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Property WP isreal estateWordPress themes to sell your property addProperty listingFree, ajax basic login and register tobuy or sellOnline property, real estate is the simple solution to manage youproperty submission, Advanced search helps you search for the exact property or listing you're looking for, and multiple widget options help you showcase your listings.

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Powerful themed user panel

Admin panel direct access to WordPress backend

You can use this link to test the demo, test all the backend functionalityTest Demo WP Admin (Admin Panel)

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Front-end demo

You can see how payments and package plans work in real time in the topic How to Manage Real Estate Submissions and Payments. log in immediatelyTest the front-end demo

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A variety of housing styles,sell property, Buy property rental or mortgage properties with multiple property listing variations, themesfully supportAnd it's well coded.

Customization is fun, easy-to-manage content, and a top-notch page builder helps you create elements using our drag-and-drop feature.

Manage your real estate agent profile or agent profile using our agent details page, subject fully verified according to w3c.

The theme is very scalable and you can use it for large realreal estate portalor small establishments with just a few clicks. Do you need support while building your website? Not a problem at all. Everything is hooked into WordPress actions and can be easily removed or added.If you have questions, check out our extended documentation. Finally, we always have dedicated support staff to help you.

Front-end submission

Kode Property allows your users to add properties. Property catalogs can be created with just a few clicks. If you like, you can view the newly addedpropertiesbefore posting. Of course, users can be charged for using your website. The plugin has a built-in pay-per-post and package system.

Property management

Manage properties from the WordPress admin. The customized version displayed by the table contains all the important information about the property, such asFeatured Image, Priceand assigned taxonomy terms.

Price format options

Kode Property supports various price format options. you can definecurrencyHere you can set currency symbols and number formatting options, such as the number of decimal places, decimal point, and thousands separator.

For attributes, you can set another set of price settings. You can write alphanumeric text instead of price amount or add your custom prefix and suffix.

Are you a developer and still unhappy with the price format? do not worry. Everything is in one method, so changing functionality is very easy.


With the Kode Property plugin, you can assignproxy to propertyAnd create an agency grouping agency. Great for internal use or directory listings.

Packages and Pricing

It's easy to create packages for your users and start monetizing your business. Create packages, then map them to pricing tables. You can create free and trial packages.user can useStripe, Paypal Account, Paypal Credit Cardand other payment methods used in the theme.

Affiliate Program

Enable front-end submission and require users who wish to list properties to purchase a paid membership package with duplicate options.You can create unlimited packages, each valid for x days, weeks, months or years. You can choose the number of listings and featured listings in each pack.

Various list layouts

There are various layouts for property display: grid, list, slider. Additionally, there is a specific e to showFeatured Propertyor single property. All are available as shortcodes.

You can use advanced search to search properties and lists. Any search field can be easily disabled/enabled in our theme.

SVG and Font Awesome Icons

Use the entire FontAwesome and SVG icon set to integrate into this theme, including our shortcodes. We use these icons for retina display compatibility.

Xpress page builder

We have integrated Xpress Page Builder on this theme, allowing you to drag and drop home page elements without changing the code with many blocks available.

Google Maps integration

We have integrated Google Maps on this theme so you can simply check your property location anywhere in the world.It also supports Snazzy Maps for great Google Maps design and customization.

Anmeldung Registrieren

The Kode Property theme has a login/register option that allows your visitors to register with your website and have personal account information.The User menu will contain the following links: Add Attributes, Personal Attributes, Edit Profile, etc.You can also turn off registration, in which case only admins can choose to publish new properties.

Mailchimp integration

The subscription form on the footer is using the MailChimp service. You can also disable this option in the theme options panel.

custom properties widget

The theme comes with many custom widgets that will help you build a very large and wonderful portal.You can use widgets as: advanced property search, recent proxies, recent proxies, recent attributes, most commented blog posts, and more.You can choose a header type for your website, and the theme comes with a dark and light header version.

Easy to use!

