PHP Login & User Management with message center

PHP login script update

The new Php login script update enables you to choose between MD5 or Argon2 password hashes. Note that MD5 is no longer a secure password hashing method.If you change the password hash while running the installation, you will need to reset the password.Because the script doesn't store the original password, that's why password reset cannot be done automatically when the hash changes.Also, Argon2 requires at least PHP 7.2, so make sure you're up to date and secure. PHP login scripts are now more secure and robust.

What's so special about it?

Now includes a very nice user information bar where users can view information for all user admins and any other membership level users.

Effective Dashboard

Very efficient dashboard for admin users. Check out the demo to learn all about the script.

user level

Only administrators can add new user levels in this system and assign pages to those user levels.Users at that level can also be redirected to pages at that user level, and administrators can choose to send a message to all members of a particular user level with one click.

Megjegyzés modul!

Since each user has their own message center, each user has their own notes section where they can manage some of the important things they want to keep track of.

Better user management.

Admins can add, deactivate, activate, prohibit suspend, delete users, admins can send messages to any user, admins can also turn on or off email verification for the system.Administrators can turn off user registration, so only administrators have to add users manually.

PHP Message Center

PHP Message Center is a powerful message center so users can communicate with each other.Message Center helps administrators to send messages to any user and user level, on the other hand, users can only send messages to other users whose email or username they know.PHP Message Center supports major functions such as sent items, inbox, new messages, and same-thread replies.


The new announcement module allows administrators to add announcements for specific groups or all users. You can add unlimited announcements, edit them to deactivate or assign other user groups.You can also delete announcements. Visitors can see the announcement and click the close button to close the announcement.


The Webful login and user management system is a very easy to use system. This is a PHP, MySQL driven system that can be easily installed via its installation wizard.

This user management system enables you to make your pages accessible to all users or to specific user levels.

Visitors can register themselves and log into their profile, where they can handle their account details. User can also upload his/her photo.

Users can register themselves in this php login system, where they can activate their account by verifying their email address. Users can also reset their passwords via their email ID.Administrators can edit, activate, deactivate, ban or delete any user at any time.

How do users receive messages?

User can receive messages in 3 ways
  1. Users can enter their email/username to send messages to other users.
  2. Admin users can send messages to the entire subscriber group or to all system users.
  3. Managers who have access to users at this level can send them messages.

Recipients will see numbers with message boxes, unread messages. They will also get an email notification if they don't turn it off from their profile.

New features.

  • Email notifications of new messages can be activated or deactivated Each user has their own settings to get email notifications of new messages.
  • Use MD5 Hash Security as password to make it more secure.
  • Set the maximum number of login attempts for bad login attempts
  • Set account lockout time for incorrect logins.
  • Last Login Time.
  • The location where the IP user last logged in.
  • When an administrator adds or registers a new user in the same group, the user group is notified of the new registration (can be activated/deactivated).php notifications can be activated/deactivated for all members of the same group.
  • If you set a 60 minute session timeout, the administrator can set a session timeout after which the user will be logged out after the login time.
  • Redirect to opt-out.
  • Temporarily disable login.
  • Disable registration. of rerigster. php form.
  • Select the default user type for the registration form.
  • Updates made easy. Version tracking.

main feature

Management function

  • Captcha integration
  • Users can register using the registration form.
  • A user can activate his/her account by verifying their email ID.
  • Users can request a password reset.
  • User can reset password after verifying email ID
  • The default user level is subscription
  • Default subscriber level redirects to subscribers. php admin can modify
  • User can edit his / her profile.
  • New and improved design with bootstrap
  • My Notes section where users can add, edit, delete their notes
  • Can send/receive messages from all users. But messages can only be sent if they know the recipient's username or email.
  • Registration is now possible with email and username.
  • Can log in by username or email
  • Can send / receive messages to all users and user levels.
  • Can add new users, edit existing users
  • Can delete, suspend, ban and deactivate users
  • Activate users without email verification
  • Can update his and others' profiles
  • New user levels and level pages can be added

Crop your profile picture.

