Landa | Driving School Management System

Most driving schools around the world still use physical books to schedule lessons and keep records. This method is outdated, unreliable, difficult to obtain, and sometimes even inaccurate.

Landa is a driving school management system designed to solve this problem. Landa is a complete driving school management system that can handle almost all tasks that a driving school performs on a daily basis.Below is a list of Landa's features.


  • Scheduling:Course scheduling is an important part of every driving school. Landa allows schools to create timetables and monitor them.This feature helps prevent double booking of time slots and has a nice calendar to display all classes. Text messages are also sent to students when they make an appointment for a class.
  • student management: Keep all student records in a way that you can access them from anywhere. You can easily search for them and be able to check all the details for a specific student.
  • Online learning portal: Create online courses and provide your students with learning resources so they can study online anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Online exam: Create an online test for your driving school students to take online and get results instantly.
  • Notes and Attachments:You can create and upload notes on student, staff, or teacher profiles.
  • Instructors:Course instructors will also have accounts where they can log in and view schedules.
  • Branches:Most driving schools have branches and have coverage on Landa. Create as many driving school branches as you want and manage them easily.
  • Estadístiques del tauler de control:Landa Driving School Management System comes with an amazing dashboard that shows you important statistics from the school.
  • Invoice management:When creating a student account and registering for a course. Create an invoice and send it to them. You can track all invoices and view outstanding balances.You can also download, edit and add payments to invoices
  • Payments:Record all payments you receive for future reference and automatically update invoices.
  • Reminders:Send late payment reminders to students and reminders of upcoming classes
  • Fleets:Record all your fleets for easy assignment and check their schedules.
  • NotificationsLanda saves and displays notifications about important events at your driving school.
  • Communications:This feature allows driving schools to send SMS or emails to their students, staff, teachers or all users on the system with the click of a button.Keep a history of messages for future reference.
  • Courses:Here, you can keep a list of courses with details like price, number of courses, instructors, and more. This list is for use when enrolling new students at your driving school.
  • Staff:The staff module allows driving schools to create accounts for their staff where they can manage the day-to-day operations of the school
  • Multi-user:You can use Landa to build saas software as it supports multiple school accounts.
  • Beautiful and responsive UI:Landa is made with love and passion, which is why it looks amazing.
  • Fast processing:Landa is faster with clean code written in PHP with MVC model.


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  • Software Version: PHP 7.x, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.x