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Hotel WordPress Theme - Sailis a WordPress theme for hotels, hostels, resorts or any other accommodation service with an excellent online booking system.If you want to start a hotel booking website, Sailing has the perfect idea for your business. integrationWP Hotel Booking PluginProvides you with everything you need to easily manage your booking system.

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Perfect hotel reservation system

What more do you need for your amazing WordPress-based hotel booking website?

Complete hotel reservations with WP Hotel Booking Plugin

Our online booking systemSailing - Hotel WordPress Thememanaged byWP Hotel Reservation- A great hotel management plugin for ThimPress itself. WP Hotel Booking Plugin is used by more than 1000 hotels, resorts worldwide.From here, you'll have full control over rooms, bookings, clients, coupons, room types, room capacity, pricing plans, and settings.

» Use the shopping cart to book multiple hotel rooms

» Pricing plan

» Coupon management

» reporting system

» Extra room service

» room management

» Block special dates

» customer management

» search room

» WooCommerce support, process payments with WooCommerce

» payment gateway

5 Hotel Demo/w 1 Click Demo Importer

WordPress Hotel Theme - Sailing is designed with 8 homepages for you to set up your website. Attractive "About Us" and "Gallery" pages also "kill" any visitor from the first glance.With WooCommerce, WordPress Hotel Theme - Sailing can be any online store where you can set products, features, prices, variations...For better marketing, Sailing provides social media features to share information and find leads via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and newsletters.Apart from that, this WordPress hotel theme supports translation ready even RTL languages, mobile friendly, fully responsive, retina ready and SEO optimized.

Amazing premium slider for your hotel booking website<

Sailing comes with Revolution Slider - a premium plugin that provides a high degree of customization, transitions, effects and custom animations for your website.Drag and drop, responsive page builder - SiteOrigin is also included here to simplify building any post, page and content of your website.Additionally, Sailing - WordPress Hotel Theme supports other plugins like Black Studio TinyMCE widget to add a new "Visual Editor" widget type on top of the native WordPress TinyMCE editor, Testimonials By ThimPress - A plugin that allows you to showcase your testimonials, WordPress Importer can import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, tags and more from WordPress export files and more.

Ultimate SEO Optimization

By using our Burj Al Arab WordPress theme, your hotel website's ranking on search engines will increase significantly.Every title, title, meta tag is carefully optimized the way Google likes it.structured dataDeeply implemented to make your website look good in Google search results. We code not only blog posts but also WooCommerce products and rooms.

Hotel WordPress Theme - Navigation at a Glance<

Sailing is a creative WordPress theme for travel, tours, hotel reservations, room reservations, housing, listings or airbnb - bed and breakfast services.If you want to build a hotel website on WordPress, you can definitely use Sailing as your WordPress theme as it provides features for listing, hotel and travel websites that can save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Excellent online hotel booking managed byWP Hotel Reservationsokmak.
  • Revolution slider.
  • Drag and drop, responsive SiteOrigin page builder.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly.
  • The retina is ready.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Social media sharing.
  • WooCommerce is ready.
  • Post Formats - Standard, Gallery and Video.
  • Built on the latest Bootstrap 3 and FontAwesome 2.
  • Styles are written with LESS CSS.
  • Live preview customizer.
  • Contact Form 7 is ready.
  • MailChimp integration.
  • Performance optimization.
  • 08 demos pré-fabricados.
  • One-click demo implementation.
  • Self-presented HTML5 video player.
  • Google Fonts Support (600+).
  • Translation ready (.po/.mo files), RTL support.
  • Unlimited color options.


Sailing WP 4.1.9 – 2021-16-08

Fixed: some minor bugs(layout, responsive)

Sailing WP 4.1.8 – 2021-13-7

Update all new layout for demo
Some minor bugs(layout, responsive)

Sailing WP 4.1.7 – 2021-20-1

Support wp_body_option in WordPress 5.x

Sailing WP 4.1.6 – 2020-22-10

Fixed: Image not show when use CDN
Some minor bugs(layout, responsive)

Sailing WP 4.1.5 – 2020-22-09

Fixed: compatible WordPress 5.5.1
Speed optimization.

Sailing WP 4.1.4 – 2020-25-08

Fixed: compatible WordPress 5.5.

Sailing WP 4.1.3 – 2020-19-08

Fixed: error js with WordPress 5.5

Sailing WP 4.1.2 – 2020-07-08

Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.

