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Rocket is a modern fully loaded WordPress theme for creative, corporate and business websites, stores, blogs, portfolios and more.

The theme has a responsive design based on Bootstrap 3, 1170px Grid.

Rocket Creative multipurpose WordPress theme comes with a lot of options, so you can easily customize colors, layouts, elements, fonts with just a few clicks in the theme options panel.

In the template you may see 4 demos (default, app, movie and store) and 4 homepages with different sliders.You can buy this template for many purposes: web apps, mobile development, startup projects, portfolios or your own products, because every page has everything you need - sliders, iPad mockups, Iphone 6 mockups and Launch infographic image (by default).

The Rocket WordPress theme supports WooCommerce, so every page has menus with search and cart, plus Mega Menus, dropdowns, and everything else that works for you.You can be sure that you may make more profit from this website than you think, and its development is much easier than you think.


  • 100% response
  • Based on Bootstrap 3+
  • WordPress 5.8 is ready
  • WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer)include ($46)
  • Slider revolutioninclude ($29)
  • WooCommerce integration
  • One-click demo content installation
  • 5 demostraciones
    • Default
    • Application
    • Movie / Cinema
    • Store
  • Unlimited colors
  • 5 predefined color schemes
    • orange/lila
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • dark grey
    • red black
    • yellow-green
  • Full width and box layouts
  • Redux theme options
  • Theme customizer support (real-time appearance editor)
  • Super menuo
  • 5 Page Title Variations
  • 14 segment separator
  • Multipage/Single Page
  • Footer widget area with 7 layouts
  • Translation ready (including .pot file)
  • WPML compatible
  • Work Contact Form (Contact Form 7 Plugin)
  • Tipus de lletra web de Google
  • Contains 24 PSD files ($13)
  • LESS/CSS based themes
  • Lifetime update

Source and credit

  • Bootstrap 3
  • The Slider Revolution for WordPressby ThemePunch
  • WPBakery page builder for WordPressby wpbakery
  • Redux framework
  • guión bajo (_s)
  • Gorgeous pop-up window
  • Eulenkarussell


Version 2.9.3

* [tweak] WooCommerce 5.7.1 compatibility
* [tweak] Removed block support for Widget Areas
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.5.8
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.7.0
* [update] Slider Revolution sliders in the Sample Data folder

Version 2.9.2

* [new] Added Telegram, Medium, and Email fields
* [tweak] WPML - better compatibility
* [tweak] WooCommerce 5.2.2 compatibility
* [tweak] FontAwesome 5.15.3
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.6.0
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.4.8
* [fix] Main Navigation marker borders had incorrect color for some color schemes
* [fix] Timeline - markers had poor quality on hover (Safari)
* [fix] Load More button doesn't work in Grid elements
* [fix] Slider Revolution - some icons displayed incorrectly in the slider

Version 2.9.1

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.5.0
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.3.3
* [fix] Nav Dropdown arrow incorrect styling

Version 2.9.0

* [tweak] WooCommerce 4.3.2 compatibility
* [tweak] PHP 7.3 compatibility
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.2
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.2.21
* [fix] Team - broken layout in Team Member position for long words
* [fix] Team - Progress bars are not displayed on Single Member page
* [fix] Progress Bars element doesn't work on some pages
* [fix] "Search here..." string was not translatable
* [fix] Fix alerts styling after Contact Form 7 v5.2 update

Version 2.8.4

* [tweak] WPML - Tweaks for Language switcher styling
* [tweak] Removed Crypto version

Version 2.8.3

* [tweak] WooCommerce 4 compatibility
* [tweak] Added check for empty value for color function
* [tweak] Remove built-in Redux Framework
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.2.2
* [fix] Fixes autoupdates for a child theme
* [fix] Header Separator line
* [fix] Some Font Awesome icons are not displayed correctly after WPBakery Page Builder 6.1 update

Version 2.8.2

* [tweak] Theme update notification small tweaks
* [tweak] Flickr widget - load images by HTTPS

Version 2.8.1

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
* [tweak] Small tweaks

Version 2.8.0

* [new] New Theme Activation mechanism
* [update] Slider Revolution 6.1.5
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.5
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.8.0 compatibility
* [tweak] Small tweaks and improvements

