Ssagency - Fashion & Modeling World WordPress Theme

Ssagency is a fully responsive theme, you can create or manage any website like model agency, photography, fashion, actor, anchor and singer.

SSAgency theme, you can use multiple themes like"Modeling agencies, photography, singers, actors, fashion, film industry, friends news, membership themes, shopping, business, and more..."

User can register and can create any talent profile (eg singer, photographer, actor, model, anchor, etc...). A registered user can give a rating based on his/her performance.

Includes a smart talent search feature where you can search results by age, height, location, or you can find the best-known talent in your area.

Talent single profile page, you can enable/disable any option rating, preference, follow, query, share can customize it as you want.

SSAgency Premium Plugin

follow/unfollow plugin

1. Logged in users can follow the model
2. Users can follow any model
3. Users can unfollow models already followed

Upload Resume/Upload File Plugin

Using this plugin, registered models can upload their personal data such as resumes or any other documents. Any institution can download/view their profile and contact them easily.

Talent/Model Upload Image Verification Plugin

Use this plugin to limit upload profile image limit size in kbs

If you have any questions about this plugin and pricing, please send an email toWebsite spark@gmail. com

Booking Talent:

We offer 5 custom talent profiles.

We are providing a sample demo with this theme

Talent agency demo
WooCommerce demo (full Woocommerce support)
Menu overlap on slider
Boxed Lights Demo
Boxed Dark Demo
Member demo
BuddyPress Demo
Pet Finder Demo

This theme is fully compatible with Ultimate Membership - User Profile and Membership plugin

3 - Custom header style

4 - Talent Single Profile Page

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Main features of the theme

  • SiteOrigin's page builder- Easy drag and drop page builder
  • Custom widget- You can create unlimited pages with custom widgets
  • more than60+ play piecesavailable
  • Create Customize unlimited layouts
  • totallywidget based theme
  • video background- You can create video background row and you can add whatever you needAbove video backgroundFor example (images, text and our custom widgets)
  • you can createFront-end user registration, login and forgotten password Forms
  • Added Google Captcha to registration form
  • you can createfront endUser Information Form
  • User registration- User can registerBased on user roles
  • Talent concern- onlyregistered usercan followtalents
  • Talent evaluation- Registered users can rate
  • Talent show- You can display talent based on ratings, views, order
  • Masonry gallery- You can display isotope masonry and grid images
  • Advanced search- You can customize the search field
  • anyone will dosearch Abilities (such as age, gender, height, weight, etc...)
  • Favorite- You canAdd or shortlist any talentto your favorite
  • print and email- You can print and email your favourite (shortlisted) talents
  • Custom Post Type Permissions- Based on user roles, admins can grant access to custom post types
  • Custom Post Type Post Limit- Admin can givePublishing restrictions based on user roles
  • Custom meta option field generator- You can create unlimited custom meta options using option generators for image fields, text fields, description fields, videos, etc... based on user roles
  • Talent Custom Meta Options Group- You can create/customize groups of talent meta-options based on user roles, eg (model, singer, actor, photographer...)
  • custom link- You can create custom links (external and page links) based on user roles
  • character control- Admins can control any user role according to their requirements
  • Profile custom fields- You can create unlimited profile fields based on user roles
  • Admin Dashboard- Fully customized admin dashboard for all user roles
  • User Control Screen Settings- Admins can customize user dashboard settings such as messages
  • Dashboard logoAdmin can upload any custom logo and change footer copyright text
  • Registrar- Agents can register and create profiles
  • Multiple talent profiles- Institutions can create multiple talent profiles based on post-restricted permissions
  • Project function- Any registered user can publish projects (jobs) based on user role access rights.
  • Apply for project- Apply published projects (jobs) to any registered users based on user roles.
  • project save- Save published projects (jobs) based on user roles for any registered user.
  • Authors of project releases can view the list of applicants (apply the list of users and access their profiles).
  • Front-end talent release- Registered users can create and edit talent profiles from the front end
  • Front-end project release- Users can publish items and edit items from the front end
  • Front-end proxy posting- Registered users can create proxy profiles and edit proxy profiles from the frontend
  • WooCommerce ready- Fully integrated woocommerce
  • Woo Commerce page- You can create unlimited page layouts
  • Fully Woo Commerce Customization
  • Fully responsive- It supports any device like mobile phone, tablet, desktop
  • Unlimited colorsUnlimited color options for header, body and footer
  • Fonts de GoogleUnlimited Google Fonts Over 800+ fonts supported
  • TypographyAdvanced Typography
  • CustomizeYou can customize the overall theme from optionscustom menu
  • One-click demo- Amazing one-click demo import
  • roles and abilities- All roles, abilities and user registry roles are also imported in one-click demos.
  • SEO- Fully SEO optimized
  • Contact Form 7 – Fully integrated contact form 7
  • well coded
  • Theme document

