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New in version 4.0! ! !

1. Redesigned new UI.
2. Property wise stocks.
3. Added advanced product search options in the menu search box.
4. Free shipping after the order reaches a certain quantity.
5. Added guest checkout option.
6. Add the Accept terms and conditions checkbox on the checkout page.
7. Display all out-of-stock products in the admin dashboard.
8. Added ancillary product sales options.
9. Added admin dashboard translation option.
10. Complete RTL management dashboard.
11. Now the user can delete his account.
12. Add Razorpay payment gateway.
13. Added Flutterwave payment gateway.
14. Dynamics of the maximum amount in the price range.
15. Fix the pagination problem of the shop page.
16. Added Cookie reminder option.
17. Fixed the tax calculation problem on the invoice page.
18. Add custom CSS add option.
19. Add the option to enable/disable the property filter of the shop page.
20. Store page price range filter enable/disable option added.
21. Guest checkout enable/disable option added.
22. Checkout page privacy and terms and conditions check enable/disable option added.
23. Added banner title and subtitle options.
24. Added newsletter popup option.
25. Redesigned product add and edit pages.
26. Add to cart button on user wishlist page.
27. Tax and shipping issues have been fixed.
28. Fixed system user menu issues.
29. And many other small fixes.

OmniMart - One-stop e-commerce shopping platform. If you plan to buy a single-vendor e-commerce shopping platform.You can choose OmniMart as the best platform for single-vendor e-commerce.
You can use it for:Men's and Women's Fashion Stores, Electronics and Computer Stores, Toys and Children's Stores, Food and Grocery Stores, Tools and Parts Stores, Beauty and Health Stores, Watches and Jewelry Stores, Home and Furniture Stores, Sports and Outdoors Stores, Digital Markets, Digital product store.Affiliate product store, software license key store, etc.

Today, e-commerce platforms are becoming more and more popular, and we are constantly maintaining all the needs of our users. The script has unlimited categories, brands, products, attributes.Coupon, order, category creation options. It comes with 12 payment gateways, full content management system, SEO, order tracking system and more...Read the highlighted features below.

Physical product sales:

A physical product is an identified product and its packaging when shipped or delivered to consumers.
OmnimartAllows you to sell any kind of physical product. You can add product attributes. You can add property prices. You can also add inventory by attribute.

Digital product sales:

A digital product is an intangible asset or medium that can be repeatedly sold and distributed online.
OmnimartAllows you to sell digital products (web themes and templates, codes, video, audio, graphics, photos, 3D files, etc.) without a license code.

Sales of Affiliated Products:


Software license keys are sold:


Product Attribute Options:


All avenues:

Admin rights:
Admin link:View link
Email: Administrador @gmail. com
Password: password

User access:
User link:View link
Email: उपयोगकर्ता @gmail. संगणक
Password: password

Características sobresalientes:

Clean and modern frontend and admin interface.
100% responsive design.
4 Home page.
Physical product sales.
Digital product sales.
Ancillary product sales.
Licensed Product Sales.
Product attribute options.
Attribute wise product price.
Attribute wise product inventory.
Multi-currency support.
12 Payment Methods.
Opzioni di pagamento per gli ospiti.
Ajax product load.
CSV product upload.
CSV product export.
CSV order export.
CSV transaction export.
Bulk delete option.
Images are lazy loaded.
Generador de mapas de sitio.
Google AdSense.
Google Analytics.
Código de verificación de Google.
Facebook Pixel.
Facebook Messenger.
Database backup system.
System backup system.
Currency is displayed left or right.
sales analysis.
Coupon management.
Product variant.
RTL support.
Email notification.
SMS notification.
Product Wish List.
Confronto prodotti.
Campaign Offers.
Venta express.
Unlimited color options.
Tax module.
transport module.
maintenance module.
Customize CSS settings.
Translate frontend and admin dashboard.
Announcement and popup modules.
Support for modern browsers and cross-browser compatibility.
Video tutorial.
Facilities are updated regularly.
Free lifetime updates.
Premium and fast support.

12 Payment Methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Stripe
  3. Paytm
  4. Paystack
  5. Mercadopago
  6. Authorization Network
  7. Mollie
  8. Razorpay
  9. Flutterwave
  10. SSLcommerz
  11. cash on delivery
  12. money transfer

Admin Features:

- 100% secure admin dashboard.
- Gerenciamento de classificação.
- Product management.
- Product brand management.
- Product attribute management.
- Product creation management.
- Product campaign management.
- Product CSV import and export management.
- Product review management.
- Product order management.
- Transaction management.
- Coupon management.
- Transportation management.
- tax management.
- currency management.
- Payment gateway management.
- User Management.
- Ticket management.
- General settings management.
- Homepage management.
- Slider management.
- Search engine optimization management.
- Service management.
- Dynamic color management.
- Slider management.
- Banner management.
- Page visibility (on/off section) management.
- Social login management.
- Email management.
- SMS management.
- Announcement pop-up management.
- Cookie alert management.
- Maintenance mode management.
- Sitemap management.
- Language management.
- FAQ management.
- Blog management.
- Dynamic page management.
- Subscriber management.
- User role rights management.
- and more....

User Features:

- Clean user interface.
- Dashboard Manager.
- Profile Manager.
- Ticket Manager.
- Order log.
- address manager.
- Wish List Manager.
- Delete account option.
- and more....

Require :

– PHP >= 7.2.5
- File information PHP extension
- JSON PHP extension
- Mbstring PHP extension
- OpenSSL PHP extension
- PDO PHP extension
- Tokenizer PHP extension
- XML PHP extension
- Curl PHP extension


How to update v3 to v4?


v4.0 (10 Dec 21)

1. New redesign UI
2. Attribute wise stock.
3. Advance product search option added in the menu search box.
4. Free shipping after a certain amount of orders.
5. Guest checkout option added.
6. Add accept trams & condition checkbox in the Checkout page.
7. Show all stock-out products in the admin dashboard.
8. Affiliate product sell option added.
9. Admin dashboard translate Option Added.
10. Full RTL Admin dashboard.
11. Now user can delete his account.
12. Razorpay payment gateway added.
13. Flutterwave payment gateway added.
14. Price range max amount dynamic.
15. Shop page pagination issue fixed.
16. Cookie alert option added.
17. Invoice page tax calculation issue fixed.
18. Custom CSS add option added.
19. Shop page attribute filter enable/disable option added.
20. Shop page price range filter enable/disable option added.
21. Guest Checkout enable/disable option added
22. Checkout page Privacy & Terms Conditions check enable/disable option added.
23. Banner title & subtitle option added.
24. Newsletter Popup Option Added.
25. Redesign product adds & edit page.
26. User wishlist page adds to cart button added.
27. Tax & shipping issue fixed.
28. System user menu issue fixed.
29. And other many small fixes.

v3.1 (Nov 21 03)

*** Fix issues & bugs  |  No extra features added ***

v3.0 (21 Oct 21)

1. New Home Page.
2. More Advance Admin Dashboard with lots of new features, sales reports & charts.
3. 2x faster than before.
4. License Product Sell Option Added.
5. Dashboard Product Table Filter Make more Advance and more Useful.
6. CSV Product Upload Option Added.
7. CSV Product Export Option Added.
8. CSV Order Export Option Added.
9. CSV Transactions Export Option Added.
10. Bulk Delete Option Added for Big Data Tables.
11. intervention/image Package Added for creating Product Thumbnails.
12. Image Lazy Load System Added for Load Site More Faster.
13. Sitemap Generator Added.
14. Google Adsense Option Added.
15. Google Analytics Option Added.
16. Google reCaptcha Added.
17. Facebook Pixel Added.
18. Facebook Messenger.
19. Make Announcement Banner Clickable.
20. Shop Page more Advance & Attribute Option UI/UX More Clean.
21. Display discount percentage badge on Single Product.
22. Site Product Review Pagination Added.
23. Added (Buy Now) Button on Product Page.
24. Database Backup System Added.
25. System Backup System Added.
26. Currency Left Or Right Show Option Added.
27. Percentage & Amount wise Coupon System.
28. Mercadopago Payment Gateway Added.
29. Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Added.
30. Paystack Payment Gateway Added.
31. Bank Transfer Payment System Added.
31. And some bug fixes.

v2.2 (10/4/21)

*** Bug Fix Update Fix Some Bugs ***

v2.1 (29.09.21)

*** Bug Fix Update | No extra features added ***
1. Menu enable/disable issue fix.
2. Others language slug create issue fix.
3. Campain title change issue fix.
4. Announcement disable issue fix.
5. Now product brand select option not required.
6. Review modal does not show issue fix.
7. And other small fixes.

v2.0 (9/24/21)

1. Home page design updated.
2. More informative admin dashboard.
3. Child Category added.
4. Digital product sell option added.
5. Campain Offer module added.
6. Paytm & SSL Commerz added
7. New Offer Banner option added.
8. Popular Categories select option added.
9. Featured Category select option added.
10. Mobile SMS notification API(Twilio ) added.
11. RTL option added.
12. Announcement Popup added.
13. Maintainance option added.
14. Frontend Menu category dropdown added.
15. Frontend Home page Ajax product load option added.
16. Frontend Shop page all filter using Ajax.
17. Attributes Wise product search option added.
18. Product grid view & List View issue fix.
19. Ajax wishlist product adds option added.
20. Popular brand select and brand page added. 
21. New responsive mobile menu.

v1.0 (9/13/21)

- Initial release.

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