PHP Auctions Script

starting today! Run your own auction platform and earn by charging a percentage of every successful auction you sell.

Functional Overview

Be the first to get your auction platformearn percentageSold from every auction.
You can also earn income by charging for featured/regular listings.
  • Responsive: twitter bootstrap, html5, jQuery, CodeIgniter
  • Easy Bidding & Bin System: People can bid or bin via PayPal/Stripe (credit card)
  • Auction Classification System
  • Membership: fully featured users registration, login, profile management, etc.
  • Balance System: Each user's earnings are set on the website balance, which you can clear after deducting fees.
  • Messaging system: beautiful internal messaging system
  • Email and Pop-Up Notifications: Whether it's a new bid, news or other auctions, users will be notified via email and live pop-up messages!
  • Easy Checkout: When people use the BIN button, they are redirected to the payment to complete the transaction (PayPal/Stripe)
  • .... discover more in our live demo

Admin Overview - Full Control

  • Listings
  • Categories
  • Members
  • Comments
  • Bids
  • Transactions
  • Payment settings
  • SEO title, description, keywords
  • Logo, Contact Email, etc.

Admin demo

User: admin
Pass: crivionrocks

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Oct 2020 - v1.4
- Added cronjob to pick winners for expired auctions without a BIN - not a manual feature anymore!
- Take payments not only for BIN listings but also for auctions won by highest bidder.
- Download the latest version and read documentation.html on how to ugprade
Feb 2020 - v1.3
- you can now add SMTP Server to avoid issues with the mail() server sending to spam folder/not sending at all
- fixes an issue where ipv6 users couldn't register
Oct 2019 - v1.2
- price filtering by ASC/DESC was not working properly
- now compatible with php 7.3+
- when auction title was too long it was messing the layout on homepage/all auctions pages
- reserve price could be higher than bin when creating a new auction
- creating a new category did not check if that name is already in (so you could end up with the same category name multiple times)
- login from user profile page form was not working
Jan 2019 - v1.1.2
- adjusted code to make it compatible with latest PHP7+ servers
- to ugprade, simply copy and overwrite upgrade-files/helpers/get_option_helper.php and set_option_helper.php into application/helpers/ folder.
July 2018 
- three stylesheets were missing from last update
- to update, simply copy featherlight.css, and sweetalert.css into css/ folder.
June 2018 - v1.1.1
- (fix) slight issues with licensing on newer php version 
April 2018 - v1.1 
- fixed crucial responsive issues
- fixed: if bid price is higher than BIN, the bin will automatically increase 
- new: added bank transfer and manual payment options (thanks to Roderick1)
- new: admin can now set currency code and symbol directly into admin panel
- new: configure listing duration in admin panel
- new: configure the text intro on header
- new: configure the heading and subheading on homepage
Feb 2017 - Initial Release

PHP Auctions Script [Free Download]
PHP Auctions Script [Nulled]
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  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
  • Software Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.6, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x