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PayMoney overview

  • PayMoney is an online payment gateway that ensures smooth and secure transactions
  • This will help make your account more secure and reliable. Enjoy secure online payments with PayMoney. The system is similar to large payment services like PayPal or Stripe
  • You can deposit funds in minutes using multiple currencies and multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, CoinPayments, etc.
  • Main features of the app -Deposit, payment, transfer, exchange, request payment, ticketing system, revenue, merchant, merchant payment, etc.If the user has any claim for any payment, he/she can useDispute.


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main feature


Registered users can deposit payMoney. Using our system payment method, users can make deposits. Users can choose the wallet where they want to deposit the amount.

transfer amount

Money can be transferred to any registered or unregistered user. Unregistered users can see their money once they register. Admins can block any illegal question refunds.

Application Amount

Registered users can request funds from any registered or unregistered user. The request recipient can choose to approve or cancel the request.

currency exchange

By paying currency, users can exchange any currency "from wallet" to "to wallet". The exchange type can be set to native/API.According to the exchange rate of each currency, the amount will be converted and added to the user wallet. Administrators can view details about the exchange in Currency Exchange.

payment method

We currently have 7 payment methods to deposit money -PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, PayUMoney, Currency Payments, Bank & Payer. From Currency -> Payment Methods, admin can activate/deactivate payment methods.


Easily withdraw funds from your account. Paypal/Bank, how would you like to pay your money?You must first set up your bank details in settings, or, in the case of PayPal, just enter your PayPal email address to pay.


Flat Amount Charges and Charge Percentages are earnings in the PayMoney system.For each currency's transaction type, the administrator can set a small fee from Fees, which will be displayed separately in the revenue in the admin panel. Only admins can see earnings.

roles and permissions

As the owner of the site, you can add other users as administrators to provide permissions for specific roles.

user group

Administrators can add default groups for site users. For group users, the administrator grants specific permissions to each group.For example, a user can apply to become a business, and an administrator can change his group to business, providing additional permissions.


From Settings -> Preferences, administrators can set time zone, date format, currency symbol, thousands separator.

activity log

Administrators can view each user's login activity from the activity log.

Fees and Limits

Fees and limits are a combination of currency and payment method (deposit, transfer, payment, request payment and exchange).Fees apply to charge percentages and flat charges, where the limit is a combination of the minimum and maximum limits.


Users can create businesses through the system. We have two types of merchants - Standard and Express.

In the PayMoney standard type, users can create merchants and generate merchant payment forms. With this form, the user will get an instant payment option and pay the merchant.

PayMoney Express Checkout uses an API to provide your buyers with a simplified and secure checkout experience, keeping them native to your website or mobile app throughout the payment process.


If the user has any claims about their products, the user can contact the merchant through the dispute option. Management can take action (approve or deny) the discussions between the parties.

Create a ticket

A ticketing system is a better way to handle customer issues, and users can report or ask questions about various issues.You can use this option to help if you have trouble using the site or program.

Email Templates and Settings

To send mails, we have dynamic email templates, which can also be changed. You can change the template if you want. It also supports multiple languages. We have two email sending protocols.You can send email via SMTP, the other is the default, send mail option.

2-factor authentication

2FA is an extra layer of security used to ensure that people trying to access online accounts are who they say they are. It is used to control hackers' access to systems and data.2FA is allowed via email, phone, and Google authentication.

Via Email and Phone: When you verify your email, a 6-digit code will be sent to your email to verify your email address. Over the phone, the verification process is the same as the email processing system.

Authenticate with Google: Set up the Google Authenticator app in your phone before continuing, otherwise you won't be able to authenticate.Then scan the QR code from your system over the phone and enter the 6-digit OTP from your app.

Email/Phone Verification

Email verification services help you protect your account. This process helps to confirm that the email address is valid.A verification code will automatically be sent to the email address used to register the account.

