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Built with Elementor Leverage is a premium responsive WordPress theme perfect for creative agencies, digital agencies, web designers, branding, photography, WooCommerce and other creative fields.

Compatible with multi-language plugins: WPML, Weglot, Polylang, etc.

Recent Updates: WordPress 5.8.2 / Elementor 3.4.8 / WooCommerce 5.9.0
new function:Added light and dark mode switcher. ⚡
One-click demo import:Include pictures and videos.
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what it is and whyLeverage?


nameLeverageMeans business growth and prosperity. We chose this name to show our willingness to help the company grow and achieve better results.

what isready to useWhen it comes to content?

Leverage has a lot of ready-made content, you canOne-click import. If you're looking for something to cut your working hours, you've found it.

Mais de 20 demonstrações do Elementor:

20+ multi-page websites:

20+ one-page websites:

18+ basic inner pages:

Más de 22 potentes widgets de Elementor:

180+ line icons:

1500+ awesome icons:

Unlimited custom icons:

Themes have their own functions, such asPage Builder, Contact Form, Slider, Carousel, Lightboxand more. However, if you wish, we also have a way for you to use common plugins.

Fully compatible with Elementor.


Tables and Slides:


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing:

Security and performance:



what kind of website has been builtLeverage?

This topic is already a reference for building a websitecreative agency, digital agency andPersonal portfolio. Over time, we've noticed that our clients have built websites from several different areas:








howTheme settingsWork?

we made aImpeccable workin the theme settings. You don't need to read the documentation to find content, just scroll throughMany options availableAnd set up your website in an easy and enjoyable way.



Design and Color:

Titre et Menu :

News section:

Subscription form:

Contact list:

General settings:

Legpiece builder:



main package

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Online documentation:


Version 2.1.5

Fix            Fixed display issues in theme settings caused by latest version.

Version 2.1.4

New            New dark and light switcher feature has been added;
New            New navbar mode for mobile version in theme settings;
New            Required plugins have been updated to the latest version;
Fix            Fixed typography bug in slider & banner elementor widget.

Version 2.1.3

New            Required plugins have been updated to the latest version;
Fix            Fixed first slider item font size issue on mobile;
Fix            Fixed WooCommerce checkout page styling issues.

Version 2.1.2

New            Adaptability to the features of the new WordPress version;
New            Behavior and design tweaks with the new version of WooCommerce;
New            Better response to the new features of the new version of Elementor;
New            The ability to enter text in multiple languages was implemented;
Fix            Fixed PHP errors in image widget for Elementor;
Fix            Fixed missing null image on carousels that require an image;
Fix            Improved the transition effect of the multi-step form.

Version 2.1.1

Fix            Fixed a conflict with the conditional color scheme.

Version 2.1.0

New         Added 27+ inner pages built with Elementor;
New         Possibility of merging images and particles with Elementor;
New         Added feature to obtain conditional themes and colors per page;
New         General improvements in the concept of all demos;
New         H4 tags have been replaced by H3 in all sections;
New         HTML hierarchy has been preformed for better SEO;
New         Control of desktop and mobile typography has been expanded;
New         Improved the import of selective demo data;
Fix         Font-Icons loaded by Elementor has been replaced;
Fix         Minor warnings in outdated PHP have been fixed.

Version 2.0.9

New         Fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder;
New         22 Powerful Elementor Widgets included;
New         20 Elementor Demos are available for 1-click import;
New         Usability improvements for Theme Settings options;
Fix         Better display logic for global sections in page settings.

Version 2.0.8

Update         Adjustment of compatibility with the one click demo import;
Update         Improvements in the availability of the required plugins.

Version 2.0.7

New            News Section displayed on the Blog if enable on posts;
New            Subscribe Form displayed on the Blog if enable on posts;
New            Contact Form displayed on the Blog if enable on posts;
New            Custom Feature displayed on the Blog if enable on posts;
New            Carousel transition speed adjustment in the Carousel section;
New            Carousel transition speed adjustment in the Team section;
New            Carousel transition speed adjustment in the Testimonial section;
New            Carousel transition speed adjustment in the Partners section;
New            Full clickable link in the Services section;
New            Full clickable link in the Pricing section;
New            Customizable "all" button in the Portfolio Grid section;
New            Archive Portfolio with pagination links;
New            Option to select posts per page in the Archive Portfolio;
New            Option to select the display order in the Archive Portfolio;
New            Option to select the type of sorting in the Archive portfolio;
New            Option to hide posts by id in the Archive Portfolio;
Fix            Better compatibility with the Admin Color Scheme.
Fix            Unreadable text in the multi-step form's success message.
Fix            Portfolio section breaking the layout when using different targets.

Version 2.0.6

New            New column formats for the layout in the about section;
New            Image lightbox in the carousel section items;
New            Video lightbox in the carousel section items;
New            Add flexible and custom sharing links;
New            Custom slug for single portfolio url and categories;
New            Custom messages for the subscribe form;
New            Subject text for receiving form emails;
New            Heading text for receiving form emails;
New            Checkbox fields with validation for the multi-step form;
New            Filling the link of the cards not limited to image or title;
Fix            Opacity control missing from images on the right in the hero section.

Version 2.0.5

Fix            Background video does not work on some iPhone versions;
Fix            Inability to open sections lightbox on single portfolio pages.

Version 2.0.4

Fix            Conflict in the star icons of the testimonials section;
Fix            Inconsistent line break in the message field of forms;
Fix            Archive portfolio showing contents of the first post by mistake.

Version 2.0.3

New            Modal with content preview in the construction of pages;
New            New post type for single portfolio archive;
New            Display of archive items in the portfolio grid section;
New            Possibility of a custom symbol in the fun facts section;
New            Typography options in mobile versions;
New            Option to adjust slider speed;
New            Option to enable social sharing icons;
New            Conditional post category selection in the news section;
New            Conditional portfolio category selection in the news section;
New            Social sharing icons on single post pages;
New            Stylization of translation plugins in the menu items;
New            Most apparent stars in the testimonials section;
New            Improvements to Woocommerce pages in dark mode;
Fix            Password protected pages with irregular layout;
Fix            Failure to display parent pages in breadcrumbs;
Fix            Conflicts in the background color of the hero section.

Version 2.0.2

New            Custom font family made available;
New            Set original image size to portfolio grid;
New            Opacity control of the hero image of single post;
New            Custom text that is displayed when the form is being sent;
Fix            Better display of password protected pages.

Version 2.0.1

Fix            Enabling and disabling footer items does not work.

Version 2.0.0

New            20 New Demos;
New            18 New Inner Pages.

Version 1.0.9

New            New pre-made colors add in theme mode;
New            New headline styles, colorful, with topline or simple;
New            New carousel widget for the sidebar;
New            New service widget for the sidebar;
New            New social networks widget for the sidebar;
New            New author widget for the sidebar;
New            HTML grid in the custom feature section;
New            Visual editor in all sections;
New            Font Awesome add to all sections and settings;
New            Possibility to add image icons in the sections;
New            Opacity control of the hero image in the mobile version;
New            Hero section anywhere on the page;
New            Enabling navbar items in desktop and mobile versions;
New            Alternative logo for the mobile version;
New            Carousels autoplay on the sections;
New            New footer builder with 1-6 columns;
New            Custom icons in the footer and navbar;
New            Hide the "custom fields" item from the wordpress menu;
Fix            Hero image stretched in the mobile version;
Fix            Inability to use commas in the pricing section;
Fix            Pagination fading into carousels;
Fix            Blurry images on WooCommerce pages;
Fix            Unwanted white space in the custom feature section;
Fix            Social icons cloned between header and footer.

Version 1.0.8

New            Opacity control on all hero sections;
New            Opacity control on the slider (responsive);
New            Use multiple emails as recipient of forms;

Fix            Hero image a little stretched on mobile;
Fix            Inability to use special characters in the price;
Fix            Links opening in drop-down menu items in advance.

Version 1.0.7

New            Opacity control on the slider;
New            Background image in the hero sections;
New            Text colors in the hero sections;
New            Custom id and custom class for sections like slug;
New            Customization of vertical spacing of sections;
New            Carousel type customization, simple or stretched;
New            New field role in the team section;
New            Title and description in the partners section;
New            HTML box in section descriptions;
New            Custom alerts on forms validation;
New            Enable or disable the visibility of the recaptcha badge;
Fix            Improved placement of theme settings;
Fix            Multiple slides with particles;
Fix            Lack of colored line in some titles;
Fix            Navbar disappearing on safari browser;
Fix            Email sent in advance to the rest of the fields.

Version 1.0.6

New            Preloader;
New            Cookie notice;
New            Font family customization;
New            Parallax slider;
New            Resize the width of the container;
New            Filters for the portfolio;
New            Full size portfolio;
New            Any icon in the pricing tables;
New            New simple form type;
New            Redirect form to success page;
New            More customizing blog options;
Fix            General SEO improvements;
Fix            Unwanted clone on carousels.

Version 1.0.5

New            Skills section;
New            Fun facts section;
New            Right aligned slide;
New            Paralax background image in sections;
New            Choose from 1 to 6 columns in sections;
New            Label for editable form buttons;
New            Integration with google recaptcha;
New            Background colors and body texts;
Fix            Portfolio description;
Fix            Nav menu smooth anchor.

Version 1.0.4

New            WooCommerce component;
New            Design & colors update on import;
New            Footer widget area;
New            Portfolio: video item;
New            Portfolio: Navigation between images;
New            Footer widget area;
Fix            Blog posts page title.

Version 1.0.3

New            Particles background in the slider section;
New            More target options for portfolio items;
Fix            Improvements in the contrast of the default hero section;
Fix            Minor fixes in the display of the posts grid.

Version 1.0.2

New            Added the possibility to adjust the height of the logo;
New            General usability improvements in theme settings.

Version 1.0.1

Add            Added one click Demo importer functionality.

Version 1.0.0

New            Initial Release.

Video and image credits

⤷ niente schizzi
⤷ pixel

Note: All images & videos are used for demo purpose and not include in the purchase. If you need help implementing your images, we can help.

v2.2.6 Leverage - Agency Elementor WordPress Theme [Free Download]
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