v3.0.1 Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Management Tool

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NOTICE: Only regular license available on marketplace. SaaS version can be found at emailverifierpro.app We provide no refund policy if script is downloaded. So if you have downloaded and installed the script then you are voiding the refund policy from us. Email Verifier Pro is the one and only email validation service script which works 100% and does the job that is meant to do. Before Purchasing please feel free to check Demo Quick Validation system for its working accuracy. Also, you can preview complete features video demonstrations as of v2.7. If there’s a problem, then kindly make sure you read the script documentation and apply the fix according to it. Please don’t ask us if it will work on a Shared Server as we already do not recommend using it. Read the Minimum Requirements section for the script. If there are any pre-purchase questions then do not hesitate to contact support panel. We are friendly and ready to help you out with any questions and installation issues that you face or if there is any bug found within the script aside from server/host limitation. We are gradually implementing new updates. Installing Email Verifier Pro requires a bit of technical experience to understand documentation and how a Linux server process works. Which why we have well-written documentation for helping the customer with installation. Otherwise, they can contact someone who has web tech understanding. We cannot help with manually installing on the customer server. We request you to read our support license and limitations based on codecanyon support. Thank You!


Email Verifier Pro is a professional tool that allows you to verify a bulk list of email addresses and validate them in the background email scanning process and displays the scan results in an easy-to-read report divided into categories, Such as valid, invalid, duplicate, unknown, syntax error address.All verified clean email addresses can be downloaded as a CSV or saved as a clean list in a database for later use in lead management.Can be used to send bulk emails to your clients and clients for email marketing.

Why use - Email Authenticator Pro?

Email Verifier helps perform cleanup tasks on large lists of email addresses by checking for valid, invalid, duplicate, and bounced email addresses without sending any actual email to those addresses.It is very useful for email marketing campaigns. It prevents your emails from being sent to invalid addresses by validating only with results from valid email addresses.This prevents wasting resources and money. As you know, your emails will not be sent to any invalid/unknown addresses nor blocked by mail service providers.Sending spam to spam service providers with invalid email addresses may result in IP blacklists not being cleaned using email validators.But by using email validators and verification tools, you will save time resolving IP blacklists and finding valid email addresses just for your email lead marketing.By using our Email Authenticator Pro app you can control your own email list collection, third parties will not collect it and have no access to it.Since most email address verification service providers resell them without your knowledge! But with our script, you will have all the controls and the security of your email address list!


  • Simple step-by-step installation script and well-written documentation.
  • Simple and beautiful easy-to-use interface with responsive design in mind.
  • Smart SMTP, DNS checker for mail presence on mail service providers.
  • Import and export bulk email addresses from CSV or jot down manually to start checking.
  • Get a nice categorized graph report on valid, invalid, duplicate, unknown and syntax errors addresses.
  • Automatically store analyzed email addresses in a database or download the list as a CSV.
  • Send bulk emails to your imported list or to specific addresses.
  • Configure the hourly limit for bulk email sending based on your local server quota.
  • Sanitized to prevent XSS attacks and SQL injections.
  • Dashboard for all time email scan statistics
  • Automatic background email scanning process.
  • Plugin system. [SaaS license]
  • Integrated payment gateway. [SaaS license]
  • Multi-user role system. [SaaS license]
  • Payment and billing functions. [SaaS license]
  • Payment - Plugin [SaaS License]


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Support and advice

You can find enough info on demo and onScript documentation page. However, if you have any questions or suggestions about our features, please feel free to contact us. Just send us a message describing the details of our problemsupport panelWe will get back to you as soon as possible.


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EMAIL VERIFIER PRO is a script that belongs to the email marketing and spam category. Any harmful activity through this script is the sole responsibility of the respective user.Most ISPs/hosting services don't like to install this kind of script. Because it tries to find other people's privacy and data without their permission.Also, they may not provide port 25 support unless you have your own personal hosting system or IP address. But some ISPs/hosting services still allow you to access them.But don't worry the Email Verifier Pro script has been developed and carefully improved to be used safely in accordance with the given documentation manual to its full potential!

v3.0.1 Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Management Tool [Free Download]
v3.0.1 Email Verifier Pro - Bulk Email Addresses Validation, Mail Sender & Email Lead Management Tool [Nulled]
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