Version 2.7.6

* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility
* [tweak] Small tweaks and improvements
* [fix] WooCommerce - Reviews styling on Single Product

Version 2.7.5

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.7
* [update] Slider Revolution

Version 2.7.4

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.6
* [update] Slider Revolution
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.5.2 compatibility
* [tweak] Tested on WordPress 5.0

Version 2.7.3

* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.5.2
* [update] Slider Revolution 5.4.8
* [fix] Token Sale Counter Header background color issue
* [fix] VC - Accordion Panel custom icon color doesn't work

Version 2.7.2

* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility
* [update] Slider Revolution

Version 2.7.1

* [tweak] Tweaks to Token Sale Countdown element 

Version 2.7.0

* [new] Crypto/ICO layout
* [new] VC - added Crypto Rates Table element
* [new] VC - added Crypto Card element
* [new] VC - added Token Countdown element
* [new] Timeline (Work Steps) - added vertical design layout
* [new] Home Crypto Layout PSD file
* [tweak] Flickr Widget - added button to profile
* [update] Slider Revolution
* [update] WBC importer 1.0.3

Version 2.6.5

* [tweak] VC Partners posts - added option to select Groups (categories)
* [tweak] VC Partners carousel - added option to select Groups (categories)
* [update] Slider Revolution
* [update] WPBakery Page Builder 5.4.7
* [update] Product verification updated (Envato Market 2.0.0)
* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.3.4 compatibility
* [fix] Broken link to Theme Options in side menu

Version 2.6.4

* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.3.1 compatibility
* [tweak] One-column layout for Shop Products on mobile devices
* [update] Slider Revolution
* [fix] Incorrect iframes height
* [fix] Navigation Menu widget - links color issue

Version 2.6.3

* [new] Added option to select page for 'Turn Back' button on single posts
* [fix] TGMPA bulk upgrade issue
* [fix] Dashboard - theme icon is not visible in Chrome
* [fix] Dashboard - item rating and thumbnail fixed (recent Envato API update)
* [tweak] Small tweaks and fixes

Version 2.6.2

* [update] Visual Composer 5.4.5
* [update] Slider Revolution 
* [tweak] PHP 7.0 compatibility 
* [tweak] Small tweaks and fixes

Version 2.6.1

* [new] Added new option to upload Retina Logo (@2x)
* [tweak] Added shrink-to-fit meta tag 
* [tweak] Added option to display Contact Button on all pages 
* [update] WooCommerce 3.2 compatibility
* [update] Translation files

Version 2.6.0

* [new] Welcome Screen + Product Registration
* [new] Team Groups taxonomy
* [update] Visual Composer 5.2
* [update] Translation files

Version 2.5.0

* [tweak] WooCommerce 3.1+ compatibility
* [update] Revolution Slider
* [update] Visual Composer v5.1.1 security update
* [fix] oEmbed sizing
* [fix] Small styling fixes

Version 2.4.2

* [tweak] Added option to enable/disable in-build Open Graphs meta tags
* [update] Translation files updated

Version 2.4.1

* [update] Visual Composer 5.1
* [update] Slider Revolution 5.4.1
* [tweak] Better loading parent styles for child themes
* [fix] Google Maps plugin version fix

Version 2.4.0

* [new] Added option to change Icobox Title color
* [new] Added new options for Section Title element (tag, subtitle color, font size)
* [new] Added option to display particular images (gallery) with lightbox
* [tweak] Post Author Box email replaced with website url
* [tweak] Improve rocket separator displaying on small resolutions
* [tweak] Page 404 - Social Title not displayed when Social Links option is disabled
* [tweak] Better styling for Shopping Cart on mobile devices
* [tweak] Small tweaks for Search Form on mobile devices
* [fix] Unnecessary border for Header Cart Icon on mobile devices (if advanced customization enabled)
* [fix] Bug when Images Carousel doesn't work on some pages
* [fix] Team Posts loop reset (leads to JS error in some cases)

Version 2.3.0

* [new] Single Post Author Box
* [update] Slider Revolution
* [tweak] Sidebar Generator plugin replaced with Easy Custom Sidebars
* [tweak] Added 'order' (ASC/DESC) option for Team Posts element
* [tweak] Added Autoplay Speed option for Partners Carousel element
* [tweak] Better styling for address box in Google Maps
* [tweak] Bundled plugins moved from the theme folder
* [fix] WooCommerce - Single Product images in popup
* [fix] WooCommerce - Vertical align for quantity and "add to cart" buttons (Firefox)

