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Slippa Script is an advanced market script based on PHP. This allows its users to create a digital marketplace in seconds.

Slippa Marketplace currently supports the sale of domain names, websites and online businesses.Admins can easily customize all features of the marketplace through the admin panel itself, so no programming skills are required.Slippa has many features of leading digital marketplaces, such as domain ownership verification, real-time Google Analytics reports, user email notifications of all user activity, full-featured bidding system, chat/messaging system, and more.

Slippa enables its owners to create a marketplace where buyers can register and list their domain name, website or online business.Sellers can then purchase these digital products from the marketplace, and site owners will receive a commission on each successful sale. This success fee commission can be controlled by the site administrator.Additionally, admins can also charge buyers when they list their services on the marketplace.

Let us walk you through the core functionality of our script.

Slippa has all the major features a bidding system should have. The system will control each bid according to the rules set by the seller and the administrator.Also from the backend the highest bidder is automatically selected as the winning bidder, and the seller can then choose to contract with the buyer from the script itself.(All tools needed for this process will be provided by the Slippa user panel.)

Classified Ads

Slippa is not just an auction marketplace, it can also run a classifieds and an auction marketplace at the same time.So the buyer can make an offer to the listing and then from the backend the seller can select the offer to open the contract.

Internal chat/messaging system

Slippa has a fully functional chat/messaging system where buyers and sellers can communicate within the marketplace.

Email notification system

Slippa has an advance email notification system which is very useful for both buyers and sellers.Email notifications are available for all major events, such as when a seller receives a new bid or offer, when a seller approves a new bid, and when a new bidder bids higher than the current bid, all previous bidders are also notified.There are many more useful email notifications.

Fácil de personalizar

Most images can be changed from the admin panel itself, other styles can be easily customized with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

SEO optimization

All our script pages are fully optimized so you don't need to worry about your site's speed, ranking and fast indexing.


Scripts can be run in multiple languages. Admins can add any language from the admin panel. So yes, your website can have as many languages ​​as you want.

Multiple ad options

Not only can you make money from the marketplace, but you can also make money from advertising. We have multiple ad slots. All ad slots are responsive.Even if your ads aren't responsive, our script will make them responsive so your website design doesn't affect them.

Free updates for life

After purchase, you will receive lifetime updates. We update and add advanced features frequently.

Multiple payment gateways

The script currently supports PayPal Express, PayPal Pro and Stripe payment methods, with more payment options to be added in future updates.If you need any other payment method, you can contact us and we may be able to assist you.

There are many other great features in the script that make your website one of the top ones available in the market. In addition, more features will be introduced in the future.This script will generate money while you sit back and relax...!


  • Fully functional bidding system
  • Selling Domain Names, Websites, Apps and Online Businesses
  • Sell ​​Telegram Channels and Social Accounts New on v2.4
  • Image slider and multiple image options New on v2.4
  • Include Managed Services Module New on v2.1
  • Mailchimp-Newsletter New on v2.1
  • Escrow service sold directly or as a broker New on v2.1
  • DNS Domain Ownership Verification New on v2.1
  • Manage domain and website lists New on v2.1
  • Sold as admin only New on v2.1
  • Bulk list upload
  • Earn a commission on every sale
  • Charge a listing fee
  • Multilingual
  • Fees charged by payment method
  • Fully functional blog
  • Powerful management panel
  • Powerful user panel
  • declaration list manager
  • Withdrawal system
  • contract system
  • Internal chat/messaging system
  • Dispute Manager
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fácil de personalizar
  • AdSense friendly
  • Multiple ad options
  • Unlimited pages
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Real-time Google Analytics report
  • Domain ownership verification
  • Auction and classified listing systems
  • User control
  • Responsive and elegant design
  • A key installation
  • detail report.
  • Charts and Comparisons
  • There are many more functions.

Our documentation will guide you step by step how to configure and install the script according to your requirements, as this script contains the installation settings available, you only need basic details such as database name and password.

Problems configuring new scripts? Or do you have questions?

We are here 24/7 to help you get the most out of your doo-downloader scripts. Send us a message.


These are the minimum server requirements needed to run Slippa scripts on your server.

  • Apache/Linux server
  • PHP >= 7.x
  • فعال سازی ماژول CURL
  • Apache mod_rewrite
  • allow_url_fopen enabled (standard for most shared hosts)
  • Enable file_get_contents (standard for most shared hosts)
  • PHP execution enabled
  • CRON, Crontab activation
  • Envato purchase code
  • Aktivieren Sie die PHP-libxml
  • MYSQL Version > 5.6

Refund policy

Please note that we will not accept any refund requests made after the file has been downloaded.So make sure our script meets your requirements and your server meets our minimum server requirements. You can see all the functions available in our script from our demo.If you still have any questions about the functionality of the script or server requirements, please contact us via our support emailSupport @onlinetoolhub. combefore making a purchase. We will get back to you within 2/3 hours


Version 3.3 released (stable) (10/19/2021)

-  Captcha added for Contact form and registration
-  Buyer Invoices loading issue fixed
-  Contact form SMTP issue fixed
-  Multiple upload types added for mark as delivered
-  All other identified issued were fixed.
-  Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 3.2.1 released (09/07/2021)

- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 3.2 publiée (14/06/2021)

- Manage listing Paginations feature Added
- Manage Offers Pagination feature Added
- Manage Listing Sorting feature Added
- Message email notifications feature added
- Listing cover images added
- Email translations added
- Default user avatar image added.
- Edit listing's all prices feature added
- Enable single main category added.
- Escrow email mandotry issue fixed.
- Front page thumbnail links & other links issues were fixed
- All the identified issued were fixed.
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 3.1 released (01/04/2021)

- All the identified issued were fixed.
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 3.0 released (03/03/2021)

- DNS & Upload Domain Verification issues were fixed and optimized
- Listing issues were fixed
- Withdrawal Method issues were fixed.
- Sales Contract Open & Offer accepting issues were fixed
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.9 released (11/02/2021)

- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.8 released (01/02/2021)

Release: (This is a major update )
- Make Script Front End & User Dashboard Fully Translatable . 
- Social login Added
- Category Item Count issue fixed.
- Unique Email & Username db issue fixed.
- Payment Extensions System Added
- New installation & update wizards
- Custom Css & Js from Admin Panel.
- Other minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.7.1 released (09/01/2021)

- Email notification issue fixed
- Other minor fixes & improvements.  

Version 2.7 released (29/11/2020)

- Essential security update release . 

Version 2.6 released (22/11/2020)

- Email spam issue fixed.
- current version check added.
- Other minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.5 released (02/11/2020)

- Admin panel & user panel sidebar responsive issue fixed.
- Plugin status update issue has been fixed.
- File upload domain validation issue fixed.
- Other minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.4 released (22/09/2020)

- Social accounts & Channel selling option added.
- Image sliders and multiple image options
- Other minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.3 released (18/08/2020)

- Ad saving issues were fixed.
- Adding images to pages,blog,domains,website and etc fixed.
- Item page seller review update issue fixed.
- contract update date issue fixed. 
- Other minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.2 released (14/07/2020)

- Escrow settings saving error was fixed.
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.1 released (13/07/2020)

- Escrow services module added
- Mail Chimp Newsletters 
- DNS domain verification added
- Domain & Website Listings as Admin
- User Login as Admin.
- Homepage view controls
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 2.0 released (05/06/2020)

- App selling module added
- Website screenshots feature added
- Domain Verification issue fixed
- Bulk Listing upload feature added
- Multiple currency options added.
- App URL verification feature added.
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 1.2 released (27/05/2020)

- Sell only domains or Only websites  or Both feature added
- Sell only classified listings or Auction listings or Both features added
- Domain Verification Disable & Enable Feature added
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 1.1 released (23/05/2020)

- Added 2 new pages for Websites & Domains
- Added header logo to login,register,forgot-password, & password update pages.
- Minor fixes & improvements. 

Version 1.0 released (22/05/2020)

- First release of  Slippa domains & websites marketplace script on Codecanyon

Slippa - Domains,Website ,App & Social Media Marketplace PHP Script [Free Download]
Slippa - Domains,Website ,App & Social Media Marketplace PHP Script [Nulled]
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  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x