Midrub Posts - schedule and publish on the most popular social networks

Midrub has the basic features of a startup (plan subscriptions, coupon codes, ticketing system, multilingual support, multilingual FAQ system, notification system, affiliate system, advanced API, possibility to add features in a dynamic way, etc.).

You can customize Midrub by adding the features you want, payment gateways, social networks for posting or registering, create your api endpoints in the easiest way you've ever seen, create dashboard widgets, manage features and have Midrub theme (html/css) with multi-language support.

You can test the demo here:https://www.rackpoint.social/(Front-end theme not included. You can test what's in the description.)

Midrub's apps:

In the user panel, each page in the main menu is an application with styles, js, api, hooks, cron job methods and ajax methods. This makes Midrub fast and easy to customize and add new features.You can enable applications on a schedule. For example, you can only offer special features to a plan.

The Posts app is Midrub's app that allows to connect to the most popular social networks and post or schedule posts. The Posts app has 5 sections:

  1. Composer- Connect to social networks, schedule posts, get previews (individual previews for each social network is an urgent reservation feature and will be available shortly), get accounts based on the most used accounts in the last 30 days, get a legal account from Twitter or Instagram Way, if you have Midrub Ads Manager, you can increase posts on social networks, automatically create ads based on your preferences, and if you have Midrub Social Planner, you can plan posts directly from Composer's tabs.
  2. Sheduled- Create new posts for selected dates, view scheduled posts, and delete posts. This section has a quick scheduling feature that allows to schedule posts by clicking on a date.
  3. Insights- Get insights on published posts. With just one click, you can get insights into scheduled posts, replies, and moderation comments.In the same section, you can get insights for linked accounts, view a list of posts, get personal insights, moderate, create and reply to comments.
  4. History- Here you can view all scheduled, drafted and published posts.By clicking on the details button, you will get the content of the post and a list of social networks where it will be published or published.If it is an error, Midrub will display an error message and the user will know what went wrong. From the history, you can even generate reports for published posts.
  5. RSS feed- Allows creating lists using RSS feeds, enabling or disabling them, searching and deleting them.By clicking "Manage" you will get 5 other sections where you can auto-publish RSS or just schedule the posts you want.RSS publishing has more options to help you publish your posts as needed. In the history of RSS, you can get information about publications and error messages. You can even generate reports.

Available social networks you can post to: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Youtube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Flickr, Imgur, Instagram, Linkedin, Linkedin Companies (you need to be a partner), Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus (Google Plus now is private, Midrub can be published there via G Suite), Pinterest, Medium (their api is private and you have to request access), Blogger, Wordpress, VK, Vimeo, Telegram Channels, Telegram Groups, Odnoklassniki (Одноклассники) and Google my business.

You must configure all social networks yourself. Please see here before buyinghttps://www.midrub.com/categories/networks

Midrub allows to create groups with accounts and publish in all groups' accounts with a single click. You can use groups with accounts in the Posts app, RSS, Stream, and Social Planner.

With Midrub you can publish on any website created with Wordpress.

For Instagram, Midrub has 4 ways to post:

  1. Officials like to have Hootsuite.
  2. Zapier -https://youtu.be/oC9tOgTmZW8
  3. Mobile client - you'll get bonuses, it works the same way as Buffer and Hootsuite for personal accounts (works in Midrub and even business). Works the same way as Whatsapp.This is legal and official.
  4. Ads - For this you need Midrub Facebook Ads Manager. Like posting on Hootsuite or Buffer, users simply create an ad tag to their liking, and can even connect it to RSS later.More details herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyYFI_aFdJg

With Midrub you can schedule and publish posts on Whatsapp (legally)https://youtu.be/B2B7TVc-yH4

Приложение "Входящие"

Inbox app allows to connect all your Facebook page inboxes and reply to your customers. You can create quick replies and automatically reply to your customers based on exact phrases or words.You can even create a list with private messages that will automatically reply to your Facebook page comments based on the exact phrase or word.For quick replies and private messages, you have an analytics section where you can view app activity. The app is based on the official api and users can connect their pages with just a single click.

storage application

Allows management of uploaded files. The main function at this point is the category.You can create categories from multimedia files that will be added to the Midrub Social Planner app in a random fashion for the created plan.

Dashboard application

Allows display of user scheduled activities, and widgets can be dynamically added through applications that enable Midrub in the user schedule.

Midrub's plan

Midrub allows the creation of plans with selected services, applications, social networks and restrictions for each enabled application. You decide how much each plan earns from each user's referrals.

Server requirements

Midrub requires a professional configuration server.It doesn't matter if you have other scripts that work well, because Midrub is more complex and good servers are usually provided by big companies with a lot of experience.If you only want to use Facebook and Twitter, then a basic server configuration will suffice. Midrub works well even on shared hosting.

Midrub's demo continues to runhttps://supersonicservers.com/I have no affiliation nor my server. You can always test Midrub in a demo. I have it configured in the first place and I have never had a problem.

Installation of Midrub

The installation of Midrub is different from other scripts.

Why does installation take more time than other scripts? Simply put, Midrub has a lot of features and they should be configured.It's easy to install a toy with 3 pages and multiple links, but for SAAS services like Midrub you have to configure what's available (enable themes for users, enable themes for frontend, enable themes for admins, enable apps , enable components, create menus for users, create menus for guests, configure plans with very advanced features, configure payments, configure invoicing, configure referrals, configure registration, configure social access, etc.).Midrub aims to be the most complete business solution. My goal is for you to start a business as a serious company, not a loose one.

You can see the installation / configuration process herehttps://www.midrub.com/articles/how-to-easy-install-midrub(As you can see, there are many options here, depending on whether your skills are capable of managing this)

Midrub's support

Complex scripts are useless without good/fast support, so with Midrub you'll get almost instant support during business hours.You'll get a solution, unless something has to be enabled on your server (you'll have to contact your server provider).

By purchasing the Midrub Posts app, you will receive the Midrub Inbox app with Facebook Pages inbox manager, quick replies and private messages (without Instagram) as a bonus.Currently working on an advanced email marketing application that integrates CRM and analytics.The email app will be available for free to all who have purchased the Midrub Posts app until the email app is released (support will be provided separately).

By purchasing the Midrub Posts app, you will receive the Lists app as a reward. More details here https://www.midrub.com/articles/lists-introduction

Streams is a separate Midrub application, not included in Midrub.

Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads Manager) is a standalone Midrub app, not included in Midrub.

Midrub Posts - schedule and publish on the most popular social networks [Free Download]
Midrub Posts - schedule and publish on the most popular social networks [Nulled]
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