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Super Store Locator Theme

watchЖивая демонстрацияbrand newSuper Store Locator ThemeThis is a fully responsive flat theme with multiple beautiful layouts tailored to work flawlessly on mobile devices, smartphones and touchscreens.Added new features such as built-in precise geolocation, marker markers, full-width Google Maps, show all stores, view stores by region, and more.

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Super Store Finder for WordPress

Also, be sure to checkSuper Store Finder for WordPressVersions available for the WordPress platform. Easy to install, fully customizable and has amazing features.

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main feature

  • Fully integrated with the latestAPI Карт Google
  • Features Geographic IPDetect where your users visit and list stores near them
  • User-friendly interface design and supportBootstrap, This means you can use bootstrap components/scripts such as modal popups, tabs, alerts, tooltips, etc.
  • Manage unlimited store locations
  • Distance is sorted by nearest to furthest store around the search area
  • public users canRequest to add storeThis requires admin approval
  • Marcadores de mapa personalizables
  • Search store basedCategories with customizable icons
  • Bounce animated marker when store is selected to highlight
  • Display a store image on your store locator
  • Display embedded video impressions on your store locator
  • Drag and drop markers or manually enter latitude or longitude during add/edit storage
  • Built-in contact form for each store
  • Autofill featurein the search field
  • See for yourself and get to the locationGoogle Street View
  • Never get lost againgoogle map directions
  • Batch Importaddress usageCSV(The script performs geocoding during the import process. For instructions, see视频指南aquí)
  • Documented source code, completely easy to understandDocumentation and User Guide
  • ResponsiveWorks with iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices
  • Tested and workingAll major browsers
  • Supports Unicode characters
  • Supports multi-languageTranslation files ready (up to 9 pre-translated languages ​​available)
  • Include your store finderBy pasting the embed code anywhere on any website.
  • Fully customizable maps, styles, colors, etc.Funky map. com)

Administrator function

  • Secured Login-Bereichfor administrators
  • User-friendly interface design and supportBootstrap
  • add andManage your store easily
  • upload imageEach store has auto-generated thumbnails
  • Embed videoEvery store from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video providers.
  • add andManage your categories
  • upload iconFor each category with auto-generated thumbnails
  • Drag and drop markers to point to the exact location during adding/editing a store.
  • Auto-detect Longitude and latitudeAfter entering the address
  • Utilize jQuery and JSONSubmit the form and load the map without refreshing the page
  • Easy to set up, extend and customize
  • Works with all major browsers
  • Supports Multiple admin users
  • Customize colors and styles for your store locator via admin

Leistungsstarker Shop-Finder

The front end of the store finder is designed to meet any of your business needs, be it searching for commercial outlets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, exhibitions and other points of interest.

Safe Store Admin Area

A secure backend lets you manage your stores and let your customers find them. The admin area supports multiple admin users that can manage the store finder for you.

Show customers an outlet near you

Using geolocation, no matter where your customers browse your store finder, it will detect nearby stores and display them sorted by closest to furthest distance.This way, customers can reach your brick-and-mortar store effortlessly.

google map directions

Never get lost again with Google Maps Directions, it will detect and show your customers the closest route to your store.

Street View is enabled

Zoom, pan and browse your favorite panoramic views from around the world

Embed your store finder into any website

Whether you have a static website, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or others, you can copy and paste the embed code to publish your store finder instantly without any hassle.

Individual store contact form

Each store has a built-in contact form with multiple settings to send to individual stores or admin settings emails.

Import and geocode bulk address lists

You can import and geocode bulk address lists from csv files through your admin without any hassle.

Showcase images and videos on your store locator

You can upload beautiful images and embed videos to your store locator from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Let customers watch your offering or let them watch a trailer.

Custom map style code

Need a map style that fits your website's UI? You can use custom Google Maps code, or easily fromFunky map. comAnd copy/paste through the admin settings page.

Responsive store finder

Super Store Finder is now fully responsive and available on purchase. The user interface supports a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and other mobile devices.CheckResponsive demoScan the QR code below here or on your mobile device.

Extended functionality with themes and add-ons

You can change the store locator theme and use the available extended store locator functionalitythemes and add-onsthe following.

Fast and reliable support

We provide customers with fast and reliable support, whether for enquiries, troubleshooting, customization or special requirements.If you need help with installation please send us a message via our profile pagehere.

For the knowledge base and forum, you can visit the following links:

you can visit follow us on Envato for new releases and productshere

what buyers are saying

"I really enjoy using this script. Your instructions are very clear and it's a great learning experience for a PHP newbie. By the way, the embed feature is awesome!That's great! "

"First off, I want to say...well done! One of the better store locators I've come across."

"I just bought this and started using it on my website within a few minutes. I'm not a programmer, and it's still easy!"