Manual deposit and payment

Manual deposits can be made through the payMoney system. Admins can manually deposit/pay for any individual user.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This is the process of getting to know the customer. It helps to verify the identity of any customer before or during your business with them.KYC allows companies to protect themselves by ensuring that they are conducting business legally, and it also protects individuals who may be harmed by financial crime.

There are two types of validation -

  1. address verification
  2. Authentication

Address verification:


Notification settings

During each transaction, the administrator will receive an email as transaction notification.Admins will be able to set up personal admin emails for individual transaction types (deposit, send, request, pay, exchange, pay).
To receive email notifications, the administrator must configure notification settings from the Notification Settings option. Admins can assign anyone (set email) to each transaction type.

User status change:




Send/Receive Money by Phone Number

User can send/request funds by user phone number (registered or unregistered user). When transferring money or sending a request to the user's phone number, the user receives a text message on their mobile number.

New released features (v-3.1)

New theme:


Update changelog

PayMoney v-3.1 Auguest 31, 2021

        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of data sorting in datatables
        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue when user in 2Fa (user dashboard), address and identity menu not displayed
        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of dynamic page responsiveness
        Bug Fixing: Deposit backend validation
        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue unique merchant validation
        Bug Fixing: Ticket searching using username that are not exist in user table
        Bug Fixing: Standard & express merchant (developer page - frontend) isn't translatable
        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue send receive network fee display in transaction list
        Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue network fee is removed from revenue list

        Improvement: Upgraded to laravel version 8
        Improvement: CSV export integrated with the latest package
        Improvement: integrated with the latest version 2.0.2
        Improvement: Coinpayment integrated with the rest api
        Improvement: Recaptcha added to the user registration
        Improvement: Custom validation remove from boot
        Improvement: Expired packages has been removed & upgraded to latest version
        Improvement: Remove junk files and folders.

        New Features: Admin security added (admin panel prefix, admin panel ip)
        New Features: Admin panel design new look
        New Features: Multi theme option added user dashboard (with dark mode)
        New Features: New theme added for userdashboard and frontend
        New Features: User profile qrcode & merchant qrcode added

PayMoney v-2.9 January 03, 2021

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue during currency update, currency logo changed to default logo
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue during intallation, default currency rate should be 1.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with the language, in front-end request page text
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue when send/requesting money to unregistered user
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue when user make exchange and the exchange to currency is set to api
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of multiple payout settings with the same email
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of the user group update, permissions aren't diplayed as selected
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue in Revenue list, Exchange From fees added.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with the coinpayment, which arising an error during confirmation
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue of 2fa verification via google 2fa authenticator

Improvement: is reintegrated with webhook, so customer can easily make it configured and functional ( removed)
Improvement: Twillio can process now more than 1600 characters
Improvement: Payout Setting backend validation added
Improvement: When admin changes payout status from pending to success, email/sms sent to the user.
Improvement: In payout cancellation (by admin), money+fees will be refunded to the user wallet
Improvement: In transaction details sender & recevier's email/phone displayed besides name
Improvement: Send mail/sms to user when admin deposit or payout for user
Improvement: Admin can choose which default country code will be selected during user registration
Improvement: User can not input more than 8 decimal in the amount section during send/request
Improvement: In registration, instead of inserting random country to user profile, based on phone number carrier code, country will be set as user profile. Other wise default country will be set to the user country.  
Improvement: Security improved for form data request.
Improvement: Remove junk files and folders.

