Tealo - Team Activity Watcher


  • what the team did today
  • How is the project going today?
This gadget was built for this specific need.You don't need to ask them what they've done, you don't need to check the progress of each project one by one, give this to Tealo and it will do it for you.

How it works
The work of this software is very simple. It works like this:
  1. You add projects and team members to this software
  2. Log into the system and enter their daily activities by selecting an item. If someone works on multiple projects, he enters multiple entries
  3. You log into the system and the system will show you a summary of:
  4. Team activities and project progress in organized tables
  5. You can also select any specific date to see that day's events
  6. You can also check the report for any team member or project select date range
  7. The dashboard also shows you a team member-wise and project-wise aggregated hourly effort




Email:Administrator @doorsoft. CoPassword: 123456


Email:Grace. van der Waals @gmail. comPassword: 123456


Please send an email to:Info @doorsoft. cooperateIf you encounter any difficulties.

Update log:
Version 1.1 (2021-04-04):
Friendly installer added
Code standardized as per envato rules

Tealo - Team Activity Watcher [Free Download]
Tealo - Team Activity Watcher [Nulled]
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