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Candlestick Version 2.1 Features [ 03-01-2019]

  • Student social login (Facebook, Google plus).
  • New beautiful and responsive user interface.
  • Mentor blogs are reflected in the frontend and approved by the admin.
  • Administrators can create new administrator users.
  • Admins get notifications for all important actions in the site
  • Administrators can import data for module users, categories, courses, options, locations, packages, certificates.
  • Add categories when instructors create sales courses.
  • Tutors can provide students with certificates on course completion.
  • Administrators can create new administrator users.
  • Mentors can add locations that admins can approve.
  • Instructors can add courses that can be approved by admins.
  • RTL support.
  • Admins can edit, delete, change the status of the tutor's blog.
  • Email notifications when important actions take place.
  • Custom language settings module.
  • The admin shows the full details of the payment.
  • Detailed documentation (including BBB settings) is provided.

Candlestick Version 2 Features

1. Online Course Sales
  • Registered tutors can upload audio/video/documents/images/PDF files by course
  • Instructors add courses (like the courses/topics covered in the course) and publish the courses for sale by using a url or file as a source.
  • Additionally, instructors can upload preview images and files for students to view as a demo of the course before purchasing the course.
  • Students can use tutor courses only after the published course has been approved by the administrator.
  • After logging in, a student has purchased a course, and the student has the option to download the course/files for that course.
  • Tutor can set max. The number of downloads for the course. Students can only download course files that they do not have. Second-rate.
  • Instructors can view course file download history
  • Students can also view their course file download history
  • The admin will transfer the money (offline) to the tutor by deducting the commission percentage for each purchased course and update the payment status to "Completed".

2. BBB (gros bouton bleu)

  • The BBB appears when students book tutors for online courses. The tutor starts the course at the scheduled time and the student must do the same during the course time.They will then be redirected to the virtual classroom.
  • Virtual video lessons involving students and instructors interacting
  • It also includes pointers for teachers to teach by pointing to any objects on the virtual classroom board.

3. Big Blue Button Requirements

  • You need to ensure that your server meets the following requirements for Big Blue Button:

4. Multiple (major) payment gateway integrations

  • One. In the system, multiple payment gateways are included. When users want to buy a package with points, they buy the package online using any payment gateway.
  • Following are the main payment gateways integrated in the system
  • Pay (fully implemented)
  • Paypal(fully implemented)
  • Stripe
  • Alipay. com
  • PagSeguro
  • moneda en línea
  • Yandex
  • Payaza
  • manual transfer
  • 2 Checkout (fully implemented)
  • Razor payment (fully implemented)

5. SEO


Anmeldedaten des Administrators:

Zugangsdaten der Lehrkraft:

Student login details:

College tutor login details:

Institute login details:

Great features

  • Students, Mentors and Faculty Administration
  • Tutors will enter teaching sessions with available time
  • Tutor profile setup with images and videos uploaded to their library
  • Students can manage their settings and contact tutors before finalising them
  • A standalone institution-level module where institutions can add mentors and manage mentors
  • Complete administrative setup and full control over the system
  • Detailed documentation and full functionality

General characteristics of students

  • Tutor system facilitates students to book courses online
  • Students can also book under batches offered by the college
  • If the student does not get the required tutor in the list, he can post his request.
  • Simple procedure to book tutors and academies.

General characteristics of tutors

  • Tutors can contact students at their request.
  • Mentors can also be registered under Institutions
  • Easy to contact students and institutions.

General characteristics of the institute

  • Colleges can register their tutors.
  • Colleges can create multiple batches for students
  • Students can register online.

How the payment system works in the MenorahTutors script:

  1. In order to book a tutor, students must have some credits. These points can be purchased from packages created by the administrator through the Paypal payment gateway. The money went to the administrator.
  2. Students can then book tutors based on the cost of their credits. The credits will then be deducted from the student. and will not be added to the tutor immediately after the student has booked.Transfer credits deducted from students to tutorsonly whenThe instructor completed his course for that student andIf the student is satisfied with the course, the status is updated first by the tutor and then by the student.
  3. Tutors like this earn credit from student bookingsAfter successfully completing the course. Only these credits Tutor can convert into moneyBy sending a request to the administrator. Admin checks request and sends money to Tutoroutside the systemBased on payment/bank account details given by tutor.
  4. For each student booking, points determined/set by the administrator will be deducted as administrator commission.

  • Student S1Book a tutorT1for the courseC ++(Cost is 1000 credits, duration 15 days. Set by T1 tutor).
  • 1000 credits will be deducted from the student's S1 after the booking is made. 990 credits will be awarded upon successful completion of the programTutor T1.
  • When Student S1Make a reservation, the admin sets the commission1% of the reservation. Therefore 10 credits are deducted from the fee as management commission and the remaining 990 credits are added toMentor T1.
  • Then, Tutor T1 asks the administrator to convert these 990 credits into money. Administrators process requests and transfer funds out of our system.




Change log

V3.0 [ june 05 2020 ]
1. Fixed: Filter option in Buy now course
2. Addition: Home page language option.
3. Addition: Tutor can initiate session
V2.1 [ October 11 2019 ]
1. Addition: Language Change Feature for User
V2.1 [ January 03 2019 ]
1. Addition: Email Templates, can be editable.
2. Addition: Blogs reflects in front end.
3. Addition: Admin get Notifications in site when important actions occur.
4. Addition: New Beautiful and Responsive design.
5. Addition: Social Logins
6.addition: Admin can Import data for modules Users,Categories,Courses,Options,Locations,Packages,Certificates.
7.Addition: Add category when tutor create selling course.
8.addition: Tutor can provide certificate to student regarding course completion.
9.Fixed: Email notifications when important actions occur.
10.Fixed: Customized language settings module
11.Addition: Admin can create new Admin user.
12.Addition: Tutor can add Locations which can be approved by admin.
13.Addition: Tutor can add Courses which can be approved by admin.
14. Fixed: Admin showing complete details of payments.
15.Addition: RTL Support.
16.Fixed: Phone Code saving at the time of Registration.
17.Addition: Admin can edit, delete, change the status of Tutors blogs.


Skype: Cifereca Helpo

Email: [email protected] computer

WhatsApp: +91 9959463684

We're committed to continuing to improve this system, and your suggestions are always welcome.

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