Mailbox plugin for RISE CRM

Note: This is not a standalone application. This is a plugin for RISE CRM. You have to install the RISE – Ultimate Project Manager & CRM to use this plugin.

This plugin integrates unlimited Webmail clients in RISE CRM. By enabling, you will be able to integrate multiple mailboxes with IMAP credentials.It's where you can collaborate with your customers, prospects, or any other email recipients organized by allowed team members for each mailbox. These email accounts will only be used to get emails.For sending emails, it will use the credentials from Settings > Application Settings > Email. It requires RISE v2.8 or higher.


- PHP 7.4 or higher.
- Enable the Imap extension in the server.
- An IMAP account that can accept SSL/TLS connections from third-party applications. If you are using 2-factor authentication, you need to disable it or your server will not accept connections.
- Make sure that RISE's Cron is activated in your server. You can set up cron from Settings > App Settings > Cron Job.
- You will not be able to use the IMAP function under the POP account. Make sure your account is IMAP-based.
- This plugin is to be able to view/reply all incoming emails in RISE CRM.Emails sent from this plugin will be stored in the "Sent" folder of your emails, but actions like asterisk/trash/important will only affect your local emails (RISE CRM), they will be stored with their attachments in the database.This plugin has no control over your IMAP server, it is not a two-way sync plugin. It will only fetch your unread inbox emails.


Plugin Documentation.


The DemoReset every 6 hours.



Note which emails you send from the demo will not actually be sent (under GDPR laws).


Please send an email toSupportPages for any questions, problems or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don't ask for support in the comments section.

Change log

Version 1.1.1 – 13 December, 2021
[Updated] Applied existing big modal of RISE since it's not working on slow servers. 
[Fixed] Template creating bug fixed.
[Fixed] Dark mode issue fixed.
[Fixed] Fixed security issue. 
Version 1.1 – 08 December, 2021
[Added] Added multiple mailbox integration. 
[Added] Check required PHP version (7.4) on installation.
[Added] Added documentation link in plugin setting.
[Updated] Added more visibility on unread emails. 
[Updated] Moved template inserting option inside email content editor.
[Updated] Changed design of compose and email view.
[Updated] Templates are now private. But that could be shared publicly. 
[Updated] Removed compose button from client/leads details view > Mailbox tab since there won't be any mailbox selected. 
[Fixed] Attachment downloading bug fixed.
Version 1.0 – 09 August, 2021
Initial release.

Mailbox plugin for RISE CRM [Free Download]
Mailbox plugin for RISE CRM [Nulled]
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