Free demo installation and role setup


For model: username: model, password: model

singer: username: singer, password: singer

photographer: username: photo, password: photo

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Change log

= 2.0.3 =
* Issue Fixed, Hsk Talent Registration form roles based registration issue fixed, when using the single role.
* Add new feature, Bread Crumb option added in customizer > page title bar section
* Added new features, agency posted projects display on agency single pages based on roles.
* Issue fixed, Talent Booking form calender first-time display issue fixed.  
* Updated the core functionality.
= 2.0.2 =
* Added new feature, Featured talents display the first position for talent category pages and search page.
* Added new feature, After user registration admin can redirect any page. ex: login page, custom pages... like.
* Added new feature, Talent Profile single page "Enquiry" option added to disable for non logged users.
* Added new feature, Category option added in the talent search form.
* Issue fixed, Talent select option removed, when using talent one single form, the select option enables only when using multi-talent profile forms.
* Added new feature, HSK Project widgets added tabs options for filtering the projects category wise.
* Agency Profile single page "Enquiry" button option added to disable for non logged users.
* Favourite Email form button text change option added.
* Updated the treansalation strings.
= 2.0.1 =
* Added google captcha for registration form.
* Added registration form role text change.
* Added upload images note options for users.
* Updated the core functionality.
* Fixed the CSS issues.
* Updated the treansalation strings.
= 2.0 =
* Added new feature, "Talent Booking Request" plugin added.
* Added new functionality in the "HSK Talent" plugin. 
* Added new feature, Mobile Menu options added.
* Added new feature, Mobile "Toggle" menu options added in customize > header section > mobile hamburger settings.
* Added new feature, Mobile "Slide" menu options added in customize > header section > mobile hamburger settings.
* Added new feature, Mobile "Push" menu options added in customize > header section > mobile hamburger settings.
* Added new features & functionality.
* Updated Front UI.
* Updated language files.
* Fixed Minor issues.
= 1.1.9 =
* Updated HSK WooCommerce widgets.
* Issue Fixed, WooCommrce Products widgets.
* Minor issues fixed. 
= 1.1.8 =
* Update the header style change issue.
* Added new feature, Fixed phone number in mobile modes.
* Added new feature, Update the phone number, and "Call Us" text in customizer > footer section.
* Added new feature, Slide fixed contact form.
* fixed the minor issues.
* updated theme .pot file.
* Added new feature, Woocommerce category search widget added.
* Updated talent meta field required issue.
* Updated BuddyPress Members widget.
* Updated the "HSK Talents" plugin core functionality.
* Added custom hooks to override the theme functionality.
* Added functions to Customize the "Talents Single" Page per your requirement.
* Fixed, all HSK Related plugins minor issues.
* Updated language file.
= 1.1.7 =
* Added New feature, Menu overlap options on slider.
* Added password fields to the registration form.
* Added enable/disable option fields in "Dashboard > HSK Talents > Registration / Login".
* HSK Talents -  Talents profiles duplication issue fixed.
* Language translation issue fixed.
* Minor issues fixed.
* Updated language files.
= 1.1.6 =

* Added new feature, Talent enquiry custom email option added in "HSK Talents > Talents > Single Page Section > Talent Enquiry Custom Email" 
* Added new feature, Talent enquiry email receive talents enable option added in "HSK Talents > Talents > Single Page Section > Enable Talent Recive Emails" 
* Added, Talent DOB Date formats.
* Fixed Category slider loading issue.
* Issue fixed, Talent front end posting videos display.

* HSK Projects plugin, Users Applied "Email Message" display, issue fixed.
* HSK Projects plugin, Advanced search fields "checkbox" display issue fixed.
* HSK Projects plugin, Frontend casting form date display issue fixed.
* HSK Projects plugin, Date formats added.

* HSK Agency plugin, Issue fixed, Agency single page details display issue fixed. 
* HSK Agency plugin, Added  Search widget.

* Added site-wide loader.
* Loader enable/disable options added into "customize > Layout Section".
* Updated language files.

= 1.1.5 =
* Added widget animation.
* Added sticky Menu.
* Added email subscription plugin.
* Added theme animation effects to every element.
* Added, "Talent Staus" in Talent Front end talent posting.
* Talent profile page inquiry form overlapping issue fixed.
* Advanced search widget checkboxes display issue fixed.
* Minor issue fixed.