PayMoney v-2.7 March 08, 2020

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with user name search filter in admin transactions, admin transfers & admin request money panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with admin email notifications not sending to correct language
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with system default timezone not setting correctly during user registration

Improvement: Social Icons in footer will now show only those admin has set; not all

New Features: CryptoCurrencies ( -
New Features: Twilio SMS Gateway (except - signup verification)

PayMoney v-2.5 December 23, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with htaccess causing conflict during installation
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with mobile API's middleware protection not working
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with Google reCAPTCHA not working

PayMoney v-2.5 December 12, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with payout settings validation errors remain on
modal close (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with bank details not coming in payout edit (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with date displaying incorrectly against user timezone 
(both user & admin panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with incorrect merchants PDF data in admin panel
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with amount min and max validations shows incorrect decimal 
places (according to preferences) (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with SMS messages displaying incorrect UUID while updating 
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with user panel header responsiveness 
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with confirm page details responsiveness (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with user profile (address & identity) responsiveness (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with exchange money (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with percentage and fixed fees displaying incorrectly on 
exchange create (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with merchant logo not displaying in transactions list (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with PayUMoney merchant payment (both user & admin panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with send & request payment  phone own validation (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with request payment accept email/phone dynamic labels (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with merchant payment if deposit fee is not active (user panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with last login details missing in Users list (admin panel)
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with status missing in transactions list exchange print (user panel)

Improvement: Merchant group is made separate by user type in admin user roles 
(admin panel)
Improvement: System payment method logo will now be dynamic in transactions list
(user panel)
Improvement: Added minimum currency exchange rate validation (admin panel)
Improvement: Added Hour, Minute, AM\PM with date (both user & admin panel) 
Improvement: Added wallet balance validations during confirm 
(payout, send, request accept, exchange) (both user & admin panel)     
Improvement: Added redirection to create page(deposit, payout, send, request, exchange)
on reload after success (both user & admin panel)
Improvement: Added currency (Indian rupee) for PayUMoney payment method (admin panel)
Improvement: Added few missing translations (user panel)
Improvement: Added amount decimal places restriction according to system 
preference (both user & admin panel)
Improvement: Improved image resizing with recommendations (both user & admin panel)
Improvement: Transactions with no fees will be ommited from transactions details 
and will show only hyphen in transactions list fee column (user panel)

New Features: Admin will now be able to suspend/de-activate a user
New Features: Dynamic email notification during deposit, payout, send, request, 
exchange and merchant payment (both standard & express)

PayMoney v-2.3 August 29, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with standard merchant payment form.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with express merchant sdk validations.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with fees limit payout setting.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with email not displaying correctly in request
payment acceptance.

Improvement: Removed mycrypt extension and added xml,ctype,gd,iconv, extensions
check during installation.
Improvement: Allowed only three(USD,GBP & EUR) currencies by default.
Improvement: Backend Validations for transaction modules.
Improvement: If no payout setting is added by users, an alert to setup payout settings will be displayed.
Improvement: The system can now calculate values upto 8 decimal places; instead of 
just 2 decimal places.

New Features: User can now change default wallet from his/her profile.
New Features: Merchant can now change payment acceptance currency.
New Features: Merchant payment fee will now be calculated with 
both merchant fee and deposit fee of each payment method
(if fees limit is active for a currency).

PayMoney v-2.1 May 31, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with head code in admin settings.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with local currency exchange rate.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with nonexistent wallet not being created in request creation.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue while updating request payment from cancelling to pending.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with currency existence validation in request payment acceptance .
Bug Fixing: Fixed a conflicting issue with email and phone vlalidations.
Bug Fixing: Fixed a design issue if user's full name is more than 20 characters.
Bug Fixing: Fixed merchant standard cannot pay to himself.

Improvement: Head code naming changed to Google Analytics Tracking Code in admin settings.
Improvement: Removed currencies exchange rate validation in currencies from admin.
Improvement: Improved Application Installer.
Improvement: Identification of user's default wallet from his/her wallets list

New Features: Added Send Money Via Phone.
New Features: Added Request Money Via Phone.
New Features: Added WooCommerce Plugin Settings.

PayMoney v-1.9 March 17, 2019

Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with Payout in user panel.
Bug Fixing: Fixed currencies not coming in descending order in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Fixed issues with send and request money api's for mobile application.

