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it is designed forconstruction company, construction service, Architecture, Interior design, Decoration serviceAnd many more, become the theme that everyone wants because it is SEO optimized and has a full speed system that helps you create the website you want in minutes.Also, it is very easy to use becauseDrag and drop page builderYou can now facilitate your work and design your website the way you like without writing a single line of code.

you will have ourDedicated support, As well as a super flexible framework with powerful options to differentiate your business from others in the market with just one click.

List of main functions

  • clean, modern designCan be used for any type of website
  • WordPress 4.5.2 Tested and Approved
  • Drag and drop page builder. Simple and fast modern pages
  • 100% full responseFits all screen sizes. Different size, same look!
  • Retina-Ready, We Build is definitely future proof. it looks beautiful and very sharp
  • WPML ready, If your business needs a multilingual website
  • WooCommerce readyStart your online store today and sell anything
  • A key installationSave your time!
  • In-dash context help. There are little helpers throughout the interface that allow you to quickly retrieve information about the specific field you're currently viewing.
  • Cross browser compatibility( Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer) any browser with the same appearance
  • Search Engine Optimization. Works perfectly with Yoast or All in One Seo plugins
  • One page websiteParallax part
  • Get ready for kids themeand includes a basic child theme
  • Font-Awesomefully integrated
  • Post format Supports: Standard, Aside, Image, Gallery, Video, Audio, Link, Quote, Status, Chat
  • Slider revolution included
  • Video supportSuper easy to embed videos from any major video hosting site
  • Unlimited color choicesBuilt-in WordPress custom custom theme colors
  • Infinite sidebarfor each page and post
  • Unlimited portfolio(Use Ajax and more) Ajax or load more options are available for each portfolio style
  • Outstanding Free support. Please feel free to contact us via the support forum
  • better typography. Use any google font or web safe font with just one click!
  • Més de 600 tipus de lletra web de GoogleMore beautiful, more readable, more accessible, more open
  • Touch friendly, Optimized for touch devices, works perfectly with smartphones and desks
  • boxed and wideTwo layout styles
  • Mega-MenuBuilt into themes for larger menus
  • Well organized, commented andsuper clean code
  • Contact Form 7Tested and Approved
  • animation CSS3Enhance your website. Animations can be used for each element
  • 高清视频教程explain how to create anything
  • import and exportFramework options for backing up your settings
  • Google page speed optimization. Optimum performance of your website
  • Flexible header layoutand transparency header
  • Flexible left, right or dual sidebarson inside pages and posts.
  • Sticky headlineCustom (you can change font, background color, size, color, enable/disable, etc.)

Includes advanced plug-insSaving $110

  • Visual composer Plugin $33 worth!
  • Slider revolution Plugin $18 value!
  • Royal Slider Gallery and HTML Slider Plugin $17 worth!
  • Plugin ultime VC$17 worth!
  • Basic grid WordPress plugin$25 worth!

Advanced blog options

  • Blog and2,3,4 colonnes
  • Blog andGrid, Masonry
  • Blog andLarge, Small image layout
  • Blog andload more
  • all postsformat ready

Advanced portfolio options

  • portfolio2,3,4,5,6 colonnes
  • portfolioAjax
  • portfolioload more
  • portfolioGallery
  • portfolioGrid, Masonry
  • portfolioFull 100% width

Built-in mega menu

  • menu with icons
  • menu withMettez en surbrillance les balises
  • menu withFull 100% width
  • menu withnatural width
  • menu withLeft and Right positions
  • menu from1 to 12 columns

