SalePro - Inventory Management System with POS, HRM, Accounting

SaleProPOS - Ultimate Inventory Management Software with POS (Point of Sale)

Update your inventory information, make purchases and view sales information anytime, anywhere.Whether you're running a small or large business, it's the solution you need to manage inventory, purchase, sell - all in one app.

Great features

  • Overview and annual sales charts
  • 5 latest sales
  • Top 5 Selling Products Monthly and Yearly


  • Standard Products, Digital Products
  • product category
  • Add, edit, delete and view products
  • print barcode
  • Import via CSV


  • Add, edit, delete and view sales
  • Payments (multiple additions, edits, deletions)
  • Receive payments online with Stripe, Paypal
  • venta de devolución
  • Add, edit, delete and view deliveries


  • Add, edit, delete and view quotes
  • Add sales from quote
  • download as pdf


  • Add, edit, delete and view purchases
  • Payments (multiple additions, edits, deletions)
  • Import via CSV


  • Transfer product to warehouse
  • Add, edit, delete and view transfer status
  • Import via CSV


  • User-oriented design, touchscreen friendly
  • Suspend sales, print orders and bills
  • Can show billing screen to customers
  • Accept multiple payments
  • Add sales, payment and employee notes


  • Add, edit, delete and view users, assigned roles
  • Add, edit, delete and view customers, bills, suppliers
  • Import customers, bills, suppliers via CSV


  • Overview and Warehouse Stock Charts
  • Product Quantity and Expiration Reminders
  • Daily, monthly custom sales, payments, P&L purchase reports
  • Customers, Suppliers, Due, Bestseller Reports


  • Edit logo, website title
  • Change POS settings
  • Edit user profile, change password
  • Create roles for users
  • Add, edit, delete and view customer groups
  • Add, edit, delete and view repositories
  • Add, edit, delete and view tax rates
  • Add, edit, delete and view brands
  • Add, edit, delete and view units


  • Multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German. More to be added soon)
  • table sorting (by column)
  • Column Visibility Control
  • Export table contents to CSV, PDF or print (select columns)
  • Added email notification system for sales, quotes, returns and payments

Live demo and login details:

Collegamento dimostrativo:Access Stock manager Pro with POS


username :admin
password :admin


username :staff
password :staff

You can create users from People; add users and assign user permissions for testing purposes.

Online documentation

Documentation is available in the Readme folder downloaded from Codecanyon after purchase. You can also access it from within the app after installation.Documentation is also available online. Here is the link to the online documentation:SalePro POS Documentation

Watch the installation video:


Version 3.5.7 14 December 21

1. Updated: Upgraded to Laravel 8
2. Fixed: Minor bug fixes. 

Version 3.5.6 16 November 21

1. Updated: Print layout of purchase, sale, return, quotation, transfer details popup updated
2. Updated: RTL layout updated.
3. Fixed: Bug during the creation of sale and purchase from quotation fixed
4. Fixed: Bug regarding the drafted sale fixed
5. Fixed: Minor Bug fixes

Version 3.5.5 14 October 21

1. Added: IMEI or Serial number feature added to product
2. Added: User can track IMEI or Serial Number for every transactions
3. Added: RTL layout added
4. Updated: Translation updated
5. Updated: User interface updated
6. Updated: Transaction details updated
7. Fixed: Minor bugs fixed

Version 3.5.4 22 September 21

1. update: Product with variant can be added to combo
2. Fixes: Draft sale related issue fixed
3. Fixes: Pending purchase related issue fixed
4. Fixes: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.5.3 1 June 21

1. Added: Auto installer system added.
2. Updated: Documentation updated
3. Fixed: Minor bug fixed

Version 3.5.2 1 June 21

1. added: Reward point system.
2. added: Point system as a payment gateway.
3. updated: Role permission updated.
4. updated: Profit calculation in dashboard improved.
5. updated: User interface changed
6. Fixed: Minor bugs fixes

Version 3.5.1 1 June 21

1. Added: Cost of goods sold formula implemented to calculate profit/loss
2. updated: Profit calculation formula change in dashboard
3. updated: Summary report updated

Version 3.5 31 May 21

1. Updated: Product report updated.
2. Added: Product batch and expiry date added.
3. Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.4.2 20 February 21

1. added: date and warehouse filter added in purchase list
2. added: date and warehouse filter added in sale list
3. added: date filter added in expense list
4. updated: search filter updated in sale list. User can filter sale list with biller name

Version 3.4.1 12 February 21

1. Added: Bulgarian Language added
2. Added: Date filtering option added in purchase page.
3. Updated: Adjustment section improved.
4. Updated: Print Barcode section updated
5. Updated: Documentation Updated.
6. Fixed: Bug regarding variant in POS page fixed.
7. Fixed: Bug regarding register page fixed
8. Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.4.0 14 January 21

