add Products Improved;
- Update: POS Improved
- Update : Menu Interface Improved
- Update : System Security Improved
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 6.4 build 138 -
- New: Export as MoneyS3 - UBL Format (EU & Czech Republic) - TAX Statement
- New: POS Improved
- New: POS Only Permission Added
- New: Individual Employee Language Selection Added
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 6.3 build 135 -
- New: Optional Auto Debit Transactions for Invoices Added
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 6.3 build 134 -
- Merged : Build 130 to 133
- New: Improved Custom Label Printing Module
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 6.3 build 129 -
- Merged : Build 124 to 128
- New: Alternative POPUP Based Printing added (if Thermal printer is not supporting)
- New: Ticket Multi Files added in Client Section 
- Update : System Security updated
- Update : Small Improvements & Fix
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 6.1 build 123 - Auto & Manual Update
- Merged : Build 117 to 123
- Update : Menu Interface Improved
- Update : Security Improved
- Update : Small Improvements & Fix

New v 6.1 build 118 - Auto Update Released 2020-06-29 (Manual Optional)
-  Merged : Build 107 to 117
-  Update : Invoice Custom Fields Added
-  Update : Invoice Custom Fields For New Customer Added
-  Update : Invoice Print Template Improved
-  Update : POS Pay+Print Support Added (For REST Printer Setup) - Update POS Print Server As Well
-  Update : Invoice Refund Mail Template Added
-  Update : SMS Added for Purchase Orders
-  Update : Employee Selection for Invoice Added
-  Update : PayU Money GateWay Issue Fixed
 - Update : Sales Transactions Email Alert Added
-  Update : Quote Tax Issue Corrected
-  Update : Personal Message Delete Issue Corrected
-  Update : Small Improvements & Fix
Change Log v 6.0 build 107 - Manual Update
- Update : Entire Language Code Rewritten - Business Section
- Update : Calender Languages Added
- Update : Employee Selection in POS
- Update : Send Invoice with attachment added
- Update : Product Serial  Update Issue Fixed
- Update : Customer Wallet Recharge - with Stripe Updated
- Update : Menu Interface Improved
- Update : Security Improved
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
- Merged : Build 99 to 106 (Minor Fixes regarding Captcha, Helpers & CRM login)

Change Log v 5.2 build 98 - Manual Update
- Added : Product Search Setting Added (Billing Settings > Billing Settings)
- Added : Product Search With Serial (Helpful For mobile shops like systems)
- Added : Disable expired products search
- Added : Standard Template Based Label Printing Added - EU30019 (in future more formats will be added)
- Added : Quote Approve by Customer in CRM Login
- Update : Stripe GateWay Update 3D Secure (Optional) Added
- Update : Report statements Improved
- Update : HRM  Improved
- Update : Security Improved
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
- Merged : Build 94,95,96,97 & Version 5.3 to 5.9 ommited
- Track : Language File Changes in /language_guide/new_words_history/build98.txt

Change Log v 5.1 build 93 - Auto Update
- Added :  New Variation can be added with product edit
- Update : Supplier BulkPayment Updated
- Update : Customer Delete Non Selected Updated
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 5.1 build 92 - Manual Update
- Added :  Transaction Payment RTL Added
- Update : Razor Pay Payment Gateway Update
- Update : System & Security Improvements
- Update : old build 91 Merged
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 5.0 build 90 - Manual Update  Follow till 4:15 if you are using 4.4 b88
- Added :  Transaction Category Statement Added (Export Import >Account Statements)
- Added :  Employee Transaction Statement Added (Export Import >Account Statements)
- Added :  Convert the quotation to purchase order
- Added :  Applying a single payment against multiple invoices
- Added :  Customer login RTL option added (in crm/constants file - no UI)
- Update : Entire Framework Update
- Update : System & Security Improvements
- Update : Language files updated - see custom users language_guide\new_words_history\build90.txt
- Update : old builds Merged
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 4.4 build88 - Auto Web Update
- Added :  Select Customers to Send Group Emails
- Added :  Select Customers to Send Group SMS
- Added :  Select Customers to Delete Multiple
- Added :  Auto Accepted Quote Status After Conversion
- Update:  SMS Section Converted to modular format Please use application/config/sms.php
- Update:  Cron Section Improved
- Update : Language files updated - see custom users language_guide\new_words_history\build88.txt
- Update : build87 Merged

- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
Change Log v 4.4 b86 - Auto Web Update
- Added : Datatable Translation - Open languages/your_language
- Update : b83,b84,85 Merged
- Update : Quote Profit calculation Improvements
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
--- Changelog ---
Change Log v 4.3 b82 - Auto Web Update
- Update : b80,b81 Merged
- Update : System Improvements
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed
--- Changelog ---

Change Log v 4.3 b79 - Auto Web Update
- Update : Report Permission Added
- Update : Delete Permission Added
- Update : Location Switch Added for Admin
- Update : System Improvements
- Update : Minor Issues Fixed

Change Log v 4.1 b74 - Auto Web Update
- Added : Customer Product Statement Added
- Added : Supplier Product Statement Added
- Update : Project Manager Delete issue improved
- Update : Transfer improved
- Update RTL Product Search Improved
- System Improvements

Change Log v 4.1 b71 - Auto Web Update
- Update: Security maintainer improved 
- Update: msg91 support added
- System Improvements

Change Log v 4.0 b70 - Auto Web Update
- Update: CRM  Improved
- Update: Quote  Improved

Change Log v 4.0 b69 - Auto Web Update
- Added : Project Timer Added to track each employee time
- Added : POS Account List Selection For Payment Window Added - Enable In Payment Settings
- Update : Recent Buyer Improved

Change Log v 4.0 b68 - Auto Web Update
- Update : European Union Users can now use a comma instead of dot as decimal point
- Update : Dual Entry Extended to Payroll
- Update : Vertical Theme layout improved
- Update : Dashboard and other buttons improved
- Update : Barcode Search Speed slowed to handle slow servers
- Update : POS Mobile Version Improved
- Update : Product Delete Improved
- Update : Calendar Improved

Change Log v 3.9 b62 - Auto Web Update
- Added: MySQL Service Status Button Added in-app debug settings
- Fixed some product category related issues
- Minor Improvements

Change Log v 3.8 b59 - Auto Web Update
 - Added : Product Sub Category Added
 - Added : Custom Label Printing Added
 - Update : Stock Return Button Added to POS
 - Update : Add New Employee Section Improve - Password length increased to 20 chars
 - Update : Add New Employee Section Improve - Select Departments
 - Update : POS Advance Print Version Improved
Change Log v 3.6 b55 - Manual Update

[ This is a manual update please watch the update video or read the update guide ]

 - Manual Update video guide created

 - Update : Codeigniter & all libraries updated to support PHP 7.3 better
 - Update mechanism improved
 - Code enhanced
 - PayPal Payment Gateway Updated:  Redirect to instead on on page card data
 - PDF temp directory Changed to the userfiles/temp/pdf

Change Log v 3.5 b53 - Auto Web Update
 - Added: Account Type Added: Assets, Expenses, Income, Liabilities, Equity
 - Added: BalanceSheet Structure Improved
 - Added: Date Filter Search Added at all invoices, quotes etc pages
 - Added: Status Search Added at all invoices, quotes etc pages to filter the records
 - Added: Stock Section Product Search Improved
 - Added: Fresh Installation has a new option - database number systems

Change Log v 3.5 b51 - Auto Web Update
 - Added: Data Export Added to Sales module - pos, standard invoices, quotes & subscriptions
 - Added: Data Export Added to the Stock module -purchase orders, stock return
 - Added: Data Export Added to Project module
 - Added: Data Export Added to Promo, Miscellaneous module
 - Added: Data Export Added to HRM module
 - Added: Stock Transfer Reports Added category wise
 - Added: Stock Transfer Reports Added WarehouseWise - 
 - Added: Enable Application Development Mode Added to settings
 - Added: Add New Products to multiple warehouses
 - Purchase Order Multi-Currency Improved
 - Some print issues for Stock Return Fixed
 - Reports Improved For Master Locations when the data sharing is off
 - Customer Delete Improved
 - Image Upload & Dimensions Improved
 - Employee Role Id Edit Added

Change Log v 3.4 b49 - Auto Web Update
 - Data Export Added to Sales module - pos, standard invoices,quotes & subscriptions
 - Data Export Added to Stock module -purchase orders,stock return
 - Data Export Added to Project module
 - Data Export Added to Promo,Miscellaneous module
 - Data Export Added to HRM module
Change Log v 3.4 b48 - Auto Web Update
 - Vertical Menu is added as requested by many users Settings>Templates
 - Stock Return Improved
 - Menu Improved
 - Debug Mode Settings Added

