OpenCart Product Chained Options

OpenCart Product Chaining Options

Today, customers look for options when they go out shopping. If a customer wants to buy a piece of clothing, then he is likely to choose more styles.

These changes may be in color, size, branding, etc.Therefore, it is very necessary for the store owner to provide multiple choices so that customers have better choices when purchasing.

One such extension is Opencart Product Chained Options, which helps store admins assign variants to products.

Administrators can create variants for new or existing products. Admins can also set default and special prices for specific product variants.

For a better shopping experience and to give customers the advantage of choosing from a variety of choices, the admin can also allow me

This way, admins can showcase products more prominently and stand out in a competitive market where there are many vendors selling the same product.

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Features of OpenCart Product Chain Options

  • Admins can add variations in branding, size, color, etc. to the product to give customers a choice.
  • Combination information text displayed in product pages is added by the administrator.
  • Administrators can enable or disable entry specials for customer groups.
  • Introductory prices for customer groups can be enabled or disabled by the administrator.
  • Images/images can be assigned to variants.
  • Admins allow up to 5 images per variation.
  • If set, the price for each variant combination will flash as the customer selects in the frontend.
  • Administrators can enable variants and, if desired, disable any variant.
  • Customers can choose any combination of variations at the time of purchase.


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