Kode Property is very easy to use!Once a visitor finds a relevant listing, he can easily contact the agent using the form below the property details and the agent will receive all potential buyer information and contact him immediately!

Fully responsive

We've tested Kode Property on the most popular devices and it works great! You can check it yourself, if you find any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Property Details Page Features

  • Property Image Gallery/Slider (2 variants available)
  • Property content area
  • Property Features
  • Property Floor Plan Section
  • Property tour video section
  • Location of the hotel on the map
  • property social stock options
  • Property accessories
  • list of sub-attributes (if any)
  • Realtor information and Ajax-based contact form
  • Similar properties section

User can register, log in and retrieve password

  • Edit profile ? User can modify his profile information and upload his profile picture using frontend profile page.
  • View Favorite Properties? User can add/remove properties to favorites and view his favorite properties.
  • Front-end attribute submission? Users can submit properties from the front end.
  • List submitted properties? The user can view the list of properties he has submitted.
  • Edit submitted properties? The user can modify any attribute he submits.
  • PayPal Payment for Submitted Property ? User can use PayPal to pay for his submitted property, if enabled from theme options, the property will be posted automatically after successful payment.
  • Can an administrator view the list of payments? Take further action after successful payment.

Translation ready!

Themes follow .po/. Mo language files are included, so you can easily translate your entire website into any language you want!

Slider options:

  • BX slider
  • Elastic slider
  • Controle deslizante Nivo
  • Blog slider


The HTML code integrated into the theme complies with the best SEO method

Theme support compatible? All on one SEO package? & ? Yoast SEO?

Advanced typography options

  • Use Google fonts or standard fonts
  • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
  • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body text, footers, headers, drop-down lists, etc.
  • Set different colors for all fonts
  • Also set the font size for each font type

Advanced background options

  • Choose to upload a custom background image color
  • Set the parallax background
  • The full-width part also allows background images with parallax
  • Page title bar background or custom column title background

Advanced color options

  • Select the color of the title style from the color picker
  • Set the color of the body from the color picker
  • Set the color of the title from the color picker
  • Set the color of the subtitle from the color picker

Advanced blog options

  • All layouts can have left or right sidebar or full width
  • 6 post types (video, audio, gallery, picture, standard)
  • Use the blog module to set up multiple blog pages and set custom categories for each page
  • Select the slider to display on the blog page
  • Thumbnail image size control
  • Specifica facilmente il numero di elementi per pagina
  • Share posts using social icons
  • Thread comments
  • Add tons of options to delete data, excerpts, related posts, etc.

No HTML knowledge required:

All KodeForest themes are also suitable for professionals and professionals. Our predefined elements, layouts and pages and friendly admin panel make your life so easy!

Multiple Homepage Designs:

There are predefined multiple homepages and versions available. Use the one that works best for your business!

Outstanding 5 * Support Team:

Not only do we create quality IT products, but we want to support you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to contact us on our dedicated forum and after purchase!


The images used in the demo are not included in the download package as they were purchased from Shutter stock and we have no resale distribution rights.They are for demonstration purposes only.

Any question?

If you have any pre-sales questions or questions about Real Estate WordPress Estate WP, you can ask them in the comments section at the top. Our sales team will be happy to answer these questions for you.

Have feedback? Let them send it to us!

If you have any suggestions for us. Then feel free to contact us via the personal data contact form.We will do our best to introduce these features in upcoming updates as we always listen to our customers

We like to hear your feedback and improvise based on it. When using our products, we always strive to make your experience better.It feels great when we get 5 stars from you.

This makes us very happy and helps us work harder on future updates of the product. So if you like our products and support, please rate and leave a great review.