Sailing WP 4.1 – 2019-06-07

- Fixed: Element.
- Fixed: Title not right on page search result.
- Fixed: Background image and pattern.

Sailing WP 4.0.0 – 2019-05-28

- Added: Support Elementor(demo 1 - demo .
- Added: Search child in new Search demo 8.
- Added: Support plugin Event Manager
- Fixed: Library js update.
- Fixed: Js Scroll in new version Chrome.
- Updated: File Language
- Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
- Fixed: Widget Testimonials.
- Fixed: Sticky Menu Mobile.
- Support: Jetpact plugin.
- Fixed: Extra custom process.

Sailing WP 3.4 – 2019-04-25

- Fixed: Gutenberg.
- Fixed: RTL carousel.
- Fixed: Translate date on widget search.
- Updated: File Language.
- Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.

Sailing WP 3.3 – 2019-03-05

- Fixed: Widget Thim Hotel room display not right.
- Fixed: Price not right when not re-save room.
- Fixed: Related room duplicate.

Sailing WP 3.2 – 2019-02-27

- Fixed: owlCarousel items responsive.
- Fixed: Facebook GDPR.

Sailing WP 3.1 – 2019-02-12

- Fixed: Widget HB Rooms Carousel.
- Updated: File language.

Sailing WP 3.0 – 2018-01-23

- Updated: Library js Carousel new version.
- Updated: File language.

Sailing WP 2.9 – 2018-12-26

- Support: Gutenberg.
- Added: Link in title widget Thim Tours.
- Added: Options link target in widget Thim Button.
- Added: New design single testimonial.
- Fixed: Single Testimonial.
- Fixed: Widget Testimonial when no image config.

Sailing WP 2.8 – 2018-12-12

- Fixed: Translate cart and checkout Hotel.
- Fixed: Extra required Hotel.
- Fixed: Alt popup Gallery.
- Fixed: Lib Tax meta.
- Updated: File language.
- Added: Child field in cart and checkout.
- Added: Lib Font Awesome 4.7.

Sailing WP 2.7 – 2018-11-16

Fixed: Outdate Hotel Booking.
Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
Fixed: Error js when no active plugin hotel booking.
Fixed: Color icon box.
Updated: File language.
Added: Config top image Room Type.
Added: Config top image Category product.

Sailing WP 2.6 – 2018-10-24

- Fixed: Outdate Woocommerce.
- Fixed: Outdate Hotel Booking.
- Fixed: Widget Gallery Filter.
- Fixed: Mobile Menu.
- Added: Config Time Testimonial.

Sailing WP 2.5 – 2018-10-08

- Fixed: Header new demo.
- Fixed: Related room.
- Fixed: Menu Column.
- Added: Old Layout in widget Thim Room Slider.

Sailing WP 2.4 – 2018-08-02

- Update: Add link to widget Thim Slider Room.
- Update: Fix layout rooms type and header in mobile.
- Update: Add list layout for room page.
- Update: New demo.

Sailing WP 2.3 – 2018-07-09

Fixed: Parallax background.
Fixed: Layout price hotel booking.
Update: My account Woocommerce style.

Sailing WP 2.2 – 2018-06-28

- Fixed: Error when use widget in room and post.
- Added: Config hidden more info in room.
- Fixed: Background on Safari.
- Fixed: Page Hotel Room.
- Added: Widget Hotel Room Slider.
- Change: New layout Hotel room.

Sailing WP 2.1 – 2018-06-21

- Fixed: Widget Carousel room.
- Fixed: Woocommerce single.
- Added: Room type information in archive room.
- Added: Show header left sidebar in menu on mobile.
- Added: Setting Excerpt length for room.
- Update: Template for plugin Hotel Booking.

Sailing WP 2.0 – 2018-05-28

- Remove: Plugin Thim Framework.
- New: Updated theme use plugin Thim Core.
- New: Customize setting and live.
- New: Import by Thim Core full image and data use one click.
- New: Manage plugin and theme.
- New: Login Envato update pentium theme and plugin.
- Fixed: Hotel Booking new version.
- Added: Install addon Hotel on Theme Dashboard.

Sailing v1.15.2 – 2018-03-30

- Fixed: Blog pagination.
- Fixed: Config Plugin Hotel.
- Updated: File language default.
- Updated: Data demo and data widget.