1. updated: Latest product will be added to the top
2. updated: Data will be saved to POS page until user completed the sale.
3. updated: Report section improved.
4. updated: Brand section improved.
5. updated: Expense section improved.
6. updated: Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.3.8 20 November 20

  added:  Indian GST.
  updated: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.7 11 November 20

  added: Currency
  added: Set different price for different warehouse
  added: Customer's user access
  added: customer dashboard
  added: Database backup facility
  added: product import with variant
  updated: Php calendar function removed
  updated: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.6 31 October 20

  added: Today's sale summary in POS
  added: Today's profit in POS
  added: Notification System
  updated: Permission section improved
  updated: Report section improved
  updated: minor bug fixes
  updated: Translation section improved

Version 3.3.5 24 October 20

  added: cash register added
  added: cash register report added
  updated: Updated to Laravel 6
  updated: product variant section updated
  updated: image upload for product and brand updated
  updated: system security updated
  updated: minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.4 – 13 July 20

  updated: permission section improved
  updated: category image section improved
  updated: problem with category index page solved
  updated: minor bugs fixed

Version 3.3.3 – 03 July 20

  Added: Category image upload option added
  Updated: Barcode/Label printing section updated
  Updated: POS section updated
  Fixes: minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.2 – 09 June 20

  Fixes: minor bug fixes

Version 3.3 – 20 April 20

  updated: category section improved
  updated: warehouse section improved
  updated: language section improved
  updated: all transaction page improved
  Fixes: minor bug fixes

Version 3.2 – 04 March 20

  updated: role permission for warehouse, brand and biller.
  updated: user can search in purchase table with supplier name.
  updated: user can search product with category and brand in product table
  added: money transfer feature between two accounts
  updated: money transfer will effect balance sheet and account statement
  added: role permission for money transfer

Version 3.1.1 – 05 February 20

  Fixes: Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1 – 12 January 20

Purchase code verify issue resolved
  Fixes: Bugs related to product variant solved

Version 3.0 – 27 December 19

  Added: Product variant
  Added: Vietnamese and lao language
  Added: Eager loading
  Update: Set language in cookie
  Update: Performance of all transaction improved
  Fixes: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.9 – 11 November 19

  Added: POS Printer Support
  Fixes: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.8 – 03 November 19

  Added: Sound (button tap) added for POS
  Added: Quick cash facility added for POS
  Added: Drag & Drop image upload added
  Added: image slideshow feature added
  Fixes: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.7 – 22 October 19

  Added: Holiday module added
  Added: My transaction (transaction summary) feature added with calendar integration
  Added: Warehouse report added
  Update: Report section updated

Version 2.5.4 – 15 April 19

  Update: Pagination improved to support large-scale data
  Update: Security improved
  Update: Document upload section improved

Version 2.5.3 – 03 Mar 19

  Update: Design section improved
  Added: Multiple row delete option added

Version 2.5.2 – 23 Feb 19

  Added: SMS/text message notification system

Version 2.5.1 – 18 Feb 19

  Added: Stock count feature

Version 2.5 – 09 Feb 19

  Update: Payment section improved
  Added: One click empty database option added
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4.1 – 21 Jan 19

  Added: User Report added
  Added: Animation added
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.4 – 03 Jan 19

  Added: HRM & Payroll Module added
  Added: Accounting Module added
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.3 – 17 Dec 18

  Added: malay language added
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.2 – 8 Dec 18

  Update: Design Improved
  Update: POS page Improved
  Update: Payment section Improved
  Update: POS Page Improved
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1 – 25 Nov 18

  Update: Combo product Feature added
  Update: Product import Improved

Version 2 – 05 Nov 18

  Update: Dashboard Improved
  Update: Translation Improved
  Update: New languages added (Russian, Italian, Turkish, Hindi & Dutch)
  Update: Coupon Feature added

Version 1.9 – 24 Oct 18

  Update: Dashboard Redesign
  Update: Pos Redesign
  Update: Report section improved
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 1.8 – 7 Oct 18

  Update: Gift Card Design added
  Update: Mail functionality improved
  Update: Report section improved
  Update: Credit card payment improved
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7 – 24 Sep 18

  Update: Dashboard redesign
  Update: POS touch keypad extended
  Fixes:  Minor bug fixes

Version 1.6 – 16 Sep 18

  Fixes: Paypal bugs fixed
  Added: Gift card expiry date alert check included
  Fixes:  Mail setting updated

Version 1.5 – 13 Sep 18

  Update: Paypal payment solution added
  Update: Invoice redesign

Version 1.4 – 6 Sep 18

  Update: import option for category
  Update: expense category
  Update: expense
  Update: gift card facility
  Update: customer deposit facility
  Update: payment with gift card and deposit
  Update: create purchase from quotation
  Update:  sample file for each import
  Update: report modify
  Update: POS redesign
  Update: filtering option for POS
  Update: Dashboard redesign
  Fixes: minor bug fixes

Version 1.3 – 11 Aug 18

  Update: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.2 – 7 Aug 18

  Update: Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.1 – 30 July 18

  Added: Digital Product Type, Returns, New languages etc.

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SalePro - Inventory Management System with POS, HRM, Accounting [Free Download]
SalePro - Inventory Management System with POS, HRM, Accounting [Nulled]
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