Note importante:

Revolution Slider, Master Slider and Visual Composer are not part of the package, these layouts are used for presentation

Change Log v5.0 – 22 December 2016
1. Currency Position Selection issue fixed.
2. Property Search Module Added.
3. Search Fields control made dynamic.
4. Add Custom Pricing options in search system.
5. Search Form Field Property ID enable / disable option added.
6. Search Form Field Property address enable / disable option added.
7. Search Form Field Property filter price enable / disable option added.
8. Search Form Field Property space enable / disable option added.
9. Search Form Field Property bed enable / disable option added.
10.Search Form Field Property bath enable / disable option added.
11.Search Form Field Property garage enable / disable option added.
12.Search Form Field Property feature enable / disable option added.
13.Search Form Field Property city enable / disable option added.
14.Search Form Field Property town enable / disable option added.
15.Search Form Field Property country enable / disable option added.
16.Property Detail page map control added.
17.Front End Submission Multiple images upload option added.
18..po file improved.
19.Property Details Year of Construction field added.
20.Property Price Filter made dynamic.
21.Search filter enhanced.
22.Space In SQFT filter made dynamic.
23.User account profile image made dynamic.
24.Approved property table in user profile made dynamic.
25.Pending property table in user profile listing issue fixed.
26.Styling issues fixed.
27.Responsive improved.
28.XSS Security Improved.

33.Widgets currency input option added.
Change Log v4.0 – 06 December 2016
1. Front End Property Submission Improved.
2. Membership package issues fixed.
3. Property Taxonomies updated.
4. Captca issue on login/register page fixed.
5. Captca control On / Off Option added in propery option.
6. Advance search system improved.
7. Admin / User image control added.
8. Property Like button functionality Added.
9. Video Popup Added.
10.For Rent / For Sale Label Control Added.
11.Label control issue fixed.
12.SQFT option field added.
13.SQM field added.
14.m2 field added.
15.Property Detail agent contact form issue fixed.
16.Agent Control form email sent issue fixed.
17.Agent Control form recaptca issue fixed.
18.Text domain .po file updated.
19.Country field checkbox hard code removed from search page.
20.City field checkbox hard code removed from search page.
21.BBpress & Buddypress Integrated.
22.XSS Security Improved.
23.Header Responsive issue fixed.
24.Header style 4 responsive menu option added.
25.Taxonomies for Town , Council and District added.
26.Property Area fields updated.
27.Property Currency field added.
28.Property currency position control added.
29.Property currency left , right position given.
30.Property currency Thousand Separator field added.
31.Property currency Decimal Separator field added.
32.Property currency Number of Decimals field added.
33.Property Search price field added in property options.
34.Property Front End Submission Terms and Condition Textarea added.
35.Property Options Agent Form Enable / Disable Option added.
36.Property Options Label Tag Enable / Disable Option added.
37.Property Options Related Property Enable / Disable Option added.

