ToDo List, Issue and Bug Tracker


Web-based standalone to-do list, issue and bug tracker

This script provides independent developers with a simple and effective tool to manage their product and project related issues such as bugs, features, tasks.

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What is it?

The easy-to-use and intuitive user interface makes it easy to manage and organize your projects, tasks or software errors.
Neither an Internet connection (if you use localhost) nor a complex installation or database is required.
You can simply use the "out of the box" software.
Unlike many web-based services, there is no monthly fee. Just buy and use.
By adjusting the question type, the script can be easily adapted to your needs.
Just back up your data in Dropbox or Google Drive as everything is stored in one file.
  • Tasks can be easily organized by project
  • Customizable types such as "Bug", "Feature", "Task", etc.
  • Adjustable resolution, "Done" or "Ready"
  • Free Mission Statement
  • A simple, flexible application for your development tasks
  • Turn off/on the visual display of tasks
  • Sort and search issue lists for an easy overview


  • Modern: Responsive, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Comes with some handy PHP files and some configuration files
  • Manual files are included in the download
  • ... There are a lot more! Just try our demo to see all features
  • And check out the full release notes at the end of this page


  • User: administrativa
  • Pass: demo

Ideas from my amazing clients

Configuración fácil

  • Unzip the download
  • Copy all files to your htdocs
  • Give write permission to the data directory
  • Check 7 variables in the configuration file
  • That's're ready to start!


PHP 5.2 or> is all you need!


The script does not use any special functions, so it will work in almost all server environments. If there are any issues with a specific host, please notify me immediately!


If you're having trouble, give me a nice speed, check out the script's documentation. If you need more help, feel free to contact me via the support tab.I will do everything I can to get my product a 5 star rating! All updates are included. Remember that the script will be updated regularly.

thank you very much.
Best regards, Adilbo


Do you want to customize my script to your needs? Just buy an extension license and let me know how you use it by sending me a message from my profile page. Thanks!


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Version 4 (02.2020)
    ADD - Portuguese (brazil) translation files are now included
    ADD - Optional show an excel-export link for the admin only
    ADD - Parameter if the owner feature is used over all
    ADD - Optional add multiple file upload for each Issue in edit mode
    ADD - Config the uploadable file-types
    ADD - Config the uploadable file-size (but remember system restrictions)
Ausgabe 3 (09.2019)
    ADD - Use the Tracker to delegate Entries to other users
    ADD - Optional only the admin is allowed to delete entries
    ADD - Optional only the admin is allowed to edit the entry owner
    ADD - Optional show a backup link for the admin only
    ADD - Date table column now show the mode you use ('Creation date!' or 'Deadline!')
    IMP - Make footer smaller
Wersja 2.3 (2019-08-08)
    ADD - CSS for printing table
    ADD - Option to set form at the page bottom
    IMP - Change icons
Version 2.2 (06.2019)
    FIX - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) (index.php, edit.php & new lib folder)
Wersja 2.1 (2019-01-01)
    ADD - Allow HTML in Name and Description (index.php & edit.php)
Wersja 2.0 (2019-01-01)
    ADD - Some small improvements for mobile use
    ADD - Switching off the login by setup
    ADD - Allow multiple login accounts in the setup
    ADD - Select Mode "Creation Date" or "Due Date" by setup
    ADD - Length of name and description text configurable in setup
    ADD - Instead of only a Creation Date also a time (with hover over the ID)
    ADD - More space for the name of the record in the forms and in the table
    ADD - Possibility of saving a initial sorting in the setup
    ADD - Multiuser Mode shows record owner in table for unser named 'admin' only
    ADD - Field for priority added in forms and table (Set in file setup/prio.txt)
    ADD - Change Label Colors
Édition 1.1 (08.2018)
    ADD - See full Name & Text in Table on hover
Version 1.0 (05.2018)
    NEW -  Release of this Script on CodeCanyon

ToDo List, Issue and Bug Tracker [Free Download]
ToDo List, Issue and Bug Tracker [Nulled]
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  • Files Included: PHP
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.x