JupiterMeet - Video Conference

    JupiterMeet - Video Conferencing (SaaS)

    JupiterMeet is a peer-to-peer room based real-time audio and video conferencing solution in pure WebRTC with amazing features. It has its own signed server built with NodeJS and Socket. eo.So no third-party services or APIs are required, so you can host unlimited meetings with the system forever!

    The application is written with the most powerful PHP framework, Laravel.

    Important - An extension license is required in the following cases:
    • You plan to enable payment modules (which means your users can be billed)
    • You plan to make applications for your clients
    • You plan to sell your own version of the app on Flippa and similar marketplaces


         2.1.0 - November 27th, 2021
         Added: Localization (Multi-language)
        Added: Cookie consent notice
        Added: Google Analytics
        Fixed: Copy meeting link from dashboard will be prefixed with the protocol (HTTPS or HTTP)
        Improvement: Screenshare video will be fully visible now without going into the fullscreen mode and other minor improvements
        Removed: Auto-fill meeting password
        Removed: Secondary color
        Removed: Primary color disabled

         2.0.3 - September 8th, 2021
         Added: Admin can create users
        Improved: Screen-share video view in full-screen mode

         2.0.2 - August 19th, 2021
         Added: Possibility to enable/disable the moderator rights from the Global Configuration module in admin panel
        Added: Feature to delete users in admin panel
        Added: Feature to delete meetings in admin panel
        Improved: Security enhancements
        Fixed: Bug fixes

         2.0.1 - July 28th, 2021
         Bug Fixes

         2.0.0 - July 13th, 2021
         Major update
         Added: User dashboard
         Added: Admin panel
         Added: Subscription plans
         Added: Moderator rights
         Added: Authentication mode
         Added: Media device selection
         Added: Meeting invitation via email
         Added: Privacy Policy page
         Added: Terms & Conditions page
         Added: Admin dashboard
         Added: Graphs and charts for statistics
         Added: Meeting list
         Added: User list
         Added: Income list
         Added: Global configuration to manage the application
         Added: Signaling server monitor tool
         Added: Content management for static pages
         Added: Manage license
         Added: Manage udpates
         Removed: PWA support
         Removed: Google analytics integration

         1.0.0 - April 7th, 2021
         Initial release

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PHP Scripts

  • High Resolution: Yes
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
  • Files Included: JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Software Framework: Laravel
  • Software Version: PHP 7.x