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LeadGo is a lead management tool for maintaining precision in managing multiple leads. With this proficient tool, you can manage your prospects' visibility at every stage of the pipeline.It ensures increased efficiency while easily allocating multiple resources to various potential clients.


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Expectations from LeadGo - Lead Management Tool

  • An efficient dashboard to get an overview of the information you need
  • Easily add payments and products to invoices
  • Convert leads into deals
  • Restrictions on client and user permissions. Assign roles to users and manage their permissions through multiple modules
  • Availability in multiple languages ​​makes it a tool accessible on global platforms
  • Accessible to multiple users and clients
  • Manage various pipelines and their stages to understand the true picture of deals and prospects
  • Kanban management to manage the progress of deals and leads
  • Calendar and notes to keep an eye on what's important
  • Facilitate label creation and product additions
  • Your customers can pay invoices via Paypal and Stripe based on your settings
  • Customize field settings for deals, products, users, and customers
  • Add customer and user detail pages
  • Add currency and company profile settings for invoicing purposes as required
  • Upgrading the theme and adding a landing page
  • 10 stylish pdf templates and a color palette to customize your invoice
  • Paypal and Stripe will offer recurring and one-time purchase options in upgrade plans
  • Provide a user-friendly RTL experience for customers who speak Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu-like languages
  • Built with Laravel 8

Notable Features of LeadGo - Lead Management Tool

Efficient Dashboard

Get an overview of total customers, users, transactions and invoices as well as a graphical representation of invoices - payment charts.A calendar for managing deal and task deadlines makes it easier for companies to make informed decisions.

Multiple users and multiple clients

Specify multiple users in various transactions. You can assign them roles and control their access to certain parameters by assigning permissions. Allocate multiple clients in the same transaction.Therefore, multi-user, multi-client capabilities help simplify transaction management.

Customize roles and controls for users and customers

Control user access by assigning permissions to various modules for each role. Likewise, you can assign permissions to limit customer activity on assigned deals.

Invoice management

Create invoices for transactions by specifying due dates and tax rates. Edit existing invoices by adding products and changing invoice status. Add payment via available payment methods.Your customers can pay invoices via Paypal and Stripe depending on your settings. They can also use QR codes.

Expense management

Manage new fees by choosing from various categories for a given transaction. Assign users to charges and keep clear labels on the amount and date a given charge occurred.Documents may be attached to support the evidence. If anything changes, please update the existing fee.

Manage numerous products

Add a new product to an existing product list. Add product descriptions and prices and accessories for each product.

system program

Customize your system settings by adding currencies and choosing their symbols and positions. Choose a date and time format and assign a prefix to the invoice.Add the company details to the system settings along with your mail ID.


Initiate a conversation with the user. Talk about important things right away without any hassle.

Manage settings

Create multiple pipelines and assign multiple stages and labels to them. Create transaction generation sources and add payment methods to your system.Add expense categories based on business needs and manage various expense categories.

Custom Field Settings

Create custom fields on selected modules for products, transactions, customers and users. This customization helps keep tabs on information easily.

lead regulations

Lead Management Kanban

Manage leads with a simple drag-and-drop system. Easily relocate leads to stages through a Kanban system.

Transaction supervision

Transaction Management Kanban

Manage transactions with a simple drag-and-drop system. Easily relocate deals to stages through a Kanban system.

Create transaction

Create new deals by assigning resources such as price, customer, product, and source. Select the pipeline and its stages. You can also add comments to them.

Personal transaction function

Add tags and tasks to specific transactions. Change the status of tasks and assign priorities to them. Add relevant products, sources, and files to it.Talk to the discussion tab and take the necessary notes. Check invoices for a given transaction and restrict customer permissions. Add or remove products and users from a given transaction.Separate calendar and event tabs for each deal make it easier to keep an eye on what's important.

Add users and customers to transactions

This feature enables users and customers to view specific transactions only when logged in.

Add a form builder module, use this to offer the option to create leads

Create and manage a variety of required forms with different form fields, such as text, email, numbers, dates, and descriptions, based on a prospect's business needs.

MDF (Market Development Fund) Module

MDF (Market Development Fund) is a resource that suppliers grant to their indirect sales channel partners to help channels with their sales and marketing programs.The MDF module facilitates requesting funding amounts and displays various amounts, such as approved, available amounts for greater transparency.


Here you can see what updates are available and whether we've brought new content to this release.Check the changelog


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