Ticketing Expert - Help desk system with email piping

What is the Ticket Expert Laravel application?

Ticket Expert Laravel App is a help desk system designed for small and medium companies. After the customer creates the account, the ticket can be issued, and the staff can reply to the ticket.

Users with the administrator role can create employees, departments, and more.

The system can also import tickets from email accounts. Email inboxes will be read using the IMAP protocol. Staff can reply to IMAP tickets and send them to the customer's email.

So you can also use this system as your email inbox. You can configure multiple emails, all in one place.Support staff can easily manage these emails without logging into multiple email accounts.

We have a SaaS version of this application. Please check the following linkTicketing Specialist (SaaS)


(Note: the live preview of codecanyon is somewhat not working, so click the URL below to see the demo)

Sitio web de expertos en venta de entradas:https://tebasic.modulespanel.com

Admin Login Details:-

Username: panell admin@mòduls. com
Password : admin1234

Employee login details:-

Username: Painel Staff@Module. e
Password : staff1234

User login details: -

Username: Panell Usuari@mòduls. com
Password : user1234

Main features of the system

  • 1. Department Wise Tickets
  • 2. Private and Internal Notes
  • 3. Canned responses
  • 4. Import tickets from email with IMAP
  • 5. Assign personnel to departments
  • 6. Invoice and Invoice Return Email Notification
  • 7. Multi-language support
  • 8. Ticket Labels
  • 8. Permissions
  • 9. Base de coneixements i preguntes freqüents

Department and IMAP Settings

By default, email pipes are not enabled in this system. Administrators can enable the IMAP import feature. To enable IMAP functionality, administrators should go to settings and enable it.In the settings page there is a setting called IMAP. When you click the edit link, a page will be displayed that allows you to enable or disable the IMAP feature.Once enabled go to Departments and add or update departments using IMAP server details and SMTP details.

Admins and employees can add or edit departments. Use different emails and names for different departments.Tickets that open a specific department's email will be visible to that department's admins and employees.After adding SMTP and IMAP details Wait up to 5 minutes to verify the IMAP and SMTP details.

The system supports multiple languages. We added support for English, Spanish and French by default. You can add a new language and switch to that language by selecting it from the drop-down menu.Users, employees and administrators

The system has three types of users.UserA user can be a customer who wants to communicate with a company employee. Users may have some issues to resolve. Then they sign up and open a ticket.When billing, they should choose a sector.



This is a high-level description of the functionality and will provide a detailed user manual and installation documentation along with application code.

More details about this product can be found from the linkhttps://ticketing.expert/basic_docs/1.1.0/index.html

Change log

Installer bug fix
microsoft office 365 email import bug fixed
Installer Added
Improved look
Bug fixes
Canned Responses
FAQs and KB
Average Response Time
Ticket Tagging
Initial Release

Ticketing Expert - Help desk system with email piping [Free Download]
Ticketing Expert - Help desk system with email piping [Nulled]
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