= 1.1.4 =
* Added search result pagination.
* minor issues fixed.
= 1.1.3 =
* "Favourite" Page text change when empty page option added.
* Issue fixed, Search form checkboxes not showing.
* "Talent Single" Page "Trust" text change option added.
* Search box "Search" text change issue fixed.
* Some minor issues fixed.
* update languae file.
= 1.1.2 =
* Registration form "Terms & Conditon" checkbox added.
* Registration form "Terms & Conditon" disable/enable options added in "HSK Talents > Registration / Login" section
* Added Talent display styles widget.
* Title bottom border issue fixed.
* Minor issues fixed.
* updated core functionality.
* updated language files.
= 1.1.1 =
* Added new one click demo "Pet Finder" 
* Added new features "HSK-Custom Title" 
* Updated "HSK - Image Box" Widget with full features.
* Added "HSK - Tabs & Accrodions" Widget.
* Issue fixed, "HSK - Testimonial" widget navigation colors.
* Added new talent single page profile.
* Updated core functionality.
= 1.1.0 =
* Updated one click demo.
* Added new talent single page profile style.
* Added new feature "Boxed layout".
* Added new feature "Left Menu" layout.
* Added new feature "Opacity background" color for body layout.
* Issue fixed, Talent profile duplication(When multiple times clicked on talent profiles, on frontend talent creation time).
* Added new talent single page profile style.
* Updated Core functionality.
* All plugins updated.
= 1.0.9 =
* Added Favicon in customizer.
* Agency Category Added in theme customize > Agency Page Settings.
* Added new feature, add to scroll top button.
* Issue fixed, facebook comments not display on a single page.
* Issue fixed, Buddypress notification count display in user dashboard.
* Added new widget, "HSK - Talents / Projects Category Count" count cpt category posts.
* Issue fixed, Agency category page not working.
* Added new feature, Remove Applied Projects.
* Added new feature, Remove Saved Projects.
* Updated "HSK-Talents" Plugin (v1.0.9).
* Updated "HSK-Projects" Plugin (v1.0.2).
*  Updated "HSK-Agency" Plugin .(v1.0.3)
= 1.0.8 =
* Theme Fully Compatibility with "BuddyPress". 
* Added New Feature, Added 4 talent profile pages(choose your choice) in "Appearance > Customize > Choose Talents 
  Single Page Style".
* Added New Feature, Custom page title options added for talent profiles in "Appearance > Customize > Talent Single 
   Page Titlebar Settings".
* Added new feature, Slider Option added to "Client Images" Widget, it works both slider & grid.
* Added new feature, Talent category id added in "Dashboard > Talent > Category".
* Added new widget, Talents & Projects Taxonomy Count Widget( HSK - Taxonomy Terms Count).
* Added new feature, Roles based talent profile images limit added.
* Added new feature, Roles based talent profile video limit added.
* Added new feature, 4 talent single profile styles added.
* Issue fixed, Talent category slider display based on ids only(if ids empty display all category).
* Issue fixed, when removing favorites entire section disappears in talent profile page. 
* Issue fixed, Talent custom profile fields "Textarea" display frontend issue fixed.
* Issue fixed, Talent profiles rating user display name.
* Issue fixed, Talent Profiles permalinks issue fixes.
* Issue fixed, User Registration time "Phone Number" Save issue fixed.
* Issue fixed, Social share icons display circle issue fixed.
* Updated Core Functionality.
* Some minor issues fixed.
* Update Language Files.

= 1.0.7 =
* Issue fixed, Page title background image not working.
* Issue fixed, Woo-commerce product single page product tabs colors not working.
* Updated some core functionality.
* Added Category slider title background color, font size, title color.
* Added registration form fields enable  / disable options. 
* Updated language file.
= 1.0.6 =
* Added new feature, Talents "HSK - Talents Advanced Search" Widget.
* Added new feature, Talents "HSK - Pricing Table" Widget.
* Added new feature, Restrict Individual "Talents Single Pages" based on user roles.
* Added new feature, Restrict Talent Single Pages For Non-logged In Users.
* Added new feature, Add "Page Title Bar" custom background settings options added to "Dashboard > pages > add new > Page Titlebar Options".
* Issues fixed, Some minor issues fixed.
* Updated language files.
= 1.0.5 =
* Added new feature, Added 3 header styles.
* Added new features, Theme supported "Membership" Plugin.

= 1.0.4 =
* Added new feature, Talent frontend posting.
* Added new feature, Talent frontend edit, and update.
* Added new feature, Project frontend posting.
* Added new feature, Project frontend edit, and update.
* Added new feature, Agency frontend posting.
* Added new feature, Agency frontend edit and update.

= 1.0.3 =
* Added Project posting plugin.
* Projects feature - Post a project based on the user.
* Apply the posted projects based on roles(role permission to apply for the job).
* Save the posted projects based on roles(role permission to save the job).
* Project posted authors can check the applicant's list(applied users list & visit their profiles).
* Updated Language file.
= 1.0.2 =
* New featur added, Roles based "Talent Category" Restriction.
* "HSK - User Frontend Dashboard Links" added user images & last login date.
* Add New widgets "Blog Post & Image over content" 
* Talent single page "Talent Status" Display issue fixed.
= 1.0.1 =
* Roles import issue fixed with one click demo.
* Added New widget - "HSK - User Talent Profile(s)" for display user created profiles and action links( Add / edit / delete).
* update plugin core functionality.
= 1.0 =
* initial release

Image Source

Wallpaper created by senivpetro - www.freepik.comBackground photos created by freepik - www.freepik.comWallpaper created by asierromero - www.freepik.comDesigned by v. ivash - www.freepik.comBaby photos created by asier_relampagoestudio -

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