PayMoney v-1.9 March 12, 2019

Bug Fixing: User's phone number not updating in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Merchant wallet not correctly adding amount while a merchant is receiving
payment via System Payment Method.
Bug Fixing: After disable email verification from admin panel if enable again, without
verification registered users can't login.
Bug Fixing: Exchange rate not displaying correctly if exchange from is selected as api
in admin->currencies->add/edit.
Bug Fixing: Problem fixed while express merchant payments SDK integrations.
Bug Fixing: System payment method name not displaying correct while making payments
to merchants.
Bug Fixing: After logout, redirection to login page instead of home page.
Bug Fixing: Fees limits problem in admin deposit and payouts.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with Coinpayment deposit.
Bug Fixing: Problem fixed with Deposit PayUMoney.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with 2Checkout Deposit.
Bug Fixing: Charge percentage/merchant fee not correctly displaying in merchant
Bug Fixing: Merchant wallet calculation when merchant payment status is updated by
Bug Fixing: When user updates his identity and address in admin panel without
approving showing approved.
Bug Fixing: Admin password change validation.
Bug Fixing: Languages and validations in forgot password and reset password
in frontend & backend.
Bug Fixing: Inactive currencies should not be visible in deposit, exchange and
send money currency drop-down in user panel.
Bug Fixing: When admin does payout, the payout status will be 'success' instead of '

Improvement: Users wallet balance displayed from lower to higher.
Improvement: Simplified the express payment sdk documentation in developer page.
Improvement: Removed alphabets and dot symbol validation from first name
as well as alphabets validation from last name to allow certain languages like,
(Persian, Arabic, French, etc.).
Improvement: Fees Limits and Payment Methods button won't be visible in admin
currencies list, if a currency is inactive.

New Features: Added Banks payment method in deposit.
New Features: Added Payeer payment method in deposit.
New Features: Added separate fees limit for payment methods
(in deposit and payout only).

PayMoney v-1.7 December 31, 2018

Improvement: Removed outdated package - UniSharp/laravel-ckeditor.
Bug Fixing: Fixed an issue with personal id verification in user panel.

PayMoney v-1.7 December 18, 2018

Bug Fixing: 2fa tab visibility according to admin settings in user profile setting.
Bug Fixing: Header and navbar alignment when first name consists of more than four letters.
Bug Fixing: utf-8 charset encoding issue with mail.
Bug Fixing: utf-8 charset encoding issue when creating pages from admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Google recaptcha not required in login.
Bug Fixing: Editor not coming while creating and editing ticket in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Validation of duplicate phone number.
Bug Fixing: Displaying wrong payment method name and image of transactions in user panel.

Improvement: Optimized page loading .
Improvement: Improved exchange module in user panel.

New Features: Added Know Your Customer(Identity and Address Verification).
New Features: User can login via phone only.

PayMoney v-1.5 November 05, 2018

Bug Fixing: Transferred and received transaction type email not sending to English language (if email template of
other languages are not set), when admin changing their status from transactions menu
Bug Fixing: When a person signs up with an email that is almost the same as another email(both user panel and admin
Bug Fixing: An issue with status(Active and Inactive) selected in admin->settings->pages.
Bug Fixing: Each user transactions details are not displaying in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: An issue with payout by bank.
Bug Fixing: Currency exchange rate validation when adding a currency.
Bug Fixing: Bank details not displaying in admin->payout (csv and pdf).
Bug Fixing: An issue while resubmitting same type of 2-FA, in user profile.
Bug Fixing: An issue while using system(e.g - Pay Money) as payment method, the payment method name not displaying
as system name (e.g - Pay Money)
Bug Fixing: An issue with leading zero in Bangladesh phone number input.
Bug Fixing: File validation extensions while uploading files(User & admin).
Bug Fixing: Issues while searching 'User' and 'Receiver' name in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Languages not setting globally in user panel.
Bug Fixing: An issue while creating user or admin without selecting a role.
Bug Fixing: Transaction link in each user dispute details in admin panel.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion admin image position.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion redirection.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion admin and user names link-up to their respective profile.
Bug Fixing: Ticket reply admin and user names link-up to their respective profile.
Bug Fixing: New wallet creation of user when depositing with coinpayments.