"Just purchased the Super Store Finder and it's fantastic, exactly what my clients need, and the level of customization is just right, so thanks for the effort! Great value script."
- Anna Trundle

"This is the best store locator script on Codecanyon! Continue to work!"

You can find more reviews from real buyers atRecommended page.

real world use


Provide more real-world exampleshere.

Please note that the copyright of all store finder designs belongs to their authors.

If you would like (or not) your site to be listed here, please send usmessage.

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  • Fixed showing deprecated PHP method warning message


  • Added GDPR compliant settings
  • Updated send email drawing header


  • Added google geocoding key field (for import) in admin settings page


  • ವರ್ಗ URL URL ಪ್ಯಾರಾಮೀಟರ್ ಸೇರಿಸಿ


  • Update installation files to support HTTPS/SSL


  • Updated the latest GeoIP database (More information)


  • Added Google API Key field to admin settings page


  • Fixed two Google Maps API calls on request to add store page


  • Add API key in import/geocode module


  • Removed sensor parameters from Google Maps API calls

2.8 *メジャーアップデート*

  • Update all code to mysqli
  • Added print button to route page
  • Added contact form


  • Added thumbnail preview for image uploader


  • Add embedded video feature (upgrade instructionshere* Other add-ons must also be updated to the latest version)


  • You can now paste custom google maps style code (i.e.Funky map. com) Via the administrator settings page
  • Added sorting by approval status for stores in admin area


  • Update Pretty Photo library to 3.1.6 due to security bug


  • Added search box puzzle
  • Added language translation for street view, zoom here, directions

2.4 *メジャーアップデート*

  • Added settings page in admin area (detalle)
  • Set general settings such as default distance, language, zoom level, enable/disable geo-ip, default location, etc.
  • Set style settings such as top bar color, button color, result list color, map tint color, etc.


  • Fixed issues with miles and kilometers during store lookup
  • Fixed radius issue in responsive version
  • Added default distance units to the installation page


  • Fixed scrolling list issue that scrolled the entire page
  • Added role relief effect
  • Add a store page in response to an enhancement request for the version
  • Enhanced embed functionality for responsive and compact themes


  • Added 2-step install tool for Super Store Finder


  • Added Geo-IP capability to detect visitor city and country.
  • Fixed drag and drop longitude detection on add/edit store page due to google maps update


  • Drag and drop tags are now available when requesting to add a store, add a new store, and edit store pages.
1.9.1(last update: November 18, 2014)
  • Since the Geo IP public JavaScript provided by maxmind no longer works when it starts charging, the map for store finder, add store, request to add store and edit no longer appears.A patch has been added to address this issue, for more information visit the FAQ page


  • Added import and geocode storage to csv list in admin area
  • Added backup export storage in admin area
  • Added recovery storage feature in admin area
  • Video for import/geocode CSV listing, backup and restoreavailable here.
1.8.1(last update: August 24, 2014)
  • Added additional options for CSV import and geocoding


  • Fixed scrolling through results when clicking on a marker
  • Fixed bouncing marker issue
  • Replace obsolete mktime functionality on admin login page
  • Fixed pagination in category pages
  • Fixed pagination in admin user list page


  • Fixed distance radius over 1000 miles/km
1.6.1(last update: April 11, 2014)
  • Fixed distance bug in Firefox non-EN language settings


  • Updated to jQuery 1.9
  • Responsive version is now available for download
  • Fixed pagination error in admin
  • Fixed misc javascript and bootstrap conflict bug
1.5.1(last update: January 28, 2013)
  • Improve responsive layout
1.5.2(last update: January 30, 2013)
  • Added responsive embed code for templates with dynamic size
1.5.3(last update: March 16, 2013)
  • Fixed transparency of png category icons
  • Add store search filter in admin area


  • Fixed inconsistent address lists in Firefox and Chrome browsers


  • Fixed text encoding issues
  • Fixed embed code in response version
  • Fixed frontend CSS for responsive version


  • Fixed distance sorting problem (solution in FAQhere)


  • - Multilingual fix for no nearby store notifications


  • Google Maps directions feature is now live and available for download


  • Add Street View link in info window
  • Added Zoom here link in info window
  • Stores can now be searched by category
  • Upload and customize category icons


  • Multilingual support, including 8 language file translations
  • User can set default language from configuration file (
  • language packThe download page is now available (if you would like to contribute your translation please email me; refFAQfor guidance)
  • Fixed Store Finder miscellaneous CSS issues
  • Email notifications are now available in multiple languages
  • Description will now be displayed on the front end unless blank
1.2.1(last update: December 18, 2012)
  • Super Store Finder import tool using CSV is now available
  • Added pagination to the store list in the backend
  • Added pagination to the user management list in the backend
  • Added Arabic


  • Fixed pagination showing extra blank pages


  • Fixed floating map overlay form in admin area add/edit shop page


  • Fixed other Javascript and CSS issues

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