Built-in contact form

  • Contact Form 7Plug-in integration
  • Akismet spam filtering and more

Focus on usability

  • 100% Fully responsive
  • Retina-Ready
  • Better Typography
  • Admin panel


  1. Unlimited Dynamic Sidebar
  2. Change ширина бочне траке
  3. Change sidebar padding
  4. Change Sidebar widget title property
  5. Change vertical distance between widgets(பேருந்து)
  6. Change Sidebar widget title line color
  7. Change Sidebar widget header row height/width
  8. Show cart on menu
  9. Show search on the menu
  10. Enable YITH Wish List
  11. Enable YITH Comparison
  12. Unlimited fontsA través de las fuentes web de Google
  13. Unlimited blogs and Portfolios
  14. Advanced pageand Post meta options
  15. per pagina e perPublishing options panel
  16. Lots ofShortcodes
  17. Change site maximum width in px
  18. Custom shortcodeLets you easily add buttons, lightboxes, icons, drop caps, dividers, style lists, tooltips and more to your posts, pages and widgets.
  19. full screen background images
  20. impostane unoDifferent background image per page.
  21. We build themes that will let youCustomize the style and typography of each elementin design.
  22. Headings Font, color, weight, and optionally enable capitalization
  23. Body font, color, size(base and content area) and weight
  24. Link Color and Link Color Hover
  25. button style (3D, flat or transparent)
  26. button shape (square, round or pill)
  27. button size (Mini, Small, Regular, Large, Extra Large or Double)
  28. Button font color, background color, and border color (and hover settings)
  29. title position(Static Top, Fixed Top, Fixed Left, or Fixed Right)
  30. enable or disableNavigation bar search
  31. Chiều cao trên cùng của thanh điều hướng(in pixels)
  32. Logo upload
  33. logo retina ready
  34. Navigation bar top and side logo alignment (in pixels)
  35. enable or disabletopbar
  36. Top bar contenttaglines, Contact information, Social network, custom text
  37. enable ordisable breadcrumbs
  38. Align Breadcrumbs (left, right or off)
  39. enable orDisable footer area
  40. enable or disableCopyright area
  41. Footer widget area(One, two, three, four, five, six districts)
  42. Footer background image
  43. Footer Wallpaper Parallax Image
  44. Footer fixed effect enable/disable
  45. Footer header font property
  46. FußzeilenformAktivieren deaktivieren
  47. enable or disablescroll top anchor, Allow your users to return to the top of your website with a single mouse click
  48. enable or disablePost meta
  49. Custom URL slug for your portfolio items
  50. Input CSS personalizzatoright in the theme customizer
  51. Add tracking code script
  52. Add custom codein space before closingheader
  53. Add custom code in Space before closingbody marks
  54. website loaderEnable/disable and customize the appearance of the loader
  55. Slider positionlower than the above. This option positions the slider below or above the menu
  56. full width headerswitch
  57. title backgroundcolor picker
  58. top title barswitch
  59. Hide top bar on tablet on/off
  60. Hide top bar on phone on/off
  61. Set the top header height
  62. Enablelanguage switchin the top title bar
  63. Aktivieren deaktivierensearch iconin main navigation
  64. Parallax effect for background image in page header
  65. page titlefade out effect
  66. page titleColor overlaywith transparency
  67. page titleShadow
  68. page titleproprietà dei caratteri(font family, font weight and style, font subset, text alignment, font size, line height, font color)
  69. page title subtitle
  70. Mobile menu parent is clickable
  71. Background image for page title

Page options

  1. Set 内容填充
  2. Change menu des styles
  3. Set Sign height
  4. Transparent titleswitch
  5. full width headerswitch
  6. show breadcrumbsswitch
  7. Wyrównanie bułki tartejabout
  8. show titleswitch
  9. Add custom title
  10. Add custom tagline
  11. headerswitch
  12. top title barswitch
  13. slider effectswitch
  14. Page title barswitch
  15. Page Title Font Properties
  16. Page title subtitle font property
  17. page title bar heightin pixels
  18. page title bar alignmentleft middle right
  19. Set a background image for the page title
  20. background stretch
  21. Parallaxswitch
  22. fade out effectswitch
  23. Page title color overlay and opacity
  24. page title shadowswitch
  25. Select Menu font properties
  26. Show footer formswitch
  27. Footerswitch
  28. Add footnote fixed effectswitch
  29. Copyrightswitch
  30. Choose a slideshow template
  31. Slider positionBellows / Above
  32. Change the container background color or add an image

why we choose

  • 5-star custom support
  • 高清视频教程 Series
  • Support forum
  • Detailed documentation

need support

Register or LoginSupport forum. Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions that are unclear, please feel free toContact Us via Support forumat any time.


Photos/graphics used in the live preview are not part of the demo content (not included in the theme package). Most photos can be purchased from Shutterstock.


  • PRO-Rahmen
  • RoyalSlider(Extended license)
  • Netbee
  • Contact Form 7
  • Visual composer(Extended license)
  • Basic grid WordPress plugin(Extended license)
  • Окончательный плагин(Extended license)
  • Slider Revolution Responsive (Extended License)
  • YITH Wish List
  • YITH Comparison
  • YITH WooCommerce Magnifying Glass
  • Recent tweets widget
  • WooCommerce
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Really simple captcha
  • WP user avatar

Update history

Version 3.0 Jan 21st, 2020
- Fixed: Breadcrumbs alignment settings
- Fixed: Page title alignment settings
- Fixed: Tabs bug
- Fixed: Footer headings attributes 
- Fixed: WooCoomerce inner pages bug
- Fixed: Blog post widget display error
- Fixed: Hid top bar on mobile and tablet
- Fixed: Mobile menu background color
- Fixed: PHP 7 Compatibility
- Fixed: Add to cart functionality
- Fixed: Logo options not saving
- Fixed: PHP errors
- Fixed: WooCoomerce inner pages bug
- Fixed: WooCoomerce templates update

- Updated: Redux Framework Update
- Updated: Plugin updated WPBakery Page Builder ver 6.1.0
- Updated: Plugin updated Slider Revolution Version 6.1.7 (18th January 2020)
- Updated: Plugin updated Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder Version 3.19.0
- Updated: Plugin updated Essential Grid Gallery Version 2.3.6 Artemis ( 17th December 2019)

Version 2.4.6 Oct 10th, 2017

- Added: Woocoomerce link on product image
- Fixed: Wishlist / Compare buttons

- Fixed: Transparent header on Firefox
- Fixed: Tabs
- Fixed: Portfolio pagination
- Fixed: Essential grid responsive gird
- Plugin update: Visual Composer ver 5.2
- Plugin update: Essential grid Version 2.1.6
- Plugin update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Version 3.16.14
-  Plugin update: Slider Revolution to Version StarPath

- Plugin update: Visual Composer ver 5.1.1
- Plugin update: Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer Version 3.16.10

- Updated for WordPress 4.7.+
- Updated Slider Revolution to Version StarPath
- Fixed: Page title issue

- Updated for WordPress 4.7
- Updated Slider Revolution to Version 5.4.1
- Updated Essential Grid plugin to Version Artemis 
- Update Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress ver 5.1.1
- Fixed: Woocommerce cart quantity selector fixed
- Fixed: Row equal height fixed
- Fixed: Portfolio load more & filter fixed
- Updated Woocommerce files for the latest version
- Updated XML file for demo import
- Loading speed improvments
- Updated: Mobile logo selector added

- Updated for WordPress 4.7
- Updated Slider Revolution to Version 5.3.1
- Updated Essential Grid plugin to Version Artemis 
- Update Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress ver 5.0.1
- Fixed: Visual Composer "Cannot redeclare class WPBakeryShortCode_VC_Section" issue
- Fixed Image Gallery shortcode

- Updated for WordPress 4.6.1
- Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to Version 3.16.7
- Updated Slider Revolution to Version
- Updated Essential Grid plugin to Version
- WooCommerce product listing updated for latest WooCommerce version
- WooCommerce templates updated for latest WooCommerce version

- WooCommerce product listing updated for latest WooCommerce version
- WooCommerce templates updated for latest WooCommerce version
- TGM update
- Updated for WordPress 4.5.3
- Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to 3.16.6
- Updated Slider Revolution to 5.2.6