Sailing v1.15.1 – 2018-03-14

- Fixed: Heading for hidden title.
- Fixed: Check box and field country.
- Fixed: Widget HB Room Carousel responsive.
- Added: Responsive header for demo 5.
- Added: Multicolor for Social.
- Added: Auto play for widget Testimonial.
- Updated: Required field for Checkout Hotel.

Sailing v1.14.7 – 2017-11-24

- Updated: Updated plugin Thim Framework.
- Updated: Compatibility WordPress 4.9.
- Added: Custom Feature Area for single room.

Sailing v1.14.6 – 2017-11-06

- Added: Translate for copyright.
- Changed: Always show sticky when scroll.
- Update: Responsive room cart.
- Update: Copyright sidebar(support WPML).
- Fixed: Woocommerce product variable.

Sailing Hotel v1.14.5 – 2017-09-07

- Improved: UI/UX.

Sailing Hotel v1.14.4 – 2017-09-06

- Fixed: search room on mobile.
- Fixed: customize live.
- Fixed: width logo in customize.
- Fixed: heading background category post.
- Fixed: Select category gallery filter.
- Fixed: thank you page.
- Fixed: Customize typography.

Sailing Hotel v1.14.3 – 2017-08-29

- Fixed: main menu color.
- Fixed: button search text.

Sailing Hotel v1.14.0 – 2017-07-03

- Fixed: version plugin Thim: Framework.
- Update: Out of date Woocommerce templates 3.1.0.

Sailing Hotel v1.13.2 – 2017-06-27

- Add: template wp-hotel-booking/search/loop.php.
- Fixed: demo data home 1 - 5.
- Improved: Show top header on mobile.
- Fixed: Mobile Menu.
- Added: Google Analytics Option.
- Added: Option Hide/Show Children vs Adults.

Sailing Hotel v1.13.1 – 2017-04-18

- Update: WP Hotel Booking

Sailing Hotel v1.13 – 2017-04-17

- Update: Plugin WooCommerce 3.0.3
- Update: outdate Woocommerce 3.0.3
- Update: Slider Revolution v5.4.1
- Fixed: Header when disable sticky menu 

Sailing Hotel v1.12.1 – 2017-2-8

- Update: Plugin tp-hotel-booking 1.7
- Fixed: Gallery

Sailing Hotel v1.12 – 2017-1-23

- Fixed: Install plugin TP Hotel Booking

Sailing Hotel v1.11 – 2017-1-23

- Update: Add option Google map API
- Update: Hotel Checkout page
- Fixed: Plugin update tp-hotel-booking

Sailing Hotel v1.10 – 2017-1-20

- Fixed: Widget Google map
- Fixed: Some minor issues
- Update: UI/UX
- Update: Plugin tp-hotel-booking 1.3

Sailing Hotel v1.9.9 – 2016-12-1

- Update: UI/UX.
- Update: plugin tp-hotel-booking.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.8 – 2016-10-25

- Update: navigation room archive.
- Fixed: Widgets have class thim-fixed.
- Fixed: Logo.
- Fixed: Header default and Header overlay.
- Fixed: Top image in page.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.7 – 2016-09-12

- Fixed: Widget Thim Testimonials.
- Fixed: Update cart.
- Added: Options to show/hide room information in Single room page.
- Updated: Demo data.
- Update: UI/UX.
- Update: Widget Thim Video.
- Update: tp-hotel-booking

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.9 – 2016-06-30

- Update: outdated some WooCommerce template files version 2.6.2.
- Fixed: Api for widget Google Map.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.8 – 2016-06-22

- Fixed: Gallery images in single room page. 

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.7 – 2016-06-20

- Updated: version of plugins required.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.6 – 2016-06-15

- Fixed: Install required plugins.
- Updated: outdated some WooCommerce template files version 2.6.0.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.5 – 2016-06-14

- Fixed: Gallery images in single room page.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.4 – 2016-06-02

- Updated: Option custom title for Single room page.
- Updated: Option show/hide Read more button in Blog page.
- Updated: Show more thumbnails of gallery images in Single room page.
- Fixed: Install plugin Hotel Importer.
- Fixed: Share Facebook in Blog page.
- Fixed: Menu on mobile.
- Fixed: Search room page on mobile.
- Fixed: Video not working on mobile.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.3 – 2016-05-10

- Fixed: Install plugin TP Hotel Booking Importer.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.2 – 2016-05-06

- Updated: Plugin Thim Framework.
- Updated: Plugin Hotel Booking.
- Updated: Price Importer.
- Fixed: Add images for Gallery.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6.1 – 2016-04-25

- Updated: Thim Framework

Sailing Hotel v1.9.6 – 2016-04-22

- Added: Child theme.
- Updated: TP Hotel Booking.
- Updated: Thim Framework.
- Updated: Demo data.

