v6.6.6. PenNews - Multi-Purpose AMP WordPress Theme

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WordPress version 5.8 and version 4.9+ ready - supports RTL languages

PenNewsis a powerful WordPress theme from PenciDesign. This theme can help you create a new website in such a short time with drag and drop design. We also bring you great support and friendly help.You can use this theme for various purposes - create things the way you like.

See how people use PENNEWS

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  • https://www.culturepopcorn.com/
  • http://srpskacafe.com/
  • https://siletpoker.net/
  • https://perfecthealthfit.com/
  • https://www.granadaon.com/
  • https://letip.ru/
  • http://heirloomsathome.com/
  • https://www.energyservicesexperts.com/
  • https://teoriabiznesu.pl/
  • http://www.zdravobio.me/

Designed for high traffic sites

We've spent a lot of time tweaking every aspect of the theme to make it load faster and faster.This makes your site friendly to any search engine and keeps your site running smoothly with high traffic.

The topic is already cached for running queries to ensure optimal speed. We manually optimize every query in the topic, and all resources come with our optimized topic.The theme is also compatible with all plugins for caching and built-in smart lazy loading of images. Everything makes the theme perfect for show.

Click to run page speed for our theme.

Support and validation for Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article

If you want your website to be mobile-focused - yes, this is the best solution for you. With native support for Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles, this theme is very powerful on mobile social media.It makes your site load 5x faster on AMP, 10x faster on Facebook Instant Articles, and more friendly to Google and Facebook.

The Best Themes Optimized for SEO

This theme focuses on tagging for Google Validation Mode, fully supports all types: articles, breadcrumbs, post comments, post recipes, tags... and is compatible with all SEO plugins.Everything will make your website friendly to Google and other search engines. Everything is automatically verified by Google and other search engines.

Supports unlimited ad space, in-feed ads and affiliates

With drag and drop, you can place ads anywhere in this theme. With in-feed ad support for all layouts, you can earn more from your traffic.

100% responsive - looks great on all devices

PenNews is 100% responsive and works on all devices: desktop, tablet, mobile, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, etc.

Best and feature rich ever

PenNews offers multiple options by editing each element and theme options - helping you change any part of your website without touching any code.You'll be amazed at the options we offer you in this theme. We also update this theme regularly, which makes features more and more in future updates.For any theme, this is the best deal ever.

main feature

  • Installa qualsiasi demo con un clic.
  • Google AMP & Facebook Instant ArticlesSupport and Verification
  • Multiple Premium plugininclude asfree:
    • WPBakery page builder
    • Slider revolution
    • Advanced Custom Field Professional Edition
    • Layer slider
    • main slider
    • Metabox Bundle Lifecycle
    • Conversion plug
    • The ultimate plugin for WPBakery page builder
    • WordPress Pop-up Plugin - Ninja Jumpers
    • More advanced plugins will be included in future updates.
  • Multiple custom widgets with great design
    • about us
    • banner box
    • Author box
    • Anmelde-/Registrierungsformular
    • Categorias populares
    • Video playlist
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Social counter
    • Weather
    • Latest tweets
    • Facebook page
    • Widget Block 6
    • Widget Block 7
    • Widget Block 10
    • Widget Block 11
    • Widget Block 15
    • Widget Block 16
    • Widget Block 23
    • Widget Block 25
  • 600+ options of WordPress Customizer
  • Drag and drop page builder for WPBakery Page Builder.
  • White Label Tool
  • EU GDRP Policy Compliant
  • Unlimited fonts: upload your custom fonts and google fonts
  • Advanced social counters and share buttons
  • 10+ post styles for different stories
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
    • Style 4
    • Style 5
    • Style 6
    • Style 7
    • Style 8
    • Style 9
    • Style 10
    • Parallax Style 1
    • Parallax Style 2
    • Parallax Style 3
    • Parallax Style 4
    • Parallax Style 5
    • Parallax Style 6
    • Load more posts infinitely
  • 10+ header styles for each different container
  • 28+ Featured Slider Styles - Check Demo Sliderhere
  • 40+ content blocks - check the demohere
  • 10+ Large Grids - Check Demohere
  • Supports 3 types of censorship: stars, percentages and points.
  • Multiple global options for all VC elements, such as:
    • Customize header style & text & url
    • Custom header icons for each element
    • Custom font type, font size for each element
  • Multiple sidebar layouts:
    • 2 Sidebar + Content
    • Left sidebar + content
    • content + sidebar right
    • No sidebar - full 100% width
    • No sidebar - full width 1400px container
    • No sidebar - full width 1080px container
  • Multiple mega menu styles and menu item styles: mega menu columns and category mega menus have 2 different styles
  • Hide/Show most elements on your website
  • Sticky/Non-Stick Navigation
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Ajax realtidssökning
  • Unlimited Custom Sidebars - Add any custom sidebar you want to your website without touching code.
  • Video playlists for VC elements and widgets
  • Ajax Anmelde- und Registrierungsformulare
  • Multiple portfolio layouts:
    • Masonry text on image
    • Masonry text below the image
    • 2 column masonry
    • 3 column masonry
    • grid text on image
    • grid text below image
    • 2 column grid
    • 3 column grid
  • Compatible with Woocommerce - Easily create a shop/shop on your website.
  • BBPress and BuddyPress Compatible - Easily create forums and communities on your website.
  • Events Calendar Compatible - Create and manage events with ease.
  • Multilingual Support: Compatible with WPML and Polylang - Easily create multilingual sites.
  • Fast Text Translation - Translate your website into your language in seconds.
  • Free Update Lifecycle.
  • WordPress Multisite Support
  • Automatic Updates - Don't worry about updates. This theme can be updated automatically.
  • Detailed documentation
  • PenciDesign provides professional and fast customer support