Improvement: Removed username from users and admins.
Improvement: Removed currency name validation of letters only; as some currencies have different symbols in their
Improvement: Removed currency code validation of letters only; as some currencies have different symbols in their
Improvement: Print page will now open up in a new tab instead of existing tab in user panel.
Improvement: Revenues will always have values greater than zero.
Improvement: Removed libxml checking while creating static pages in admin panel.

New Features: Admin can now deposit to any user.
New Features: Admin can now payout to any user.
New Features: Added Google 2-Factor Authentication.
New Features: Added merchant registration.

PayMoney v-1.3 October 05, 2018

Bug Fixing: Unregistered user will get updated of all transfers payment in their wallet.
Bug Fixing: Payout balance is accurate when cancels it after a payout is initiated.
Bug Fixing: When admin changes a merchant type merchant client id and client secret
gives an error.
Bug Fixing: Fixed all emails currency symbol, based on admin/setting/preferences -
Money Symbol Position.
Bug Fixing: Updated user panel meta url for password reset.
Bug Fixing: Fixed editing currency in admin (when status is default).
Bug Fixing: Client-side validation of first and last name in user profile.
Bug Fixing: Merchant payment redirection will be at user dashboard instead of home page.
Bug Fixing: Transactions status for merchant payment(Payment sent & payment received)
and transfers(Transferred and Received) are now synchronous when admin change the status.
Bug Fixing: When transferring money to unregistered user, email won't be null.
Bug Fixing: Payment sent and payment received (user and received), both transaction types
will have same user and receiver name like transfers(Transferred and Received transaction
Bug Fixing: Request sender image will show in request receiver account issue fixed.
Bug Fixing: (admin/settings/countries)-server-side validation of countries is fixed.
Bug Fixing: (admin/settings/languages)-server-side validation of languages is fixed.
Bug Fixing: User wallets default status is fixed in admin panel user details.
Bug Fixing: User name will be null in merchant payment when paying to a merchant by stripe, paypal or
other payment methods instead of pay money system.
Bug Fixing: Request creator and request acceptor wallet balance calculation problem is
solved, when admin updating transaction status from success to refund from transactions menu.
Bug Fixing: Fixed 'user name' when a user is paying to a merchant by payment methods
(other than paymoney)without login;Payment Received entry in transactions list in admin
Bug Fixing: Company logo not coming in deposit for coin payments.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion header text changed in user dispute section.
Bug Fixing: Dispute discussion admin reply date format fixed in user/disputes.

Improvement: Timezone (user profile settings, admin preference setting) will now be called
from php default time zones [reference -].
Improvement: Changed user's phone number from integer to string of size 20.
Improvement: Added Chinese Template for both email and sms.
Improvement: If a user deletes a payout setting, the payout entries related to that payout
setting won't be deleted.
Improvement: Added new Table 'withdrawal_details' (Banking details will show in details
page when payout is done via Bank,both in admin & user panel)
Improvement: Admin cannot refund any transaction once it is cancelled.
Improvement: Duplicate phone number check in user profile.
Improvement: Creation of new 'client secret' and 'client id', if admin changes a merchant
type from 'standard'to 'express'.
Improvement: Added last login and ip address for users.
Improvement: In fees-limit, default currency will always be set to active for different
transaction types that were inactive.
Improvement: If admin changes existing default currency to other currency, that new default currency's fees limit
will be active for transaction types that were inactive.
Improvement: Social Links will not be required.
Improvement: Disabled preloader from frontend and user dashboard; enabled only when visiting
transaction details.
Improvement: Removed payment methods menu from admin/settings; this is not needed as
each currency has its own payment method settings.
Improvement: At the time of installation, the fees limit of default currency will be
automatically set for deposit,payout, transfer,exchange and request payment.