Sailing Hotel v1.9.5 – 2016-04-19

- Added: New home page (home 5) and new header style 2.
- Updated: New social icon for Thim: Social widget.
- Updated: New option muted audio, new option auto play, UX/UI for widget Thim: Icon Box (video background).
- Updated: UX/UI Search room, checkout.
- Updated: Option custom footer text/link color.
- Updated: Option custom preload (allow change background color, logo image).
- Fixed: Style single room on mobile, style rooms archive.
- Improved: Optimize performance.
- Compatible up to: wordpress 4.5.

Sailing Hotel 1.9.4 – 2016-03-29

+ Fixed: Filter gallery.
+ Fixed: Draggable google map.

Sailing Hotel 1.9.3 – 2016-03-18

+ New: Option ref attribute (Widget Social Link).
+ Updated: UI/UX.
+ Updated: Optimize performance.
+ Fixed: Gallery select images.
+ Fixed: Header Default Style.

Sailing Hotel 1.9.2 • 2016-03-04

+ Fixed: Widget List Post.
+ Added: Option logo for mobile.
+ Added: Option limit post for widget Gallery.
+ Added: Option instagram link for widget Social Link.

Sailing Hotel 1.9.1 • 2016-02-23

+ Improved plugin thim-framework.
+ Fixed use top image for category.
+ Updated heading top.

Sailing Hotel 1.9 • 2016-02-19

+ Updated mobile menu on window phone.
+ Updated some customizer options header style.
+ Updated room type title.
+ Updated load file language.
+ Updated missing logo after imported demo.
+ Removed some unused customizer options.
+ Added option coordinates for widget google map.
+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking v1.1.2:
+ Added template taxonomy room type.
+ Translate calendar search widget.
+ Updated calendar format.
+ Updated capacity (Removed some option, Added term meta, Search query , Admin capacity).

Sailing Hotel 1.8 • 2016-02-05

+ Updated carousel room widget.
+ Updated related room carousel.
+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking v1.1.1:
+ Updated Resize image, gallery, archive rooms.
+ Updated Session class.
+ Updated Loco Translation & Multi languages.

Sailing Hotel 1.7 • 2016-02-03

+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking v1.1.
+ Updated to work perfectly on SSL.
+ Updated parallax.

Sailing Hotel 1.6 • 2016-01-18

+ Updated blog style.
+ Updated single room style.
+ Updated shop style.
+ Updated demo data.
+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking.
+ Updated template WooCommerce.

Sailing Hotel 1.5 • 2016-01-05

+ Updated file language.
+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking v1.0.2.

Sailing Hotel 1.4 • 2015-12-31

+ Updated widget gallery.
+ Updated top header image.
+ Updated gallery slider single room.
+ Updated mobile logo.
+ Updated mobile menu.

Sailing Hotel 1.3 • 2015-12-23

+ Updated responsive room archive column.
+ Updated widget gallery.
+ Updated widget iconbox.
+ Updated plugin Thim Framwork v1.1.

Sailing Hotel 1.2 • 2015-12-16

+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking.

Sailing Hotel 1.1 • 2015-11-11

+ Updated customize options.
+ Updated document.
+ Updated image demo.
+ Updated plugin tp-hotel-booking.

Sailing Hotel 1.0 • 2015-11-09

+ The most amazing Hotel WordPress Theme was born <img src="/images/smileys/happy.png" alt=" :)" title=" :)" />

Sailing | Hotel WordPress Theme [Free Download]
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  • Gutenberg Optimized: No
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: WooCommerce 5.7.x, WooCommerce 5.6.x, WooCommerce 5.5.x, WooCommerce 5.4.x, WooCommerce 5.3.x, WooCommerce 5.1.x, WooCommerce 5.0.x, WooCommerce 4.9.x, WPML, Bootstrap 4.x
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x
  • ThemeForest Files Included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Columns: 4+
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive