Reply Tracker for MailWizz EMA

Dedicated reply tracker for MailWizz EMA

Make great active contacts! , know who responds to your activity, when they respond, and especially take action (separate them from others and follow up easily)

This extension keeps track of your replies/responsesMailWizz EMAPower application!
Since MailWizz EMAMailbox Monitor is not built to track replies, nor does it provide statistics about active replies, if not configured properly, there is the same risk of deleting messages, if we could know who replied, when they replied and which activity they responded to , things could be better.

This extension is designed to alleviate that and give you simple tools to keep up with your active subscribers. !

The simple scenario is to send an activity to list A that you get from a less trusted place, you send the activity to list A, you get some responses, then you copy the list that replies to list B (list of interested activity subscribers) A member.Then you can easily follow up with listB; and they've responded to your chances of success.

- Track the response of any activity using the activity topic and unsubscribe URL
- Detect active subscribers by response
- Choose what to do when the customer responds
- Automatic follow-up messages sent when a subscriber responds (supports all active and subscriber field tags)
- Make a new list of replying subscribers by copying/moving subscribers to a specific list when replying
- Download/export subscriber responses
- Auto-responders and out-of-office mail filters; so you get mostly real replies from real people.
- Unlimited number of inbound servers
- Create an inbound server from an existing email monitor

  • Requires MailWizz EMA from version to the latest version
  • We provide documentation with video illustrations of installation and usage.
  • We will respond to your question as soon as possible within a few hours.
  • We do not offer extended refunds after purchase, so please confirm before purchasing.
  • Any customization work, including setup, installation and extension (which may require skilled time) is not free. You can hire us for this.
  • We are not responsible for smtp connection issues.
  • We only read your inbound server mail. No messages will be deleted
  • For accurate tracking, be sure to use the [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] tag in your campaign content.

See full documentation here


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Admin Panel:
Email: Admin @ Admin. computadora
Password: 123456

Customer panel.
Email: client @ client. computer
Password: 123456

contact usE-mail @turnsaas. eto support
Change log
version 2.1
  • Bugfix: Reply to untracked cases
  • Range tracking strictness, now only does full subject matching at the "high" strictness level.

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