LaraOffice Ultimate CRM and Project Management System

LaraOFFICE Ultimate CRM

LaraOffice Ultimate CRM and Project Management System is a complete dynamic multi-login software for managing daily sales, customer follow-up, meetings, invoicing, marketing, service and orders.LaraOffice Ultimate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and project management software solutions are best for managing clients and their needs.LaraOffice CRM can help you look more professional in the eyes of your customers.

Customer leads are properly tracked through a job history maintained by the salesperson assigned to their job. The software manages each order invoice and payment very well.Enables more software for today's notifications and missed follow-ups by mail (automatically). See their daily/monthly sales through various reports to track their progress.

Key Features of LaraOffice Ultimate CRM and Project Management System:

  • From lead generation, quotes, opportunities, deliveries to invoices in a single system Plan, estimate and price simple or complex projects
  • Optimize resource utilization to help manage the right resources for the right projects and their tasks
  • Delegate and track project tasks
  • Manage and track time and expenses
  • Invoicing items
  • Contact management can be synced with MailChimp directly from the system
  • MailChimp email campaigns can be run from the system itself
  • Lock in current and future sales using the contract feature
  • Receive payments in different currencies from Paypal and Stripe.
  • Easy configuration by using many configurable options
  • Any module can be enabled/disabled (plug and play)

Following are the key modules of LaraOffice

1. Verkauf

A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the seller's entity or product is exchanged with the buyer for different assets, mainly money.LaraOffice Ultimate CRM expands its efforts to manage 7 types of sales.They are limited-time invoices, credit notes, quotations, proposals, contracts and recurring invoices, backup features, and more.

2. Invoice

LaraOffice generates a detailed invoice after the customer confirms the product. The invoice contains all product details as well as taxes, discounts and the total price.Invoices have an option to initiate the payment process for products through different gateways.

3. Recurring Invoices

LaraOffice has the ability to create recurring invoices that can be configured for specific time periods of the day and times to perform actions.It triggers invoice generation at specific times with quick notification alerts.

4. Purchase order

A purchase order explains to the customer the details of the material purchased from the supplier. LaraOffice provides many features for the Purchase Orders module for greater flexibility.They are the creation of purchase orders that allow the creation of purchase orders, to show a summary of the progress of existing orders, custom filters to help search for specific materials.Listed purchase orders can also be viewed, edited or deleted with more details.

5. Credit Notes

LaraOffice justifies them by giving all users the option to ask for a refund in the event of a damaged or faulty product.Credit notes can be closed by refunding the customer directly or deducting the amount from a previously unpaid invoice.Notwithstanding these miscellaneous credits, notes can be generated without product details.


LaraOffice is able to send quotations to customers (except sales leads) before payment, including all product details such as taxes, discounts and fixed prices.In other words, the offer is a preview of the product details before the customer confirms it.

7. Proposal

LaraOffice has the ability to send proposals to all users with product details.Quotes and Proposals have the same functionality and work in the same way, while Proposals extend to all clients including prospects.

8. Contract

LaraOffice provides a protocol service to allow the process of creating a new project to be assigned.It generates agreements, quotations and other documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with an intuitive guided creation process, avoid errors by using pre-approved templates, and easily edit and change terms.

9. Product management

LaraOffice manages all products through this module.Product management allows administrators to manage all attributes of a product such as brand, product transfer, unit of measure, warehouse and product category.

10. Contact Management

Since the main aspect of CRM is to record the details of contacts and track their interactions with the business, LaraOffice provides a huge space for contact management through the Contact Management module to improve sales and service levels with a wider range of data.

11. User Management

User management functions can be customized to reflect any specific management structure, as well as group users in any other way and define access and permission settings.

12. Clues

LaraOffice supports initiating inquiries on products to understand customer interests and categorize them as leads so they can get recommendations.

13. Projects

This module helps manage assigned project budgets, record expenses, and track timesheets about projects and tasks.LaraOffice also provides flexibility in charging clients for work, such as charging a fixed amount when work is completed and/or setting time-based billing rates.Hourly rates can also be set for each team member. It consists of various sub-modules such as Client Projects, Project Status, Project Billing Types, and Project Tabs.

14. Accounting

Laraoffice has the ultimate ability to track all transactions such as payments, credit notes and chargebacks over a long period of time.Track and calculate all income, expenses, profits, losses and provide monthly reports.

15. Car Orders

LaraOffice helps customers and administrators place multiple orders or payments at the same time by placing all selected products in a shopping cart and paying in one go.Admins can also put products into shopping carts on behalf of customers.

16. Aufgabenverwaltung

LaraOffice helps users maintain a precise sales process by allowing you to perform a variety of tasks and activities to bring prospects to a specific stage and to the next through the task management module.This also helps customers understand the path of each sales process step.

17. Vermögensverwaltung

Asset management is designed to meet unique relationship management and reporting needs.Our LaraOffice provides upgraded CRM functionality such as tracking of contacts, assets, locations, categories, meetings, events, etc., and it also analyzes the tracking history of managed assets to generate leads.

18. Quick Notifications

In addition to sending messages/notifications or emails via SMS and email templates, LaraOffice can also help send quick notifications to all users or specified users depending on the situation.

19. Knowledge base

LaraOffice provides a support platform for all users to maintain transparency among ticket-related users by raising a ticket to discuss issues and share relevant information about the product.

20. Inhaltsverwaltung

LaraOffice has Content Management function, which provides document service based on Knowledgebase Provider service.It uses the concepts of document properties and document content and enhances it with several new features such as folders, articles, and tabbed pages.Content management enhances the ability to link documents to business objects, Word template integration, and more.

೨೧. ಇಮೇಲ್ ಟೆಂಪ್ಲೇಟ್

LaraOffice allows customization of emails that need to be sent via email templates.Email templates are predefined formats for emails, such as address (from, to), cc, bcc, subject, and body.

22. ແມ່ແບບ SMS

LaraOffice allows to customize SMS messages that need to be sent via SMS templates. SMS templates are predefined formats of SMS, such as SMS content with sender, receiver details.

23. Database backup

Every software sometimes requires data backup. LaraOffice provides you with a complete backup in a short period of time in two ways.This feature allows data to be backed up in two forms, either as a database or as a file.

24. Generated reports

LaraOffice generates reports based on predetermined time periods.Generated reports such as income report, expense report, user report, role report, user customer project report, task report, asset report, product report, purchase order report.

25. Nachrichtensystem

The LaraOffice messaging system provides a platform to send and receive messages through a messaging gateway that extends to MailChimp.This module displays all messages about your inbox and outbox at a glance.

26. Plugins

LaraOffice has a process for dynamically managing modules through plugins.These plugins allow you to optimize or customize this application to some extent by activating or deactivating plugins of your choice or request.

payment method

  • PayU
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Offline payments

SMS gateway

  • Nexmo
  • Plivo
  • Twilio


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