Change Log v 3.3 b45 - Auto Web Update
 - New Transactions Email Alert Added
 - Transactions Delete Email Alert Added
 - Invoice Delete Email Alert Added
 - Extra Discount Added Invoices with POS
 - {Name} Varriable added for email templates
 - Custom Field added for products
 - Enable/Disbale Custom Field Button Added
 - Menu Improved
 - RTL POS Improved
 - Documentation Updated

Change Log v 3.2 b44 - Auto Web Update
- Dual Entry Accounting Added - ADVANCED SETTINGS>Dual     Entry Accounting
  Dual Entry Accounting Added to Transactions, Invoices, Purchase Orders
- Location Added to the header
- Multiple Location Feature Improved - you can exclude the    master location data
  BUSINESS SETTINGS>Company Settings
- Reverse Currency Applied for Purchase Orders
- Location Delete Issue Fixed
- POS Screen Search Improved
- Minor Improvements 

Change Log v 3.1 b42 - Auto Web Update
- Simple Invoice Based Commission Added for employees - Reports->Summary Reports
- Employee digitation removed from Invoices print template
- TextLocal SMS gateway added - need to activated in code
- Clockwork SMS gateway added - need to activated in code
- Any Generic REST Based SMS gateway can be added - need to activated in code
- Product Report Improved
- POS V2 Delete Row Fixed
- Settings Menu Issue Fixed for Firefox
- Minor Improvements

Change Log v 3.0 b39 - Auto Web Update
- Due Client List Added in CRM Section
- Product Report Improved
- POS V2 Improved
- Settings Menu Issue Fixed for Firefox
- Minor Improvements

Change Log v 2.9 b37  - Manual Update Required
- Complete Employee Section Redesigned
- Minor Improvements
- New Features will be released in the next update - as per your suggestions

Change Log v 2.8 b36
- Mega Internal Code Enhancement for upcoming features 
- Invoice & POS Round Added - Localization > Currency Settings
- Multi-Currency Feature Improved - Conversion Added for Busine Branches, 
- Reverse Multi-Currency Applied to each module 
- Client RegisterDate Added for new customers
- Quote Print Title Improved
- Stock Reports Improved
- POS Prefix Added
- POS RoundOff Added

Change Log v 2.7 b35
- Payment Processing Module Rewritten to maintain current security standards
- Stripe Payment Process Update to token Based v3 - Review its settings if you are using it.
- 2Checkout Payment Gateway Added
- PayUMoney Payment Gateway Added
- RazorPay Payment Gateway Added
- New Invoice Print Template Added
- New Print Style Applied for all modules including  Quotes, Stock Return, Purchase Orders
- Switch Invoice Print Template Added - Settings > Templates
- Invoice Print Template Printing Path Compatibility Improved
- POS Card Payment Mechanism Improved
- Minor tweaks
-*NOTE*: Auto Update is not available for this version (2.7) Please do a manual update(read update_guide) as this update size is very huge and it can not be automatically updated over web due to technical limitations.

Change Log v 2.6 b34
- Most Awaited Feature Custom Fields for Customer Added - More Coming
- Product Reports for warehouse added
- Menu Items Rearranged
- Cron Job Section Improved
- Minor tweaks

Change Log v 2.5 b33
- Customer Sign Up Option Added (Settings>CRM Settings)
- Customer Forget Password Option Added
- Customer Sign Up, Customer Forget Password Email Template Added
- Email to the customer when employee register a customer
- Reverse Currency Added For Quotes
- Customer Address Self Update Added in Customer Login
- Unique Email Restriction Applied for Customer Registrations
- Customer Payment Transaction Copy Added for invoice view
- Minor tweaks

Change Log v 2.4 b32
- Product Sales Statement Added
- Product Purchase Statement Added
- Product Stock Edit/Transfer Statement Added
- Standard Invoice Edit Improved
- Total Discount Info Added to Customer details
- Zero Stock Billing to use products as a service.
- Language files updated

