Blog Master Pro


This application is based on the newThe latest Laravel 6 (LTS) frameworkAllow website owners to quickly add blog posts, manage authors and users, manage comments, manage websites, manage personal information, and allow the creation of categories and tags.
It is designed with the latest security and code standards and can be used for high-availability websites.


You can view the documentation under this bellows section.


You can view the demo installation via the following link:ライブデモ





  • Safe Blog System
  • SEO friendly URLs and websites
  • Various social sharing
  • Advanced Bootstrap Template
  • Print, PDF, CSV download
  • Make unlimited pages
  • Custom comment and playback system
  • Advanced setting options
  • Different dashboards for administrators, authors, and users
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive gallery
  • Use Google Maps to contact us page
  • multi-author system
  • Add unlimited fully editable pages
  • Add, delete, update posts
  • Add multiple images to the post.
  • Add, delete, update categories
  • Adicionar categorias ilimitadas
  • Add, delete, update users
  • Add, delete photos
  • Add unlimited photos
  • Add and delete posts from the slider
  • Newsletter (send Html email to all registered emails)
  • Dynamic labeling system
  • Système de commentaires Ajax
  • Social sharing
  • Social media links
  • Widget: Tags
  • Widget: Facebook like box
  • Widget: Categories
  • Manage registered emails
  • Management Review
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Advanced post options
  • Rich text editor (add pictures and videos)
  • Administrator author profile page
  • safety certificate
  • Change the logo, website icon, site title, site description, etc. from the admin panel
  • Easy installation using the installation wizard
  • Detailed documentation
  • Easily manage authors, editors, and subscribers
  • Dynamically variable every message
  • Search for posts with title or description
  • 404, Search and Archive Pages
  • Using Latest Laravel 5.5
  • Cross-browser compatibility (IE6+, FF, Safari, etc.).
  • Fully object-oriented and annotated PHP and JavaScript code.
  • SEO-friendly URL.
  • Automatic pagination.
  • Custom user profile.
  • Users can upload their own avatars.
  • Social icons used to link to your other websites and sections.
  • If you don't need to show them, you can disable them in the admin panel.
  • Multiple user levels (super administrator, administrator, user).
  • Login expiration-controls the default time before the user logs out.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • "Remember me" function when logging in.
  • Sign in with email or username.
  • Authentication restrictions (user account is locked after several wrong login attempts)
  • Lock screen experience.
  • Support password hashing/encryption.
  • Customizable password verification.
  • User can retrieve password by specifying username or email.
  • Fully customizable "password reset email".
  • Supports (HTML and text) messages.
  • Safety Precautions.
  • Forgot password screen.
  • Forgot password reset.
  • Email-based password recovery.
  • Email Activation - Avoid fake registrations!
  • For security purposes, all old password reset codes are deleted from the database.
  • Provide complete documentation.
  • Live demo view.
  • Full support.


  • PHP >= 7.2.5
  • OpenSSL PHP extension
  • PDO PHP extension
  • Mbstring PHP extension
  • Tokenizer PHP extension
  • XML PHP extension


Follow all steps carefully... Follow all steps carefully...
  1. Download your purchased files
  2. Upload the zip file in your server
  3. Unzip the zip file you uploaded
  4. Create a database using the Managed Database Wizard
  5. Go to the purchased folder and find. оточення file
  6.                                     APP_URL=your_domain_name
  7. Then goConfiguración / aplicación. phpFile, findline number 55
  8. Change urlTo your domain
  9. Then goline number 68Set your time zone
If you use any folder location in the host to install this script, then you need to make some additional changes in the root directory. htaccessThe file is on line 3. You can open it on Notepad or Notepad++ to edit this file. Here will add your folder name as shown below..
                            <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
                                RewriteEngine on
                                RewriteBase /your_folder_name/
                                RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
                                RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
                                RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L]


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on our author profile page

Or email us:The cluster code @gmail. computer

Release Notes

Version 1.3.0 – 20 February, 2021

- Upgrade to Laravel 6 (LTS)
- Update Post Manager
- Fixed some issue

Version 1.2.0 – 20 April, 2018

- Add author feature
- Fixed some issue

Version 1.0.0 – 01 April, 2018

- Initial release


  • Laravel
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Administrator LTE
  • Maro news template

Blog Master Pro [Free Download]
Blog Master Pro [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x