Now users can upload images of any size, and the system allows them to crop images when uploading.This jquery crop function is very easy to crop pictures and use in your profile thumbnails.

login with facebook

If you already have an account in this system, you can click login and use facebook to log in with one click, if you don't have an account the system will first register you in our system and log in via facebook.Register a case in case you don't want to log in with facebook.


You can access the demo here.

Admin demo user

user: [email protected] password: 4798

Subscriber User Demo

user: Subscribers @gmail. com password: 4798

Only subscriber and admin users have access.

subscriber. php

Accessible only when all users are logged in.


Only administrators have access.

Dashboard. php

Support and new features

Check if user is logged in?

How to protect a specific level of pages? click here

How to print specific values ​​like name, last name status, type, profile picture? click here

How to secure a portion of content in a specific content area on a page. click here

Create forms to register different user levels? instead of the subscriber default level. click here

How does a visitor choose his user type from among the many user types when registering? click here

Please contact me via the envato contact formcontact meIf you run into any issues, I can provide you with free help getting this script working and installation issues. Response time is 12 hours.

useful features

PHP login system has options table, so user can save some information in this table like option key and option value.Using the following functions in the php login system, the user can add and get values ​​from the options table. Keys should be unique.

//using set function you can save value of any key.
set_option('key_name', $key_value);

//using get function you can get value of any key saved.
echo get_option('key_name');

Getting information about user from users table. System have a new function in class users called get_user_info which takes a term of database table like first_name, or last_name, and second argument user id, and returns value related to that user. like below for this you have to create a user object.

$new_user = new Users;
$first_name = $new_user->get_user_info('first_name', $_SESSION['user_id']);
//above line will return first name from database for loged in user.
$country = $new_user->get_user_info('country', $_SESSION['user_id']);
//above line will return country for loged in user.
//Note: You can send any user id to this function and get related information.

future update

We've been working on keeping this script up to date and have all the features a user management can have.We are always looking for suggestions and requests from our users, please let us know if you have any suggestions or suggestions. So together we can do this better.Future updates will be completely free for buyers.

keep in touch!

* New Version Released 3.0
* New Bootstrap Theme with sidebar Menu Included.
* Old Version is available on request to download.
* Updated bootstrap, Jquery and other all plugins.
* Improved PHP Code to make it more secure and efficient. Enhanced OOP.
* Fixed installation wizard issue. (Creating database nicely now.)
* Fixed croppic work in all other skins where that was not working.
* Redirect on logout selection.(page selection)
* Update is made easy. Version tracking.
* Disable login temporary.
* Disable registration. from rerigster.php form.
* Select default user type for registration form.
* Session timeout.
* Notification to user group on new registration (can be activate/deactivate)
* User meta table added Fields (user id, last login time, last login ip, message email notification, login attempts, account lock)
* Function get_client_ip(), send_email(), random password, 
* Last login on time, 
* last login from IP,
* Maximum login attempts on wrong login tries.
* account lock time on wrong logins.
* Use MD5 Security.
* Email notification on new messages (can active, deactive.)
* New announcement module. (add announcement for all users or for specific user group. Can active, deactive, and delete as well.)
* Facebook connect login and register feature.
* Logout user if blocked by admin while session is active.
* Improved my notes design.
* Message all users feature.
* Improved dashboard.
* Crop profile pictures.
* Added Italian language (Credit: Davide Gialli
* Fixed some bugs in security.
* Made sure not user can register itself as admin anyhow.
* Updated German Language by a German client (Credit: Alexander Krämer
* Added new function to get user table info easily by sending user id.
* Added 15 Skins to get more color and look options.
* Added 3 Languages, German, French, Dutch 
* Adding new language made easy. Just editing 1 file.
* Added tinymce to messages textarea.
* Server side validation for messages.
* Can register or login using username
* Powerful PHP message center included so users of system can communicate with each other and admins can send message to all.
* Improved design with bootstrap
* New feature of My Notes so users can save their notes online
* General Settings section. New file general_settings.php, /includes/recaptchalib.php , effected file register.php
* Recaptcha implementation.
* Fixed php variable notice classes/userleve.php effected.
* Change default user registration type from subscriber to any other type you create in user level. 
* Give your users access to register as any of multiple user type options.
* Partial content access. Change content on specific part of page according to user type.
* Initial Release


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