Change Log v 2.3   b31
- Code EAN13, ISBN, ISSN, UPCA, EAN8, C128A, C39 Support Added
- BarCode Print Improved 
- Product Label Print Added 
- Customer Group Discount Added
- Employee Clock In-Out Added
- Employee Working Hours Added
- Employee Self Attendance Added
- POS Style/Version Switcher Added
- Employee Quotes Added
- Employee Projects Added

Change Log v 2.2   b30
- Small tweaks
- Roadmap for the future new features
- MySQL 5.6+ note added for installations
Change Log v 2.1
- New Feature - Default Discount Format
- New Feature - Default Discount for customer
- New Feature - Tax for Shipping
- New Feature - Employee Attendance
- New Feature - Employee Holidays
-  Improvement - HRM Section
-  POS Small Tweaks

Change Log v 2.0
- New Feature - New POS Panel
- New Feature - POS Header Show/Hide
- New Feature - POS Keyboard Shortcuts Added
- New Feature - POS One Click Pay & Print Added
- New Feature - Currency Exchange Reverse Added for standard invoices 
- Improvement - Default Warehouse Feature Improved
- Improvement - Product Import has now auto barcode generation
- Improvement - Old POS Panel renamed as v2 

Change Log v 1.9
- New Feature - Product Expiry and Email Alert Added
- New Feature - Default Warehouse Added
- New Feature - Advanced Printing Added For Thermal Printers
- Improvement - POS section you can search the product by code
- Improvement - POS section barcode gun search improved
- Improvement - POS section barcode gun search improved
- Improvement - POS section design
- Improvement - Customer document id and extra field added
- Improvement - Transfers between warehouses, search by name, code added

Change Log v 1.8
- New Feature - Standard HRM Module
- New Feature - Employee Payroll & Salary
- New Feature - Employee Department
- New Feature - Holidays added for upcoming Attendance System 
- New Feature - Customer login language added
- New Feature - Notes for customer added
- New Feature - Documents for customer added
- New Feature - Customer View Section Shortcut Account Statement
- New Feature - Customer View Section Shortcut Quotes
- New Feature - Customer View Section Shortcut Projects
- New Feature - Customer View Section Shortcut Subscriptions
- New Feature - Customer Data View Permission Added
- New Feature -  Credit Note Added
- New Feature - New Transaction-  search for suppliers added
- New Feature - Auto Database backup Cron added
- New Feature - Activity Log Added
- Improved- Customer View Section

Change Log v 1.7
- Project Manager Improved
- New permissions added to Assign Project
- Invoice Improved
- Location Warehouse And Product View Improved

Change Log v 1.6
- Draft Section Improved
- GST Invoice Improved
- Stock transfer Improved
- Auto Update Wizard Improved

Change Log v 1.5
- Auto WebUpdate Wizard Added
- Big Improvements in the product section
- Stock Transfer with split qty added
- Stock Return for Customer Added
- Minor Improvements

Change Log v 1.4
- Dashboard data filters for sub-locations
- TAX Slabs Added- Dedicated TAX Section Added
- Create Standard Invoices Without adding the product to stock
- Minor Improvements

Change Log v 1.3
- Local POS Print Server Support Added
- Printer Config GUI Added
- Location Restrictions Added on All sections

Change Log v 1.2
- Sales Summary Report  Added
- Products Sales Summary Report  Added
- Product Stock Alert Added
- Product variations added
- Total Due Calculation Added for Customer
- Invoice creation disabled for 0 qty items
- Graphical Report Section Added
- Product Categories Graphical Reports
- Trending Products Graphical Reports
- Profit Graphical Reports
- Customer Graphical Reports
- Income vs Income Graphical Reports
- Form Validation Improved
- PHP 5.6 support removed as 5.6 will retire on 31 Dec 2018  

Change Log v 1.1
- Employee Custom Permissions Added
- Auto Email-SMS Feature Added
- Settings Menu Improved
- Product variations added
- Customer Import Improved
- Accounts Linked to Business Location
- Warehouses Linked to Business Location
- GST Exclusive & GST Inclusive Added
- Profit Modules Added
- Translation files updated
- Quote for GST improved

--Change Log v 1.o
- Initial Release 

[ Full change-log and a well written documented guide attached with this software ]
* = Regarding the artificial intelligence module, we cannot guarantee or provide you with an accurate timetable, and the results depend on our research results.

Geo POS - Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application [Free Download]
Geo POS - Point of Sale, Billing and Stock Manager Application [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 8.x, PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x