ONNO - Laravel News & Magazine Script

ONNO - Laravel News and Magazine Script

ONNO is a complete news magazine CMS to easily launch your online news magazine platform. It has the most powerful admin panel for managing articles, videos, pulls, widgets and more.ONNO is built using one of the best web application frameworks - Laravel. Launch an online news and magazine website with ONNO and easily manage up to 100B of articles.

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Link: https://onno.spagreen.net/
    Username: [email protected]
     Password: 123456

core function

  • Publish unlimited news/articles
  • Create unlimited video posts/news/articles
  • Create unlimited pages.
  • Create unlimited pulls and polls
  • Create and hook many widgets
  • Ad Support (AdSense, Ad Code, Banners, HTML and Text

Other features:

  • Build with the most popular PHP framework - Laravel
  • Modular based Laravel system
  • Multilingual system (easy to add new languages)
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.x
  • Clean and responsive design
  • Responsive ad space for any type of ad code (including Google AdSense)
  • Highly secure system
  • RTL support
  • SEO optimization
  • SEOに適したURL
  • layout options
  • Unlimited accent color options
  • Many fonts supported
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • FFMPEG implemented for video
  • YouTube, upload and remote video support
  • Subscribers and Communication Systems
  • Built-in email templates
  • Custom roles and permission system
  • Visitor statistics enabled
  • RSS feed support
  • Automatic RSS feed importer
  • Multiple comment methods (built-in, Disqus and Facebook)
  • social sharing (add this)
  • Featured Articles
  • news code
  • Dynamic labeling system
  • Voting Voting (add, delete unlimited votes)
  • Responsive and sortable slider
  • Drag and drop mega menus (like WordPress)
  • Responsive and sortable slider
  • Email verification
  • Mapa del sitio. generador xml
  • Google Analytics and Advanced SEO enabled
  • Theme options
  • & There are a lot more

Content support

  • Text/article published
  • Video post
  • AudioPost
  • pull/vote

RSS powered website

  • woohoo.ABC.net.AU
  • Goberno da NASA
  • wired.com
  • & Most common site*
  • storage support

    • local storage
    • Amazone S3

    Video support

    • Upload MP4
    • Remote MP4
    • YouTube

    user experience

    • Eye-catching design.
    • Responsive layout
    • Easily switch to settings, profiles and history screens.
    • One-click login with Facebook, Google (coming soon).

    Software Architectural Features

    • cloud-based application
    • cost-effective application
    • secure database
    • PHP-based Laravel (MVC) application

    Server requirements

    • PHP >= 7.2.0
    • MySQLi
    • GD
    • cURL
    • allow_url_fopen
    • date. Time zone
    • BCMath PHP extension
    • Ctype PHP extension
    • File information PHP extension
    • JSON PHP extension
    • Mbstring PHP extension
    • OpenSSL PHP extension
    • PDO PHP extension
    • Tokenizer PHP extension
    • XML PHP extension

    what will you get?

    • Complete PHP-Laravel source code
    • Documentation access

    source and credit

    • Laravel
    • BootStrap
    • ColorLib
    • Freepik
    • FontAwesome
    • summernote
    • c3charts
    • datepicker
    • jquery
    • parsley

    Change log

    04 October 2021 V140

    Huge Performance Improvement, Check here: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/onno.spagreen.net/D4688koJ/
    Caching System Improvement
    API Updates for Upcoming Mobile App Update
    Image Upload Error Fixed
    Video Upload Error Fixed
    Ads creation error Fixed
    Layout Shifting issue Fixed

    20 July 2021 V130

    API version remove from the base -url
    Unsupported mobile ads removed.
    API updated for upcoming mobile app.
    Upcoming mobile app supported added.

    23 May 2021 V120

    Fixes unzip issues

    27 February 2021 V120

    Fixed RSS Feed post importing issue
    Fixed update error and server error on update

    20 February 2021 V120

    Added Trivia Quiz 
    Added Personality Quiz
    Minified Assets 
    Added Query Caching
    Added more posts types
    Added user dob
    Added user phone number
    Added user gender
    Added quiz widget
    Added new permission for api
    Added warning for meta title length
    Added warning for meta description length
    Added API for Mobile Apps
    Added API Configs
    Added API Intro 
    Added Android Settings
    Added iOS Settings
    Added Ads Config API
    Added APIs for all types of contents
    Added Trending posts API
    Added Firebase Auth to API
    Added Token based access to API
    Updated slug function to make more SEO friendly URL
    Updated page views counts functions
    Updated preference settings
    Updated permission for Super Admin
    Updated Admin profile update image choosing modal to image upload
    Fixed Pages Add on Header Issue
    Fixed image showing issue on different pages
    Fixed image deleting issue
    Fixed RSS post inserting issues
    Fixed storage dropdown issue
    Fixed bugs

    22 December 2020 V110

    Added social login for facebook and google+.
    Added 3 new header layout.
    Added 2 new article template.
    Added author panel.
    Added author show/hide option.
    Added author social links.
    Added articles show by author.
    Added articles show by date.
    Added articles show by category.
    Added preloader enable/disable.
    Added functionalities for show subcategory to menu.
    Added submit news enable/disable option.
    Added mkv/webm support for video.
    Added multiple poll system option.
    Added RSS news importer (get posts from source).
    Added audio post.
    Added image gallery.
    Added archive widget.
    Added "additional text" support inside post.
    Added "single image" support inside post.
    Added "left image right text" support inside post.
    Added "left text right image" support inside post.
    Added "center image both side text" support inside post.
    Added "single video" support inside post.
    Added "youtube video" support inside post.
    Added "vimeo video" support inside post.
    Added "twitter post embed" support inside post.
    Added "embed code" support inside post.
    Added "ads" support inside post.
    Added "single video" support inside post.
    Added addthis toolbox field.
    Added reaction to the post.
    Updated addthis public id to full code.
    Updated fluid vided player to plyr vide player.
    Update custom header css without style tag to with style tag
    Update custom footer js without script tag to with script tag
    Fixed image support for safari.
    Fixed open graph(social media share) issue.
    Fixed User ban/unban issue
    Fixed menu item add issue.
    Fixed RSS feed issue.
    Fixed htmlentities debugger.
    Fixed all Known bugs.

    27 October 2020 V102

    Pagination added for top news
    Hope page issue fixed
    Category detete issue fixed
    Database relation related issue fixed
    Gallery issue fixed
    Subscriber & user related issue fixed

    23 October 2020 V101

    Player switch to "Plyr Video Player" from "Fluid Player" 
    OpenGraph Image issue fixed
    Fixed few minor bugs
    Responsive issue fixed for breaking news
    Performance improvement

    22 October 2020 V100

    Initial release

    ONNO - Laravel News & Magazine Script [Free Download]
    ONNO - Laravel News & Magazine Script [Nulled]
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    • High Resolution: Yes
    • Compatible Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
    • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL
    • Software Framework: Laravel
    • Software Version: PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x