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Smart Cleanup Tools is an easy-to-use, powerful database cleanup plugin with a total of 37 cleanup, reset and deletion tools.With this plugin, you can delete data that you no longer use or need.

Also, it can help you recover database overhead and speed up database operations. The plugin supports WordPress multisite, which has few tools designed for network management.

Powerful WordPress Database Cleanup

It is more efficient if the cleanup is done after a few months of normal use of the database. eg clean upWoo Woo. Dev4press.comWebsite, the cleanup was done 6 months after the last cleanup. The plugin saved an astounding 2/3 of the database space, shrinking the database from 192MB to 63MB. That's 129MB of garbage and unwanted data.Full test availablehere.

Quick Cleanup: One-click comprehensive cleanup

The main plugin panel displays the quick cleanup tool with an overview of the active tool, deleted records found, and an estimated size to be recovered. Quick cleanup with all cleanup tools.If you want to see everything before cleaning, open the cleaning panel to see a list of all available tools.

Cleanup Tools: 19 in version 5.0

Smart Cleaner contains 21 cleaners that can remove most of the obsolete or orphaned data from your WordPress database. You can view the estimated records that will be deleted by each tool.You can also disable each tool from the plugin settings panel.

List of cleaning tools
  • Delete WooCommerce Sessions in Options Table (v4.5)
  • Delete Orphaned Term Records (v3.2)
  • Delete oEmbed cached postmeta records (v3.1)
  • Delete Orphaned Relationship Records (v3.0)
  • Delete expired temporary records (also in multisite mode) (v2.5)
  • Delete auto-draft post records
  • delete deleted post records
  • Delete spam records
  • Delete published post revision history
  • Delete orphaned post revision history
  • Delete deleted comment history
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete orphaned postmeta records
  • Delete orphaned comment meta records
  • Delete orphaned comment records
  • Delete RSS feed cache
  • Delete empty user meta records
  • Delete temporary records (also in multisite mode)
  • Eliminate database overhead (also in multisite mode)

Removal Tools: 14 in version 5.0

The deletion tool can delete data that may still be in use but is no longer needed. It can remove attachments, posts, comments or terms based on different criteria.You should always have a backup ready before using these tools.

delete tool list
  • Delete unapproved comment records (4.7)
  • Delete worthless postmeta records (v4.4)
  • Delete comment meta-records without value (v4.4)
  • Delete draft post record (v4.3)
  • Remove Attachments with Missing Files (v4.0)
  • Remove attachments missing parent post (v4.0)
  • Remove unattached attachments (v4.0)
  • Remove missing post type post (v4.0)
  • Remove missing taxonomy terms (v4.0)
  • Remove missing, unallocated taxonomy terms (v4.0)
  • Remove all available taxonomy terms that are missing (v4.0)
  • Remove Akismet comment log (v2.5)
  • Delete user agent data for all comments
  • delete pingback comment

Reset Tools: 4 in version 5.0

Using the reset tool, you can delete some data from the database and recreate it as default.It's useful to remove widgets from the sidebar when changing themes, and it's useful to refresh the rewrite rules when there's a problem with permalinks.

Reset tool list
  • Remove all mail change locks (v4.1)
  • reset all sidebars
  • reset rewrite rules
  • Reset plugin data and stats (also in multisite mode)

Scheduled jobs for automatic cleanup

You can schedule cleanup jobs to run at any time, and they can run once or repeatedly for a selected time period. All cleanup reports can be saved to a file.

Export and import of settings and jobs

All plugin settings and settings for scheduled jobs can be exported to a file and then imported back.

Other features

  • WordPress toolbar menu with quick access and cleanup options
  • Tools for exporting and importing plugin settings and scheduling jobs
  • Disable tools you don't want to use from the clean and reset panel
  • Log all SQL queries executed during cleanup checks to a file
  • Log all SQL queries executed during cleanup execution to a file
  • Document normal execution and planned execution of work
  • Gather statistics for each tool used
  • Gather global statistics for database space savings
  • Use AJAX to perform cleanup operations
  • Supports translation and includes POT files

System and WordPress requirements

  • PHP 7.0 или выше
  • WordPress 5.0 or higher


The plugin contains a PDF user guide in the plugin package, located in the "docs" directory. Check out this documentation for information on plugin options, usage, and more.


  • Make sure you read the plugin documentation and all the information the plugin provides for each tweak and tool.
  • Make sure to backup your database before cleaning in case you change your mind later. After deletion, the plugin cannot recover deleted data!
  • You use WordPress' smart cleanup tools at your own risk.


Version 5.0 / 2021.03.22.
  • Updated: minimal requirement: WordPress 5.0
  • Updated: minimal requirement: PHP 7.0
  • Updated: using WordPress code style
  • Updated: code inheritance improvements
  • Updated: safe use: _ is replaced by esc_html_and esc_attr__
  • Updated: safe use: _e replaced with esc_html_e and esc_attr_e
  • Updated: most of the JavaScript code has been rewritten
Version 4.9 / 2020.06.13.
  • Updated: DB Overhead tool shows additional help message
  • Updated: Plugin requires WordPress 4.9 or newer
  • Updated: Various core code improvements and cleanup
  • Updated: Several styling improvements for newer WP versions
  • Updated: Various improvements to the plugin JavaScript
  • Updated: Flatpickr Library 4.6.3
  • Fixed: Quick Cleanup button enabled even when there is nothing to run
  • Fixed: DB Overhead tool was enabled even if it was not available
  • Fixed: DB Overhead tool always showing 0 size for the cleanup

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