Change Log v3.8.0 – 28 October 2016
1. Importer dummy data Update.
2. .po file Improved.
3. Property detail page address/radius issue fixed.
4. Property detail page address/radius location saving issue fixed.
5. City issue from front end submission fixed.
6. Property detail page map neighborhood icons issue fixed.
7. Property detail page map neighborhood new icons added.
8. Property detail page agent description issue fixed.
9. Responsive issues fixed.
10.Typography Text Transform (None) added in which only first letter of paragraph will be capital other are small.
11.Front End Property Submission Issue fixed.
12.Property Area Control improved.
13.Property Search System Improved
14.Login/ Register Recaptca issue fixed.
15.Property Features and property options Improved.
16.XSS Security Improved.
Change Log v3.7.0 – 5 October 2016
1. Importer dummy data Update.
2. .po file Improved.
3. Property Plugin converted to plugins
4. Trial Base Membership feature added.
5. Free listing feature added.
6. Hard code currency issue fixed.
7. currency control feature added in theme options
8. Styling Tweaks done
9. Responsive issues fixed.
10.Property Detail page Agent Form On / Off added in theme options.
11.Front End Property Submission Issue fixed.
12.States Added in Property Post type.
13.Users can associate properties now with there country states.
14.Property Area Control added.
15.Property Search System Improved
16.Login/ Register Recaptca issue fixed.
17.For Sale / Rent label On / Off Control added in theme options.
18.Invoices system improved.
19.Property Features Improved.
20.Property Status Improved.
21.Property Plugin Import / Export settings option added.
22.Payment System Improved.
23.Agent Submission from Front End Property Submission issue fixed.
24.Number of Free Featured Listing Control added.
25.Property Filter Header Background Image option added.
Change Log v3.4.0 – 5 September 2016
1. Importer dummy data issue fixed.
2. .po file Updated.
3. Language translation update.
4. WPML made language switcher added.
5. Price prefix hard code issue fix in single property.
6. Price Control added in front end submission.
7. Typography control issue in theme option fixed.
8. Styling Tweaks done
9. Responsive issues fixed.
10.Mortgage Calculator price prefix control added.
11.Front Submission missing fields issue fixed.
12.Typography reset after dummy import issue fixed.
13.Front End Submission Option added allows user to choice city , country etc.
14.Widgets currency input option added.
15.Kode_header.php file updated
16.My profile issues fixed.
17.Required condition added at front end submission.
18.Invoices system improved.
19.Search Algorithm Improved
Change Log v3.3.0 – 2 September 2016
1. Visual Composer Ultimate Adds On Added.
2. RTL Layout added
3. Nearby Places function updated.
6. Importer dummy data issue fixed.
7. POT file updated - Plugins - Theme files separated
8. Language translation ready.
9. WPML made fully compatible.
10.Price prefix hard code issue fix.
11.Typography control issue in theme option fixed.
12.Styling Tweaks done
13.Responsive issues fixed.
14.Membership prefix option added.
15.Navigation typo control issue fixed in theme options.
16.Payments system control feature fixed.
17.Payments methods On / Off issue fixed in theme options.
18.IDX Express compatibility added.
19.IDX Styling provided.
20.Importer Menu issue fixed.
21.Extra option feature added in theme options.
22.Plaza dummy added in Kode Importer.
23.VC dummy added in Kode Importer.
24.Video prettyphoto fixed.
25.Submit Property Recaptca issue fixed.
Change Log v3.2.0 21 August 2016
3. Nearby Places Added
4. Property Advance Filter Rewrite issue fixed.
5. Filter Element by Taxonomy and Category Added
Change Log v3.0.0 – 17 August 2016
1. Mortgage calculator widget added.
2. Invoice System - Approve - reject - Pending Functionality Added
5. Ultra Advance Filters Added To manage Properties
3. Responsive issues fixed.
4. Styling issues fixed.
6. Composer Version added.
7. User profile improved.
8. Payment Methods error issue fixed.
9. Custom Fields Plugin improved.
10.Bank Transfer - Wire Transfer Payment Gateway Added.
11.Redirection After Payment Successfully Made into account.
12.Improved Profile UI and Layout
13.HTML Allowed in Footer copyright text.
14.Elements Optimized.
Change Log v2.9.0 – 2 August 2016
1. Documentation Updated
2. Minor Responsive fixes.
Change Log v2.8.0 – 1 August 2016
1. Team Detail Phone - Email Fields Fixed.
2. Property Detail Status Css fixes.
3. Added New Options in Theme Option for Google API
4. Google Map API issue fixed according to 21 July Google Update
Change Log v2.7 – 28 July 2016
1. Mortgage calculator added.
2. Mortgage calculator options added in theme options.
5. Mortgage calculator email / PDF option added in theme options.