- Updated for WordPress 4.5.2
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.12
- Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to 3.16.4
- Updated Slider Revolution to 4.6.93

- Updated for WordPress 4.5
- Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin updated to the latest version
- Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress updated to the latest version 4.11.2
- Small code improvments

- Updated Ultimate addons for Visual composer to version 3.16.1 
- Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin updated to the latest version 5.2.3
- Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress updated to the latest version 4.11.1
- Small code fixes

- Updated Ultimate addons for Visual composer to version 3.15 using latest version
- Updated WooCommerce to version 2.5.2 using latest version
- Fixed bug from Page Option for the page title background
- Fixed "Logo ceter menu bellow" bug
- Fixed hover for sticky menu
- Fixed Pricing table shortcode
- Fixed ID for Row Visual Composer on One page
- Fixed "Pro staff carousel" shortcode (href and email input for members)
- Set query_var to false to fix redux metaboxes issue in url_to_postid
- Fixed title page for YOAST Plugin
- Added "Footer Widget Text attributes" option in Theme options
- Fixed some demo import issues
- Fixed footer form captcha imput

- Updated Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin to version 5.1.6 using latest version
- Updated Visual composer to version 4.9.2 using latest version
- Updated Ultimate addins for Visual composer to version 3.14.1 using latest version
- Updated WooCommerce to version 2.5.0 using latest version
- Updated Breadcrumb NavXT plugin to version 5.3.1
- Updated Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to version 2.2.6
- Updated YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin to version 2.0.6
- Updated YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin to version 2.0.13
- Updated YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin to version 1.2.16
- Fixed title bug on shop product category page where was displaying "Archive" 
- Fixed link on Download buttons widget
- Fixed vertical scroll bug
- Fixed Top bar vertical alignment
- Fixed coupon code section bug on checkout
- Code clean up
Version 2.0 December 1st, 2015
- Added new shortcodes with demo content pages
- Added 14 new Home page designs
- Added new revolution sliders examples
- Updated Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin to version 5.1.4
- Fixed breadcrumbs links on portfolio pages
- Fixed the Blog Excerpt
- Fixed the Page options on portfolio posts

Version 1.3 November 19th, 2015
- Updated Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin to version 5.1.2
- Fixed Transparent Sticky menu option
- Fixed the menu colors
- Fixed the website slide up effect
- Major updates for design and functionalities in the next release. Stay tunned.

Version 1.2 November 10th, 2015
- Updated the plugin Visual Composer to Version 4.8
- Updated Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin to version 5.1
- Added 60 Demo sliders for Revolution Slider (examples from v4.x and v5.x)
- Added 228 Webuild Related Construction icons
- Fixed the logo height issue. Now you can set the logo height on Theme options for general settings, or from Page options.
- Fixed Logo on sticky header 
- Fixed Shopping cart hover color issue
- Sliders PSD added
- New option added in for enable/disable the Page loader on each page
- New option added in to enable/disable the sticky header full width
- New option added in on Page options so you can change the sticky header background color.
- New option added in Page options to change the color for menu, for each page
- Updated the shortcodes  according to latest WooCommerce and Wordpress updates

- Updated Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer to Version 3.13.7
- Fixed the issue when uploading the theme over FTP
- Fixed issue with Theme Activation
- Fixed issue with Chield Theme activation
- Fixed bug main menu color on hover option
- Fixed Team members social links

Version 1.1 October 22nd, 2015

We Build - Construction WordPress Theme [Free Download]
We Build - Construction WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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  • Gutenberg Optimized: No
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: Easy Digital Downloads 2.9.x, Easy Digital Downloads 2.8.x, Events Calendar Pro 3.x, Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms 1.9.x, Visual Composer 5.1.x, Visual Composer 4.12.x, WooCommerce 4.3.x, WooCommerce 4.2.x, WooCommerce 4.1.x, WooCommerce 4.0.x, WooCommerce 3.9.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.1.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.x, WPBakery Page Builder 5.7.x, Bootstrap 3.x
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2
  • ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD
  • Columns: 4+
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive