v1.8 Rocket LMS - Learning Management & Academy Script

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Rocket LMSis an online course marketplace with tons of features to help you easily start an online education business.The product helps teachers and students connect and share knowledge.
Teachers will be able to create unlimited video lessons, live lessons, text lessons, projects, quizzes, documents, and more, and students will be able to use educational materials and improve their skills.
Rocket LMSBased on real business needs, cultural differences, advanced user research, the product effectively meets your business needs.

Why choose Rocket LMS?

• Comprehensive Solutions for Online Education Business
• Based on actual business needs and requirements
• Multiple content types (video lessons, live lessons, text lessons)
• public and private courses
• Quiz and Certification
• Youtube, Vimeo and AWS integration
• Google Calendar integration
• Online 1-on-1 meeting booking
• Single and Multiple Mentors
• organizational education system
• Meeting and Webinar Reminders
• User rights
• variable commission
• Built-in accounting system
• Classroom Support System
• Bulletin Board
• Subscription system
• +15 global payment gateways
• Offline payments
• SMS et connexion sociale
• A variety of live classroom system support
• multi-language
• Fully responsive
• Totalmente personalizable
• Front-end RTL support
• Professional plugin
• Membership and Referral System
• Multilingual content
• ...


Rocket LMS includes two design styles, you can view them at the following links:

Presentation style 1 (animated title)
Presentation style 2 (full-width header)

URL del panel de administración
Username: Admin @ apresentação. e
Password: admin




Is Rocket LMS right for my business?

Rocket LMSis a complete solution for online education business. You can use it for:
• Create a multi-instructor education platform for selling live courses, video and text courses.
• Create a platform to sell your educational materials.
• Create organizational education solutions (multi-institutions).
• Create a meeting booking system for booking 1-to-1 meetings.
• Create a document sales system.
• Create a subscription-based system to sell educational materials.
• Create a video streaming platform.
• …

How can I start my business?

Everything is ready to start your online business today!Simply purchase Rocket LMS and follow the instructions included in the package to install it, or contact support through CRM and ask for a free installation.



Admins, teachers, and organizations will be able to create courses.
Students will be able to use the courses by purchasing them directly or by subscribing to them. They also book live sessions with available instructors.
The amount paid will be split between the content provider and the administrator.
Admins can also control everything using a professional admin area.



Does the product support RTL languages?

What are the server requirements?

Can I run this product on shared hosting?

Can I use Youtube and Vimeo as video storage?

Which payment gateways are supported?

What can be customized in the product?

What technologies are used for development?


Rocket LMS



• Rocket LMS source code
• Detailed documentation
• support information
• Free support for 6 months
• Free installation


Paid plugins (not included)

• Subscription plug-in
• Offline payments
• Payment gateway packages (including Paypal, PayU, Razorpay)
• Quiz and Certification
• conference system
• Text Lessons
• SMS authentication
• Bulletin Board
• Bigbluebutton integration
• organization
• Multilingual content
• Referrals and Affiliates

The following plugins are paid and not included in the package, you can buy them separately (or bundle them) according to your business needs.

Click here for plugins and pricing

What will I get with support?

Rocket LMS is a supported product. We will support our customers in accordance with the Codecanyon support policy and you will get:
- به روز رسانی مادام العمر
- Regular bugfixes
- Paid customization
- Help with product features
- Free installation

The support process will be provided through usCRM.

How can I get support?

For support, you can refer to ourcustomer relationship management system. You can also ask your pre-sale questions in the comments.


View our creditsCRM.


Version 1.3 – Release Date: 26 Oct 2021

New: Affiliate & referral marketing.
New: Multi-languate content.
New: Course sections feature.
New: Udemy-style video modal.
New: Course content could be enabled/disabled separately.
New: Course URL change feature.
New: Organize quizzes in course sections.
New: Define start time for classes.
New: Right-click disabled in the video modal to prevent unwanted downloads.
Fixed: Problem in featured courses price.
Fixed: Error in saving user financial information.
Fixed: Error in certificates text for Arabic language.
Fixed: Error in category and blog search.
Fixed: Error in tax rate for some currencies.
Fixed: User removal for organizations.
Fixed: Classes pagination in the admin panel.
Fixed: Error in the download status of classes.
Fixed: Other bug-fixes.
Fixed: Minor responsive issues.

Version 1.2 – Release Date: 30 Sep 2021

New: Display Tax & Discount rates in the sales list.
New: Invited instrcutor badge on the course page.
Fixed: Error in course enrollment for free classes when the user doesnt log in.
Fixed: Error in uploading files with Arabic names.
Fixed: Error in charge account page.
Fixed: Error in user profile image in the admin panel.
Fixed: Error in the contact page when is empty.
Fixed: Marketing dashboard data error.
Fixed: live class time picker issue.
Fixed: Error in subscription plans purchase process.

Version 1.1 – Release Date: 01 Sep 2021

New: Class thumbnail images are clickable.
New: Tax value could be zero.
New: Instructors can conduct free live classes.
New: Admin can generate 100% off discount codes.
New: Single language support.
New: Instructors can create quizzes with unlimited time.
Fixed: Extra decimals removed from prices.
Fixed: Login page data validation error.
Fixed: Prerequisites relation error.
Fixed: Meeting settings data validation error.
Fixed: Admin and front data language loading error.
Fixed: Excel export error for offline payments.
Fixed: Error in Stripe gateway price.
Fixed: Error in subscription plan remained downloads.
Fixed: Currency view in the cart page.
Fixed: Error in the admin panel side menu collapse mode.

v1.8 Rocket LMS - Learning Management & Academy Script [Free Download]
v1.8 Rocket LMS - Learning Management & Academy Script [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Sass, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 8.x, PHP 7.x