Live Streaming Plugin - Belloo Dating Software

Live Plug-in for Belloo Dating Software

you need toBelloo - Complete Premium Dating Softwarerun this plugin

- Allows live streaming from webcam to the world

List of plugin features:

  • Show private streaming mode
    If enabled when the stream is private, it will display a crafted mode stating that the stream is private
  • Disable print screen
    If enabled, users will not be able to take screenshots during the live section
  • Streams for advanced users only
    If enabled, non-premium users will not be able to see the live stream
  • Stream Sneak Peek
    If Stream only for premium is enabled, but you want to allow users to see "X" seconds, you can set here, in seconds, how many free users can see before the stream is no longer visible
  • Allow gender to start live
    Set which gender of your site can start streaming
  • Only verified users can start streaming
    If enabled, unauthenticated users are not allowed to stream
  • Only authenticated users can view the stream
    If enabled, the live stream is not allowed to view if the user is not authenticated
  • Transfer Gift Points
    If enabled, the credit price for gifts received during the broadcast will be added to the streamer's balance
  • private stream
    If an enabled streamer is allowed to make their stream private, only those who pay the credits for the streamer settings will have access
  • custom stream message
    If enabled while the user is previewing the camera, allows the user to add a custom message that will be shown to everyone as the first message
  • प्रशासक सानुकूल संदेश
    In order to show the custom message in all streams below the streaming custom message write it here, if you leave it blank it will show nothing
  • Announce new visitor in chat
    If enabled when the user starts viewing the stream, it will be announced to everyone in the chat
  • Announced when the audience leaves
    If enabled when the user leaves the stream, it will be announced to everyone in chat

flow media services

We all know that streaming services are expensive and a bit confusing, after a lot of research we found the best streaming service providers that we use with the best quality/price, They have a free plan.

So you don't have to pay a penny at first and we are also looking for a partner with millcast to get some specials for our customers.
We'll share special packages with you when we have news on this.

Live Streaming Plugin - Belloo Dating Software [Free Download]
Live Streaming Plugin - Belloo Dating Software [Nulled]
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