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## Version: 1.5.2 ##
## Release Date: 2020-11-12 ##
## Changelog: ##
Added: additional HTTP security headers;
Added: option to archive records older than specified number of days;
Added: date ranges in Banned Hosts module;
Changed: submitted data is now filtered system-wide, not depending on data source;
Changed: mathematical symbols, Greek and Latin characters are not converted into HTML entities;
Updated: user input validations module;
Updated: responsive data lists layout for mobile view;
Updated: DataTables plugin to version 1.10.22;
Updated: FontAwesome plugin to version 5.15.0;
Updated: Inputmask plugin to version 5.0.6-beta.15;
Updated: Moment plugin to version 2.29.0;
Updated: select2 plugin to version 4.0.13;


dead man switch

Once the farewell letter to a loved one is securely stored, Dead Man Switch will start monitoring your activity.In short, it does so by asking you to log in at custom intervals or click a protected verification link. Since your needs are very individual, you can set the verification interval from 1 to 365 days.Additionally, you can enable an optional grace period. It will be sent automatically whenever this period of time has elapsed and Dead Man Switch has not detected any of your activityafter the dead letterTo your family and loved ones.

Finally, Dead Man Switch can self-destruct immediately after sendinggoodbye letter. Therefore, no one will know how many posthumous letters you wrote and who received them. Say only what you want to say and take your secrets to the grave...

The main functions include but are not limited to:

  • unlimited message recipients;
  • custom email templates;
  • Multiple post-death letters;
  • Personalized group texting;
  • Adjustable verification cycle;
  • Automatic verification reminder;
  • grace period for overdue verification;
  • automatic and manual verification;
  • Identity verification based on IP address;
  • Bidirectional data encryption;
  • data authenticity protection;
  • self-destruction after death;
  • Detailed activity reports;
  • Easy setup and no maintenance;
  • Anti-death design;

Not sure if Dead Man Switch meets all your needs? See the FAQ for more features and real-world examples!

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