New Features: Added email verification on user registration with custom email template.
New Features: Added password reset custom email template(user & admin).
New Features: Added enabling/disabling of verification mail in admin/settings/preferences.
New Features: Mobile Number with International Telephone Input has been added, with
validation, flag dropdown and country code. (Added both in admin and user panel)
New Features: Added Nexmo Sms Gateway.
New Features: Added SMS templates.
New Features: SMS will be sent in all transactions in both admin transactions status change and user transactions,
according to SMS templates.
New Features: Added 2-Factor Authentication.
New Features: Added 2-Factor Authentication email template.
New Features: Admin can change 2-Factor Authentication types(by email , by phone, by email
& phone),based on which user settings/2fa will be displayed.
New Features: Admin cannot change 2-Factor Authentication type to (by phone and by email
& phone), if sms settings is not configured properly.
New Features: Changing the 2-Factor Authentication type to disable, will disable it
completely from user panel..
New Features: Added login via in admin/settings;if sms credentials are not set or not
active/default, admin can not change login type to (email or phone).
New Features: User can now login with email or phone, according to admin (login via)

PayMoney v-1.1 August 17, 2018

Bug Fixing: If currency is not available in sender wallet,
            that currency wallet will create in receiver wallet only.
Bug Fixing: Email Configurations for sendMail.
Bug Fixing: When update user info from admin,change password field isn't required.
Bug Fixing: Default user will get only which permission is given from admin.
Bug Fixing: Accept request button is not working.
Bug Fixing: If user is not paymoney register user that time print
            option is not working in front end.
Bug Fixing: When creating any Ticket file didn't uploading with reply both in user
 & Admin.
Bug Fixing: When replied any Ticket with any image, attachment of any image
            won't come with email.
Bug Fixing: Ticket files download issue fixed.
Bug Fixing: When Exchange to Other,fees limit was calculated from "wallet to" 
Bug Fixing: Admin can put any length password.
Bug Fixing: Request sender image will show in request receiver account issue fixed.
Bug Fixing: Fixed multiple request and transfer acceptance for unregistered users
            on registration.
Bug Fixing: Fixed dynamic validation to balance check of request acceptance.
Bug Fixing: Fixed transactions migrations timestamps.
Bug Fixing: Admin header logo will change now instantly, previously coming
from session.
Bug Fixing: In Transfer/Request, if currency is not activated from Fees limit currency
            is not come in user drop/down meanu.
Bug Fixing: Fixed active/inactive checkbox returning wrong value on
currency change from dropdown
Bug Fixing: Fixed showing two error message when currency is not available
            in request payment; one message will be there instantly.
Bug Fixing: Payout amount will be added/subtract with fees if admin change status.
Bug Fixing: Transparent Paymoney logo now visible in merchant (generated) payment page.
Bug Fixing: reCaptch validation issue.

Improvement: Developer page installation instruction changed.
Improvement: Upload image of Property listing.
Improvement: From Fees limit Exchange, admin can disable user wallets when a user
converts "To base" currency "From other wallets".
Improvement: If "Default currency" is inactive from Fees limit for Exchange for
             "To Other currency" error message will show usd' fees limit is inactive".

New Features: If admin change any status for "payout", user wil be notify via mail.

New Features: Added google reCaptch enable/disable functionality.
New Features: A mail will be sent to default english languages(subject and body),
              if other languages(subject and body) is not set.
New Features: Modified dispute status from rejected to closed; admin can now
              close/reject a dispute.

Initial Release v-1.0 August 1, 2018

Initial Release


PayMoney - Secure Online Payment Gateway [Free Download]
PayMoney - Secure Online Payment Gateway [Nulled]
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