Midrub Ebay RSS - Create RSS Feeds with Ebay's Products

Midrub Ebay RSS is an appMidrubIt allows you to generate RSS feeds based on eBay products.

To use the Midrub Ebay RSS project, you need to haveMidrub and Midrub eBay Marketplace.

Midrub is a business CMS that provides basic functionality for starting a business. You can easily develop your own components and create themes for user dashboards and frontends.You can control all scheduling based on user capabilities, and using Teams' capabilities, users can create custom roles. Midrub's APIs allow easy creation of endpoints for your components and applications.

An application in Midrub is a service for the user. You can control them on a schedule and decide where and where the user menu is.

With Midrub Ebay RSS, your customers will be able to generate RSS feeds based on eBay products. They can choose the available eBay sites, categories, product types, best deals, and more.and generate an RSS feed. Midrub Ebay RSS even allows to create RSS feeds based on keywords (eg: iPhone X).

Each RSS feed created can be saved with your headers and the headers will be displayed in the RSS's code. The title will also be displayed in the RSS feed and history page.

Users can create lists and manage them using RSS feeds. In the History tab, they will set the number of times the call will be viewed. To avoid abuse, you can control the number of RSS calls on a schedule.Each call requires time/server resources, so it's best to limit calls.

The generated RSS feeds have images and your customers can easily connect the created RSS feeds to post products with images on social networks. Additionally, RSS feeds can be used outside of Midrub.Users can copy the url and use it wherever they want. Such as auto-posting on their website and using referral codes to make money.Midrub Ebay RSS allows creating country-based RSS feeds (by using eBay's website) and customizing listings with eBay's products to get only products of interest.

Midrub Ebay RSS supports Midrub's Teams feature, where users can decide which members of their team have access to the app.Using Midrub's APIs, you need a fraction of the time to create a new endpoint for this application and use it remotely to create RSS feeds for any purpose.

If you would like to test the Midrub Ebay RSS app, please register herehttps://ebay.midrub.com/

Midrub Ebay RSS - Create RSS Feeds with Ebay's Products [Free Download]
Midrub Ebay RSS - Create RSS Feeds with Ebay's Products [Nulled]
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