Perfex Zoom Meeting Module

Perfex Zoom Meeting Module



All employees and administrators can use a single Zoom global account to create Zoom meetingsOther supported features

Management function

  1. Admins can create meetings
  2. Administrators can grant employees view permissions to view the meeting list.
  3. Notify customers via email invitations
  4. Staff receive notifications about meetings via email and Prefex notifications

customer interface

  1. Customers can add their own Zoom accounts
  2. Clients can see a list of Zoom meetings


  1. Can view the meeting list generated by the administrator

Feel free to check out the demo. Demos can be found atDemo


Supported languages

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

installation details

Download the purchased zip folder, then browse to Setup-Modules in the perfexcrm installation and upload the zip folder using the modules screen.

Once logged in, you will find the zoom menu in the left sidebar of the admin panel.

Generate API key and secret

For this plugin, you will use the JWT token method to establish API connections. Note that this method is an account-level connection only.

1. First go to

2. If you do not enter directly, click Develop at the top of the page to build the application page page

3. Click on JWT and "Create"

5. ClickCreate

6. On the next screen, you should seeInformation, Application Credentials, Features and Activation Menus

7. Fill in the basic information of your App.

8. AboutCredentials page.copy bothAPI key and API secretAfter filling all the details in the information page.

Change log

Zoom v2.0
- Fixed issue of conflict
- Roles support added
- Now you can create meeting by selecting customer, staff 
- Customer get notified by email
- Staff get notification and email
- Added additional setting options for meeting
- Revamped UI
- Customer can add their own zoom account

Zoom v1.0

  • Fixed table view in meeting list
    • added search
    • fix response issues
  • Delete meeting issue fixed
  • Added support for sending meeting invitations to registrants
  • Added meeting close link option
  • Added meeting delete link option

Perfex Zoom Meeting Module [Free Download]
Perfex Zoom Meeting Module [Nulled]
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