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Our brand new factory WordPress theme, Zidex is designed for branches of industrial and laboratory or manufacturing businesses.To be successful in the foundry field, your website must offer a high-quality service presentation and top-notch design.Zidex is an industrial and engineering WordPress theme that will focus on your machine service or build projects, but will also open up some opportunities for you to start and sell your products.Let's see what the Zidex Factory WordPress theme is.

Industrial Engineer Demonstration

One of the latest demos we've added to this factory WordPress theme is "Industrial Engineer".This demo is aimed at professionals working alone or for companies looking to advance their best engineers.You will have the opportunity to showcase your projects, skills and areas of activity.On this page, you can upload content to communicate directly with your clients and provide information about your construction skills.You can customize services such as planning, building, renovation and construction.This page can highlight your most valuable items as you can add descriptions and details about workflows and procedures.If you are a company, you can showcase your entire team of engineers and add details about their professional training.

Robot Factory Demo

Robotic demos allow you to show how your factory can use mechanical engineering, industrial welding robots, or repair industrial welding robots to help mass-produce products.We've added a counter to this page because it's crucial for industrial businesses to build trust.You can display the number of projects you've done so far, work done, or anything you might want to display about forging work.At the bottom of the page, we've added a section where you can display some of your recent blog posts. We'll discuss more of these features later in this note.

Power Plant Demo

There's a lot to say about this Electric Factory Demo, but we'll keep it short.We think electric or any factory project is very important, so we managed to develop this page in such a way that you can highlight the importance of your project and customize your recommendation.Displaying the numbers again is crucial. Show how professional your factory processes are. You can also use this page to build great galleries.You can add pictures so your customers can understand the productivity of your industrial workflow.

Construction Factory Demo

This construction demo is our way of focusing on the entire construction work in your factory or company. We focus on professionalism for this part of your business.You can display service details about any market segment where you specialize in construction, planning, renovation or construction projects.The "About Us" section is an important part of this demo and we provide this feature. At the bottom of this demo page, we've added some of the most important features.We consider the "Get a Quote" function to be an essential function for businesses in the manufacturing, foundry, and machinery industries.

Brewery Demo

This is the most popular demo because it features the most wanted industries and offers great products. beer.Designed for businesses specializing in beer, craft beer, homebrew, amber or any beer made using industrial processes large or small.The demo will offer some unusual features that you can use to provide information about the quality, and you can add video material.You can add a section where a section of your winemaker or engineer will be featured. You can add galleries again; you can add counters for any details you want to show.Brewery demos are a great way to gain customer trust.

Auto Factory Demonstration

Our last demo is as important as any other. Maybe it's the most complicated demo because it's related to car manufacturing.Not many businesses specialize in this type of industry, but we want to make sure you highlight the importance of service.We've added a ton of features to this demo for one purpose so you can prove how strong your factory is, how professional your team is and how good your product is.

Shopping with WooCommerce

Ecommerce features cannot be missed with this beautiful Factory WordPress theme. In your main menu section, any of your customers can use the store.Because it's an industrial theme, we made some customizations to the store section and now you can add products and use them for rental purposes.Your customers can select a date, can view daily prices and select the number of excavators required for the project (for example). Pretty cool, right?

Job Display Section

We understand the importance of large companies, especially when it comes to industry business. Employers and suitable experts are always valuable resources.You want to be able to recruit the best engineers you can find. We have developed a section where you can display any work for free for experts.You can customize it, add testimonials, and more.

Request a Quote Feature

A quotation is a standard business process whose purpose is to invite suppliers to participate in the bidding process to bid on a specific product or service.Don't you think this feature should be available on your future website? For factory sites, this is mandatory. You can use it, and you can add it to any page you like. Get Zidex now!The best factory WordPress themes you can find.

inner page list

  • Home
    • home brewery
    • pharmaceutical factory
      • Suitable for: pharmacies, hospitals, bio centers, pharmaceuticals
    • Home Brewery Videos
    • family car factory
    • home building
    • household appliance factory
    • home engineer
    • family parallax
    • aircraft factory
    • shipyard
    • Home Slider 2
    • Home Intelligent Robot
    • home video
    • Home Video 2
  • Products
    • Bridge
    • Building
  • Projects
    • item 2 column
    • Item 4 columns
  • Company
    • about us
    • contact us
    • Team
    • Where are we
  • Purchase
  • Press release

Full feature list:

  • RTL Compatibility - Added viaModelTheme RTL Compatibility Plugin – View details + download free RTL plug-in
  • WPBakery page builder
  • Slider revolution
  • Redux framework theme options panel
    • General settings
    • Infinite sidebar
    • Style setting
    • Title setting
    • Footer settings
    • Contact settings
    • Blog settings
    • Shop setting
    • Social media settings
    • Demo data importer
  • Multiple headline variations
  • One-click importer
  • Més de 600 tipus de lletra de Google
  • Font icons instead of images
  • Well documented
  • Various custom widgets and more
  • Multiple colors and skins
  • Striking CSS animation
  • Compatible with: Contact form 7
  • Permanent update
  • Excellent typography
  • High-speed optimization
  • Quick and easy to use

Zidex Theme can be used in various factories and industries:

  • Flagship airline
  • online collection
  • electronics manufacturing
  • web service
  • Retailers
  • hair care products
  • Cars, cars, machinery, buses, trucks, etc.
  • plastic industry
  • Specialty Chemicals, Energy
  • Shipping, Logistics, Postal Services
  • life insurance
  • medical equipment
  • Banks
  • Recycling plants and industries
  • Forging and Metalworking
  • oil and gas plant
  • chain pharmacy
  • tobacco factory
  • cell phone network
  • Construction company
  • aluminum plant
  • Air conditioner, engine
  • investment management
  • fast food chain
  • Publishing
  • Outsourcing company
  • Engines, trucks, motorcycles, etc.
  • online community
  • cloud computing
  • sportswear factory
  • chemical plant
  • shoe factory
  • electrical conductor
  • electrical retailer
  • Microbrewery
  • hotel chain
  • Energy
  • Beverages
  • Consumer electronics, home appliances, cell phones
  • Mobile phones, tablets, telecommunications equipment
  • IT, Radio and Telecommunications
  • soft drink
  • household appliances
  • Consumer Electronics and Gaming
  • sporting goods
  • restaurant, condiment
  • Motorcycles
  • Technology and Social Media Agencies
  • department store
  • dairy products, ice cream
  • Apparel
  • Appliances
  • wind
  • low price grocery store
  • state-owned car
  • mechanical product
  • Film Production
  • commercial Bank
  • power generation
  • TV and Radio
  • Steel Plant
  • Airlines
  • Generic Drug Manufacturer
  • natural gas
  • oil company
  • Pharmaceuticals, Traditional Medicine
  • steel
  • Research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of vaccines
  • Consulting Firm, Insurance
  • Photovoltaic (Solar Cell) Manufacturer, Solar
  • Consumer electronics products
  • Telecommunications equipment and services
  • Internet, software, mobile phone, online advertisement, online game
  • computer network equipment
  • Menswear
  • Real Estate Company
  • paper mill
  • Real estate developers, real estate, hotels, retail, tourism, culture
  • Laboratory and Manufacturing Services
  • Aircraft
  • Dairy and Ice Cream
  • bus manufacturing
  • gold mining

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