Version 2.2.0

* [update] Visual Composer 5.0.1
* [new] Added option to customize Page Heading top padding
* [new] Added option to increase Sidebar width
* [new] Added option to Show/Hide Single Post Title
* [new] Added option to Show/Hide Featured Image on Single Posts
* [tweak] Respect device width for h2, h3
* [tweak] Added predefined Page Templates for Visual Composer
* [tweak] Added excerpt for Pages and Custom Post Types
* [fix] Tabs text in WooCommerce single product tabs

Version 2.1.2

* [tweak] Mobile navigation styling tweaks
* [fix] Demo Style Switcher has been removed

Version 2.1.1

* [update] Slider Revolution
* [tweak] WooCommerce - better styling for My Account page
* [fix] Post Grid not displayed in some cases
* [fix] Recent Posts widget prevents proper work of Post Grid
* [fix] WooCommerce - payment methods notification color

Version 2.1.0

* [new] Color Skin - Green
* [tweak] Enable shortcodes in Widgets
* [tweak] Blockquote styling on Single Posts
* [tweak] Breacrumbs links on Single Posts
* [fix] Google Map separator color issue for color skins
* [fix] Display labels for Vertical Progress Bars on mobile devices

Version 2.0.0

* [new] Color Skin - Blue
* [new] Color Skin - Pink
* [new] Color Skin - Dark
* [new] Color Skin - Red
* [new] Boxed Layout
* [tweak] Change 'Turn Back' link to Blog page instead of Home
* [fix] Remove box styling for Custom Post Types
* [tweak] Added option to on/off Footer widgets on separate pages and posts
* [tweak] Translation files updated
* [fix] Other small fixes

Version 1.6.3

* [tweak] Added option to select different icons for 'Title with Icon' element
* [tweak] Added 'Background Color Hover' and 'Text Color Hover' for Buttons if custom colors selected
* [update] Visual Composer 4.12.1

Version 1.6.2

* [tweak] Added option to change Button Font properties
* [tweak] Added option to change Form Elements font properties
* [fix] Accordion colors are not affected after changing theme colors
* [fix] Color styling for post, pages on the Search results page are not affected after changing theme colors
* [fix] Sticky Header background-color on mobile devices
* [fix] 404 page markup changes

Version 1.6.1

* [tweak] Added option to enable/disable Sticky Header
* [tweak] Added option to change Content top/bottom padding
* [tweak] WooCommerce Variable Product visual improvements
* [tweak] Added smooth scroll for Max Mega Menu
* [fix] Mobile Menu background color overwritten by default style and can't be changed

Version 1.6.0

* [new] Footer Widget Areas added
* [new] Option to enable/disable clipping of overflowed Page Titles
* [new] Option to choose social sharing networks
* [new] Added VK and Odnoklassniki for blog sharing networks (buyer request)
* [new] Page/Post Option: Show/Hide Header
* [new] Page/Post Option: Show/Hide Footer
* [new] Page/Post Option: Custom Page Title
* [tweak] WooCommerce 2.6.4 compatibility
* [tweak] Counter: added various customization options (size, shape, color etc.)
* [tweak] Social links now open in a new tab
* [fix] Close button outline removed in the Navigation on mobile devices
* [fix] 'Next Post' button in the Posts navigation issue when hover over the button

Version 1.5.1

* [fix] TGMPA update bug
* [fix] Visual Composer wrong version number

Version 1.5.0

* [new] Added custom text to Header Top Bar
* [new] Added Single Portfolio Layouts (Right Descrtiption, Left Description, Full Width, Blank)
* [tweak] WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility
* [tweak] WooCommerce Success Page visual improvements
* [tweak] WooCommerce Shipping method styling
* [tweak] WooCommerce Quantity input changed (Update Cart issue)
* [tweak] Added Google Map API Key Field for Google Maps element (New rules for Google Maps)
* [update] Visual Composer 4.12
* [update] Revolution Slider 5.2.6
* [update] TGMPA 2.6.1
* [update] Redux Framework
* [update] Translation file (.pot)
* [fix] WooCommerce Alerts visual improvements (alignment and color)
* [fix] Carousel Pagination styling issue in Chrome/FF
* [fix] Minor bugs fixes

Version 1.4.1

* [new] Add new various logos for demos (app, movie, store)
* [fix] Revolution Slider prev/next arrow 1px issue
* [fix] Info Banner overlay issue
* [fix] Additional check for empty Porftolio categories on Single Portfolio page
* [fix] Incorrect URL to background image in some sections (only Sample Data affected)

Version 1.4.0

* [new] [Demo] App Landing
* [new] [Demo] Shop
* [new] [Demo] Movie
* [new] [Page] About Us
* [new] [Page] Services
* [new] [Page] Contacts
* [new] [Page] Our Team
* [new] [Page] FAQs
* [new] [Page] About Me
* [new] [VC] Counters
* [new] [VC] Team Post Classic - new variant to display Team Posts
* [new] [VC] New Testimonial Type + color options
* [new] [VC] Info Banner
* [new] 5 Page Headings Presets + various options to customize it
* [tweak] Single Team page improved
* [tweak] Better styling for some WooCommerce Products widgets
* [tweak] Added Option to control Header Paddings
* [tweak] Translation files update
* [tweak] Improved animation for Fixed Header on scroll
* [tweak] [VC] Orderby option for 'Team Posts' shortcode
* [update] Slider Revolution update to latest version
* [fix] Escaping issue for Footer Copyright text
* [fix] [VC] Icon Box - border doesn't work for outline if custom color used
* [fix] [VC] Row Content Position option doesn't work
* [fix] Mailto incorrect link issue on Team Member page
* [fix] If click on the Team send button the email client open address but the mail is not reported
* [fix] 3 columns Shop Products issue on Mobile devices
* [fix] Page Title dots hidden 

Version 1.3.0

* [new] 14 News Sections Separators added
* [new] Options to change separator in Header & Footer
* [new] WPML compatibility
* [new] Footer Logo added
* [tweak] Added fields to change Countdown strings (days, hours, minutes, seconds)
* [tweak] Ability to link single 'Work Step' element
* [tweak] A few option added for 'Work Steps' element (Active State, Checkmark active)
* [tweak] Option to set Header & Footer Separators for the post and pages
* [tweak] Revolution Slider update to
* [fix] Email field in the Header Top Bar
* [fix] Tracking Code output

Version 1.2.1

* [tweak] Change Microdata vocabulary to for the Breadcrumbs
* [tweak] Partner Posts layout on tablet
* [tweak] Sliders sample data zip files updated
* [fix] Header and Footer waves positions in IE
* [fix] Navigation Icons lines up if WooCommerce disabled
* [fix] Countdown circles on tablets
* [fix] Improve Icon boxes styling on tablets and mobile devices
* [fix] Video element size and alignment

Version 1.2.0

* [new] Header Top Bar
* [new] One click Sample Data installation
* [new] Contact Us Button (where Back to Top)
* [tweak] Translation files updated
* [tweak] Woocommerce My Account box styles improved
* [tweak] Change log and information added to Theme Options
* [fix] Pricing Tables not styled if used [pricing_table] shortcode
* [fix] Issue with pages displayed on Search Result Page

Version 1.1.0

* [tweak] Better handling Progress Bar Labels for mobile device
* [tweak] Visual Composer update
* [tweak] Revolution Slider 5.2.5 update
* [tweak] Translation files updated
* [tweak] Sample Data files updated
* [fix] Submenu items limited by window height
* [fix] Dark section wave shape incorrectly displayed on mobile device
* [fix] Button icons removed in slider on mobile devices
* [fix] Title with Icon font size on mobile
* [fix] Add check for existing slider
* [fix] Header padding on tablet

Version 1.0

Initial release

other information

  • All images used in the theme are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the theme package.
  • Rocket theme requires PHP >= 5.3 to work. It also works with PHP 5.2, but you will need to downgrade the Redux Framework plugin.

Rocket - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme [Free Download]
Rocket - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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  • Gutenberg Optimized: No
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: WooCommerce 5.7.x, WooCommerce 5.6.x, WooCommerce 5.5.x, WooCommerce 5.4.x, WooCommerce 5.3.x, WooCommerce 5.1.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.x.x
  • Framework: Underscores
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x
  • ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD
  • Columns: 4+
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive