v6.2.24 MapSVG - Maps and Store Locator for WordPress

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See map. com for more examples and features!


create anything and map it

MapSVG is more than just a map plugin: it's a custom database that connects seamlessly to vector, google and image maps.

Various maps in one plugin

  • SVG vector map (includes all countries)
  • Google Maps (Unlimited Custom Styles)
  • Google Maps + your custom vector consultation
  • Imagemap: Add interactivity to any png/jpeg image

Create objects and place them on the map

MapSVG has a built-in database optimized for performance, ease of editing, and seamless interaction with maps. Use it to create any kind of objects and display them on the map! Show your content

Display your content as markers on the map. Group tags into clusters. Show popovers, tooltips, or a large detail view when you click a marker or map area.Displays a menu with a list of objects next to the map.

Filter results on the map

Available filter types:

  • text search
  • Search nearby locations by address or from current user location
  • Search by zip code
  • Filter by custom field

Visualize big data on a map

Statistics for each map area are represented in different shades of the color gradient.

custom map function

Any custom functionality can be created by adding a few lines of JS code to the MapSVG event handler editor screen.When an object is received from the server, click on a map area, mark it, do something special - there are many events to choose from.

custom map style

Use the built-in template editor. Fine-tune your styles with the built-in CSS editor


Add shortcodes for other plugins to MapSVG. Use case: Display the contact form when the marker is clicked, and pass the email stored in the clicked object to the "email_to" field of the contact form.

Use MapSVG. Gallery plugin for displaying galleries, sliders and lightboxes with images.

Other features

Display another map when clicking on an area of ​​the main map (drill-down functionality). Use Case - Building Floor Plan: Displays an image of a building, clicking on a floor shows a submap with a floor plan.Clicking on an area in the floor plan displays the floor plan of the apartment. Add controls that allow users to toggle the visibility of certain objects

v6.2.24 MapSVG - Maps and Store Locator for WordPress [Free Download]
v6.2.24 MapSVG - Maps and Store Locator for WordPress [Nulled]
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  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Software Version: WordPress 5.8.x, WordPress 5.7.x, WordPress 5.6.x, WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x