Add-on SMS Manager Module for Perfex CRM

Note:This Module is for Customer Relationship Management System

Latest Version : 1.0.2

Brief description; introduction

"Additional SMS Manager", this module can be used in Perfex CRM to extend its default function of sending SMS to clients.

  • “Additional SMS Manager" You are using the SMS gateway provided by Perfex CRM, which is enabled by default. You can check the available SMS gateways from SETUP -> Settings -> SMS.
  • “Additional SMS Manager" You will be able to create new SMS triggers, which will be automatically sent to customers.
  • Save the customized SMS template for future use.
  • You can send multiple customized text messages manually to customers, potential customers, and employees at once.
  • Use the default Perfex CRM SMS gateway, no need to implement a new SMS gateway


1. Send custom SMS in bulk

2. Add SMS template

3. Set SMS trigger

MSG91 SMS gateway users and Perfex 2.9 or higher DLT template ID (India only)

Additional advantages:

  • SMS triggers will be automatically sent to customers when new projects, invoices, prospects, proposals, support tickets, credit notes, etc. are created.
  • When any status of the project, invoice, lead, support ticket, etc. is updated, the SMS trigger will be automatically sent to the customer.
  • Send customized text messages to customers, prospects, and employees.
  • Save the SMS template for future use.

It can also be used to implement a new SMS gateway (for India). If you have purchased these two modules (the two modules are independent of each other), you can check our other module, SMS Gateway Hub, which also supports this module.


It only needsFew secondsTo install and activate.Include documentation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit a support ticket in our support area. The support staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

please rememberAbsolutely no codingneed! Just follow the instructions to use"Additional SMS Manager"Module in a few minutes.


View the demo

username :demo_sms @ demo. e
Password: 12345678


 - Do not send SMS from Demo, you will not receive any SMS, because its only Demo purpose.
 - You need to enable any one SMS gateway given in Perfex, to use this module.
 - You can send multiple custom SMS at a  time, but number of SMS at  a time, will be depend on allowed by your SMS provider or Server.
Tested on Perfex Version 2.8.4

Change log

Version 1.0.2

- Added DLT Template ID (India Only) for each SMS Triggered via MSG91 SMS Gateway, which supports  Perfex latest version 2.9

Version 1.0.1

- Small bug fixing related to Perfex latest version






Add-on SMS Manager Module for Perfex CRM [Free Download]
Add-on SMS Manager Module for Perfex CRM [Nulled]
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