3. Responsive issues fixed.
4. Minor Styling issues fixed.
6. Visual Composer Version added.
7. User profile improved.
8. Payment Methods error issue fixed.
Change Log v2.5 – 20 July 2016
1.Visual Composer Update
2.Master Slider Update
3.Header Styles Styling Improved
4.Membership Payment Gateways Added
5.New Header Styles Added.
6.Responsive issues fixed.
7.Minor Styling issues fixed.
8.Map Filter and Auto Zoom Adjusted.
9.Search Bar tabs options On/Off Control added in theme options
10.Yoast SEO plugin made compatible.
11.Yoast SEO plugin in TGM
12.Login with social profile function added.
13.Invoice Email Confirmation on request added.
14.Invoice / transaction system added.
15.Invoice function added in user profile.
16.Property Detail icons fields added in property post type.
17.Author Profile control plugin added in TGM.
18.Sticky header added in theme options.
19.Agency Layout Added in kode importer.
20.Agent Layout Added in kode importer.
21.Visual Composer Elements Improved.
Change Log v2.2 – 16 July 2016
1. Search Algorithm Improved
2. Added Search for Map and Properties - listing
3. Advance Search Panel Improved
4. Search Filter Such As Location, Space, Tags added
5. 50+ SnazzyMaps Style Added for user to manage map color according to their requirement.
6. Payment Gateways Paymil Authorize, Paypal, Stripe Improved
7. Responsive and minor styling tweeks.
Change Log v2.0 – 13 July 2016
Kode Property Change log
3. XSS Security Updated.
5. Header Styles Styling Improved
6. Membership Custom Post Type plugin added.
7. Call to Action short codes issues fixed.
8. Monthly,Weekly,Yearly / Custom Define Membership plan added.
9. Membership Option panel added.
10.MailChimp issue fixed.
11.Responsive issues fixed.
12.Minor Styling issues fixed.
13.Popular Post Widget is made click able now.
14.Featured Properties Option added.
15.Map On Slider added.
16.Slider Map with Google Marker Icon added.
17.Property Slider added.
18.Property For Rent / Sale / Purchase option added.
19.Floor Plans added.
20.One Click Importer added.
21.Twitter feeds on footer On/Off control added.
22.Complete Color Palettes panel added.
23.General Color options added.
24.Color control for Header , Navigation & Footer added.
25.Color control for footer , paragraph & text added.
26.Sidebar Color control and padding option added in theme options.
27.Slider Caption control added in theme options.
28.Fancy Heading Element added in Xpress page builder.
29.Team Post Slider social icons issue fixed.
30.Typography complete control added in theme options.
31.Typography Font size , line height , font weight , letter bold options introduced.
32.Complete control of blog layouts added in theme options.
33.Payment Gateways introduced & added in theme options.
34.Paypal payment settings features with currency control added in theme options.
35.Stripe payment settings features with currency control added in theme options.
36.Paymill payment settings features with currency control added in theme options.
37.Authorize payment settings features with currency control added in theme options.
38.Skrill payment settings features with currency control added in theme options.
39.Property Advance Ajax Search control added in theme options.
40.Property Search Style option added in theme option.
41.Default zoom marker icon field introduced.
42.Login / Sign Up control added in  theme options.
43.Login With social network feature added.
44.Property Detail page control introduced in theme options.
45.Agent Settings control added in theme options.
46.Complete translation panel added in theme options.
47..po file updated.
48.Blog / Agent / Property Translation control introduced in theme option panel.
49.Maintenance mode option panel added in theme option panel.
50.Front End Listing Submission added.
51.Free & paid listing control given to author.
52.Membership plan control given to author.
53.User Profile Features added.
54.User Listing added.
55.User package selection featured added.
56.User Statistics Table added.
57.User property submission front end improved.
58.User agency profile featured added.
59.User transaction feature added.
60.User favorite listing featured added.
61.New Documentation Added (Updated)
62.Child Theme Added.
63.Author Section control Added.
64.Code optimization.
65.Latest Wordpress Compatibility Added.
66.Widgets styling improved.
67.Agent Social icons will not appear if left blank.
68.Blog Social icons will not appear if left blank.
69.Our Clients Short Code issues fixed.
70.Custom Widgets for featured property added.
initial release: Kode  Property Listing - real estate WordPress theme

Real Estate WordPress - Real Estate WP [Free Download]
Real Estate WordPress - Real Estate WP [Nulled]

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