Update log

Update: PenNews Version 6.6.1

* UPDATE: PenNews AMP plugin to the latest version - fix some minor issues with AMP plugin.
* FIX: Some minor issues with the icons & mega menu
* UPDATE: All premium plugins in premium plugins package to latest version.

Update: PenNews Version 6.6.0

*IMPROVE: Schema Markup for Penci Recipe, Penci Review, Penci AMP. Please update the theme & updates plugins come with the theme via Appearance > Install Plugins to get it.
* FIX: All issues between PenNews & latest version of WordPress
* FIX: Some minor issues

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.9

* QUICK FIX: The issues with WordPress version 5.5.
Please update the theme & Penci Framework & Vafpress Post Formats UI to the latest version to solve it.
After updated it to the latest version, if you see the issue still appears, go to edit a post > press Ctrl + F5 to clear the browser cache and check it again.

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.8

* FEATURE ADDED: Option for custom number of authors to display on author block.
* FEATURE ADDED: Sub-title for single posts.
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Discord for social media.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for custom h1 on homepage
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for disable all post views count ( blocks, single, edit posts screen )
* IMPROVE: Issues with Instagram & Pinterest

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.7

* FEATURE ADDED: Compatible with WPForms and recommend WPForms to use in list plugins.
* IMPROVE: Some small bug issues

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.6

* FIXED: Issues with activate the theme.

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.5

* FEATURE ADDED: Options for change image size & image ratio for blocks.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for change image size for blog, archive, category, tag, search.. layout
* FEATURE ADDED: Colors options for widgets
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for disable schema markup from the theme.
* IMPROVE: Smooth Scroll
* IMPROVE: Template for latest version of Woocommerce
* IMPROVE: Custom color for tags display inside single post via Customize > Single Post Options.
* IMPROVE: Some issues with Penci Portfolio & Penci Review plugins.

Actualizaciones de demostración y complementos

* FEATURE ADDED: New 20 demos focus on Vertical Navigation.
* FEATURE ADDED: Show AMP for Mobile Visitors - All mobile visitor will be redirected to AMP version of site automatically. Works with all cache plugins.
Start Point: yoursite.com/amp/post/ 
End Point: yoursite.com/post/amp/
* FEATURE ADDED: Fix some block styles display on AMP
* FEATURE ADDED: AMP plugin work with all permalink settings ( except   use post_id on the urls ).
 Please update the AMP plugin to get this feature.

Update: PenNews Version 6.5.1

* FEATURE ADDED: Add option for add YouTube API Key via Customize > General Options. That's requirement from Youtube to make the playlist video doesn't limit.
* FEATURE ADDED: Fix issues with video playlist shortcode
* FEATURE ADDED: Add support video url at current time - when you fill a youtube URL with query for time ( example:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A&t=40s ), it will load exactly where do you want it load.
* FEATURE ADDED: update layout  loadmore post cho block 23
* IMPROVE: Fix issues with display social counter shortcode.

Update: PenNews Version 6.5

* FEATURE ADDED: Add new 20 demos:
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Option for use Vertical Navigation via Customize
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Patreon to social media icon
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for make the default link of author point to woocommerce author page.
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues.

Update: PenNews Version 6.4

* FEATURE ADDED: Compatible with Wordpress 5+ and elements from Gutenberg plugin.
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues.

Update: PenNews Version 6.3

* FEATURE ADDED: Add supports for Smart Lists now with 20 styles for Smart Lists
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for Select Block Title Align, Turn off Uppercase Block Title for Penci Image Box
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for show all categories ( NOT one like previous versions ) for Blocks + Featured Slider + Big Grids
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for manage image sizes from the theme via Customize > General Options
* FEATURE ADDED: Display breadcrumbs for single styles 5, 6 & 7
* FEATURE ADDED: Add supports for display author avatar replace with featured images on "Block 6" 
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for custom maximum excerpt length via Customize > General Options
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for disable post viewed count & post meta on inline related posts.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for disable AMP for special Posts/Pages on edit Posts/Pages screen.
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues

Update: PenNews Version 6.2

* FEATURE ADDED: Support for Gutenberg
* FEATURE ADDED: Option to disable parallax images for single posts ( Customize > Single Post Options )
* FEATURE ADDED: Custom Aspect Ratio for Featured Image when you disable parallax images
* FEATURE ADDED: Support for display author name, post viewed count for blocks & featured slider
* FEATURE ADDED: Compability with  AdSense Integration WP QUADS
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues

Update: PenNews Version 6.1

* FEATURE ADDED: 5 New Demos:

* FEATURE ADDED: Add element Register Form
* FEATURE ADDED: Add shortcodes management via Dashboard > PenNews > Shortcodes Management - you can deactivate all elements you don't need for use - it will make your site performance better.
* FEATURE ADDED: Update more translate for review plugins
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Line social media
* IMPROVE: Makrup for sticky sidebar
* IMPROVE: Some issues with RTL Languages
* IMPROVE: Some issues with AMP plugin - let's re-download and update the plugin to get it.
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues

Big Update: PenNews Version 6.0

* FEATURE ADDED: 34 New Demos:
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Options for custom site width & size for content & sidebar by drag & drop via Dashboard > PenNews > Site Width
* FEATURE ADDED: Add Users Review features for Penci Review plugin - you can create posts and allow your users can review your posts/products...
* FEATURE ADDED: Ads Manage Shortcodes - easy to put your ads to content by use Ads Manage Shortcodes ( Dashboard > PenNews > Ads Manage )
* FEATURE ADDED: Custom Font Size for Count Down shortcode on mobile
* FEATURE ADDED: Custom Font Size for Titles for Fancy Heading Elements
* FEATURE ADDED: Optimize rel nofollow for banners elements.
* FEATURE ADDED: Apply custom fonts for AMP plugins & add cookie notice popup for AMP pages - please update AMP to latest version to get that features.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for change the size for mega menu: Square, Vertical...
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues.

PenNews Version 5.1

* FEATURE ADDED: Travel Multipurpose demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-travel-multipurpose/
* FEATURE ADDED: Travel Guide demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-travel-guide/
* FEATURE ADDED: Video News 2 demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-video2-news/
* FEATURE ADDED: Farm Multi-Purpose demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-farm-multipurpose/
* FEATURE ADDED: Add more options for Penci Review plugin - It's allow for user ratings, add more review points & change order of review points by drag & drop - please update Penci Review plugin to latest version to get this feature.
* FEATURE ADDED: Supports for Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs - replace with default breadcrumb from this theme. ( via Customize > General Options )
* FEATURE ADDED: Custom URL when you click on the logo image on Header & Footer.
* FEATURE ADDED: Add support for highlight button on main navigation - please use custom class  'highlight-button' for menu items you want to highlight.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option for disable infinite load more previous posts for special posts on edit posts screen.
* FEATURE ADDED: Add more options for social sharing ( Line & VK & Viber )
* FEATURE ADDED: Add more Line social media option
* FEATURE ADDED: Add more options for social sharing for AMP ( Line & VK & Viber ) and fix some issues on AMP - please update PenNews AMP plugin to get this features.
* IMPROVE: Weather element/widget need to fill API key to get it work. That's needed because all weather API has changed the policy now.
* IMPROVE: Theme speed & some minor issues.

PenNews Version 5.0

* FEATURE ADDED: Lawyer - Attorneys demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-lawyer-attorneys/
* FEATURE ADDED: Cosmetic Multi-Purpose demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-cosmetic-multipurpose/
* FEATURE ADDED: Business Multi-Purpose 2 demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-business-multipurpose2/
* FEATURE ADDED: Garden Multi-Purpose demo - http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-garden-multipurpose/
* FEATURE ADDED: Frontend Submission - check documentation for this here: http://pennews.pencidesign.com/pennews-document/#frontend
* FEATURE ADDED: Support for Custom Post Type for Build Query on Widgets
* FEATURE ADDED: Featured Slider Style 28
* FEATURE ADDED: Responsive Tab for all elements of WPBakery Page Builder
* FEATURE ADDED: Hide/show WPBakery Page Builder elements on desktop, table & mobile for each elements
* FEATURE ADDED: Options for display selected categories on build query on filter ( in the past, just supports display child categories of selected categories )
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues
  • Initial release

v6.6.6. PenNews - Multi-Purpose AMP WordPress Theme [Free Download]
v6.6.6. PenNews - Multi-Purpose AMP WordPress Theme [Nulled]
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  • Gutenberg Optimized: Yes
  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Widget Ready: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Compatible With: bbPress 2.6.x, bbPress 2.5.x, bbPress 2.4.x, bbPress 2.3.x, Events Calendar, WooCommerce 5.7.x, WooCommerce 5.6.x, WooCommerce 5.5.x, WooCommerce 5.4.x, WooCommerce 5.3.x, WooCommerce 5.1.x, WooCommerce 5.0.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.x.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.1.x, WPBakery Page Builder 6.0.x, WPML
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x
  • ThemeForest Files Included: PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files
  • Columns: 4+
  • Documentation: Well Documented
  • Layout: Responsive